Winia AWM-40

Winia AWM-40

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Characteristics Winia AWM-40

General characteristics

Appointment of the device air purification / humidification
Power consumption 11 watts


Humidifier type traditional
Water tank capacity 9 l

Air cleaning

Air Purification Performance (CADR) 150 m3 / h
Filters water


Ionization there is
Fan Speed ​​/ Intensity Adjustment vapor there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net


Control electronic display
Indication filter contamination

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 315x390x310 mm
Weight 6 kg

Winia AWM-40 Reviews

Pluses: Moisturizes. The room is about 14 squares. Enough quiet. Convenient to wash.
Disadvantages: 1. Cost (almost 12 K per fan and plastic bucket) 2. Humidification is rather sluggish, but like me I understand, this is a feature of all sinks of a similar type 3. Management one button that does not light up at night. Total mp and mode fan operation 4. The humidity sensor is unclear how it works (by essentially absent)
Disadvantages: In general, I do not regret, because used to humidifier from Electrolux, which has even more shortcomings. Rated 3.5 out of 5

Sigailov Alexander

Advantages: fully meets expectations
Disadvantages: per day water consumption is less than 5 liters. few vaporizes!
Disadvantages: simple and high quality

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Smart device! This is my third and most best. Not noisy, does not crack, does not click, does not gurgle (as in Boneko and vent) This is a huge advantage. Beautiful plastic, very straight nice appearance, just handsome, it looks expensive. Though It’s cheaper, but it looks much better. Easy to care. Filter essentially not needed, if you are afraid of the filter, you can safely take without the filter will do its job. No need to remove and disassemble discs, as in Boneco for example, everything is fastened together in one drum. The presence of a hygroscope, that is, it will not overmoisten, turns off when 60 percent. But I have a separate one, I focus on it. Many modes, convenient controls. Compared to others with 2 modes and all. Nothing shines in the eyes at night (like in vent for example) Another huge with huge plus. it can be easily to unscrew a cover, and to vacuum the fan !!!! What I do not I can not have a single humidifier. This feature is specifically in it. provided for. I don’t even know what else to add, some pluses! Good that I bought it.
Disadvantages: Well, only large size, they are not all small. If your room is not 10 meters, then you can take less, but if more, you have to sacrifice for the sake of good hydration. A large water tank, it’s a huge plus, it’s a small minus, it’s not convenient to draw water, to drag, it’s better to add water directly on the spot.
Minuses: Great, just great, I advise.

Moskalchuk Alexey

Pluses: huge tank, nice design
Disadvantages: The main function – moisturizing – none. Before used ultrasound – so he really raised the humidity, even with airing. This one is only in an airtight room (close windows and doors). There is not enough power. And what’s the point in a murder room? Evaporates really bad, even when the window is ajar and humidity no (including by its hygrometer) – a 9l tank evaporates for two days. KM in the same conditions 3 tanks of 7l (21l) evaporated performance.
Disadvantages: Poor design. The fan that blows drum – blowing not directly, and part of the air is immediately blown out back. A powerful flow is sucked in, and from the outlet openings it is barely possible blowing. Imagine a vacuum cleaner in which the hose does not fit hermetically, it seems powerful, but it sucks badly. So it is here.


Pluses: good humidifier in every way: combination price and quality, water tank capacity, simple operation, designed for housewives, plus a relatively compact housing, not clutter up space.
Disadvantages: noise is noticeable despite low power

Manaev Sergey

Pluses: quiet, small, easy to manage.
Disadvantages: no.
Minuses: I remember, struggled earlier with humidity putting wet towels on the battery, or a jar of water under it. Now it’s all in in the past, just turn on this humidifier and you’re done, by the way, on maximum power, it works almost silently.

Smekhova Zarina

Pros: good performance
Minuses: did not come across them
Disadvantages: the effect of the work is noticeable within half an hour – power allows. In the process it consumes up to 0.45 liters of water per hour, on high revs. For the price – quite a budget option. Does not require special care, quite unpretentious.

Sarychev Ivan

Advantages: choice of colors, affordable price, quality assembly.
Disadvantages: everything is cool.
Disadvantages: I wanted to buy a completely different moisturizer, but it was not available, the manager accordingly advised this one, He said that he is average in terms of power and is quite inexpensive. I AM believed him, and not in vain. I’m completely satisfied with the humidifier, recommend.

Kasyanova Elena

Advantages: adequate price, hygrometer
Minuses: none
Disadvantages: the built-in hygrometer allows stable maintain humidity at a given level. Water Tanks (9 L) enough for almost a day, depending on the regimen. It costs no more their peers, while surpassing them in a number of indicators. Verdict: a good moisturizer.

Selishchev Alexey

Advantages: good performance for such a price.
Minuses: no, everything is wonderful.
Minuses: the doctor advised to buy a humidifier for children to the nursery. So they did, acquired this option, it’s just performance is not weak, and is affordable for my pocket amount. Satisfied with your choice, no problems with no humidifier, everything works fine.

Belyaev Alexey

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