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Agree that from the huge list of holidays, Christmas and New Year are perhaps the only ones celebrated by all people on the planet. That is why this day is distinguished by a special atmosphere of fun and carelessness. Of course, at this time it is impossible to do without pleasant gifts and surprises for your beloved men! Each person is pleased when he is given something, showing signs of attention and care! Today we will look at original gifts for Christmas and New Year.

Long before the onset of the holiday, New Year's paraphernalia and souvenirs are being sold all over the world. Therefore, it would be good to think about choosing a presentation in advance. We recommend that you do the old fashioned way – pick up a pencil and a notebook in order to determine who you are going to give a gift to, as well as possible presentation options. As for the latter, we will try to help you!

What to give a real macho

This category of men cannot be attributed to every person who simply stares at women. Macho are cocky men who can even be a little aggressive. The main feature of the macho is a pronounced sex appeal. If your young man belongs to such representatives of the stronger sex, surprises with an intimate bias will be very useful for him:

  • A sheet with an original design in the Kama Sutra style;
  • Certificate for a Thai massage session;
  • Themed draw for adults;
  • Set of men's underwear 'week'.

A sheet with an original design in the Kama Sutra style A sheet with an original design in the Kama Sutra style

The beard is often the most stylish adornment, and if it is well-styled and well-groomed, it attracts a lot of attention. The main rule of impeccable appearance for a bearded man is the use of special means. That is why men's beard cosmetics are the perfect gift. Typically, these kits include: beard oil, beard combs, shampoos and soaps, balms and mustache wax.

By the way, if a man is going to grow a beard, then you can buy a beard growth kit as a gift in our online store!

Beard growth kit – a gift for a man for Christmas and New Year Beard growth kit – a gift for a man for Christmas and New Year Beard growth kit – a gift for a man for Christmas and New Year

The perfect gift for a man with an original taste

Young people who belong to this category will value more not the value of the gift, but its 'coolness'. Since this slang means an interesting and funny thing, you can choose something from the following list:

  • Pillow with an interesting inscription;
  • A non-standard alarm clock, such as a pistol, a bunch of dynamite, etc.
  • A figurine based on a photograph of a man;
  • Cheerful tie with a funny inscription or print;
  • An Oscar statuette with some original nomination;

Oscar statuette with original nomination Oscar statuette with original nomination

What to give a married man

Such people especially appreciate all the items that can then be used in their home, or what will emphasize its dominant position. The most appropriate present for a married man will be:

  • An exclusive book entitled 'Family Chronicle';
  • An original samovar, decorated with photographs of family members;
  • Bath set consisting of a towel and a robe with personalized embroidery;
  • Handmade brazier to feed the family with delicious barbecue.

Brazier handmade Brazier handmade

The most unusual and unexpected gift for a husband can be renting a cozy house somewhere in nature, far from the hustle and bustle.

Gift for a stylish man

For such a man who closely follows his style, it is quite difficult to decide on the right gift. A sense of style is purely personal, because everyone in their own way sees the ability to stand out from the crowd. The year of the Monkey is approaching, and she, as you know, is an individualist. That is why, when choosing a gift for a man who adheres to a certain direction in the design of the image, you can pay attention to the following things:

  • Silver cognac maker;
  • Mini umbrella in a special case;
  • Dali style watches;
  • Miniature finger drum set.

An excellent gift for a stylish man will be unusual cufflinks for French shirt cuffs.

Unusual cufflinks in the form of a can of Coca-Cola are a great gift for a stylish man for Christmas and New Year Minivan Shirt Cufflinks Volkswagen New Beetle Electric Guitar Shirt Cufflinks

Since most men value comfort and care about their appearance, they try to wear trousers or pants on a daily basis. Designers call this piece of clothing an accessory for bankers, politicians and businessmen. In addition, they are unpretentious to use, practical and give the outfit their own 'zest'. Therefore, you can safely present such a thing to a man.

Trouser suspenders in black Pants suspenders brown for men and women

An excellent New Year's gift for business men will be a cotton or silk pocket square. Such a present will be especially appreciated by men who like to bring a touch of originality to their wardrobe.

Green floral cotton pocket square Pocket square brown cotton houndstooth Cotton pocket square with brown floral print

A tie is another wardrobe item for any fashionable man. A practical solution is a gift in the form of a set of three, five or ten items of different styles and colors. Such a souvenir will be highly appreciated by the person who wears ties every day.

Tie purple in a flowered silk Tie blue striped microfiber Tie dark blue polka dot microfiber

Red green check wool tie

Gift for a businessman

Business people especially appreciate high-quality and useful gifts that can emphasize their status and presentable style. Let's give an example of several interesting presentations:

  • A case with thirty pairs of socks is simply not the best gift for a lonely businessman! It will be of great benefit to him, since the socks last exactly for a month. So, a man will be able to spend less time on laundry worries, and more will be busy with business. High quality products are packed in a chic case. Since the socks are made of cotton in a classic color, they can be worn with any classic suit and sportswear. You can show originality and choose such a set yourself.
  • Set 'Aristocrat' – contains a tie clip and two engraved cufflinks. It is these details that can make the image of a business man complete and elegant. Stylish cufflinks are an indispensable attribute of a successful young man, which is most often made of high quality jewelry steel.
  • Whiskey glasses in the set are a unique gift for a respectable man who often meets with business partners. Of course, the standard set will hardly surprise anyone, so you should pay attention, for example, to glasses that glow with different colors when touched.
  • A branded leather briefcase or travel bag is a gift that will undoubtedly be appreciated. If a man is often forced to be on business trips, these accessories will become indispensable for him.
  • Genuine leather gloves are a great present if a man has not yet had time to prepare for winter. Warm gloves can keep him warm on frosty days and remind him of you.

Genuine leather gloves - a great gift for a man for Christmas and New Year Genuine leather gloves are a great gift for a man for Christmas and New Year

Gift for Christmas and New Year for an athlete

Men who are actively involved in sports will most of all appreciate the gift associated with this hobby in his life. Let's consider the most original presentations for athletes:

  • A certificate for a mountain skiing master class will be an unexpected surprise for a young man. Classes are held on professional slopes, and therefore the gifted person will receive a lot of unforgettable impressions that will charge him with energy for the whole year!
  • A paintball gift certificate is a great solution if you want to give your loved one the opportunity to have fun and feel a storm of positive emotions.
  • If a man prefers to go on a sports ice fishing, a special fishing outfit or a set, which additionally includes a sleeping bag, cooking items and a tent, will be the perfect gift for him.

An original gift for a man for Christmas and New Year - a special fishing suit An original gift for a man for Christmas and New Year – a special fishing suit

New Year's gift for a motorist

Car enthusiasts are a special category of men who, even at Christmas and New Years, prefer to receive something related to cars. The most suitable gifts for this category of young people would be:

  • a set of cosmetics for polishing and washing a car – a unique option for a person who keeps order and the appearance of his 'iron horse';
  • a certificate for a professional car wash;
  • DVR or GPS-navigator is a nice gift for any driver who spends a lot of time behind the wheel;
  • original holders for the smartphone.

Video recorder - a useful gift for motorists for Christmas and New Year Video recorder – a useful gift for motorists for Christmas and New Year

Gifts 'hand-made'

Agree that a present made with your own hands is always accepted with a bang. The man understands that you tried very hard for him and put your whole soul into the process of creating a surprise. It is worth paying attention to several popular gifts that you can prepare yourself:

  • A knitted scarf or sweater will become not only original, but also relevant in connection with the onset of cold weather;
  • Decorative key holder, panel or clock, made in decoupage style;
  • An unusual gift in the form of an embroidered picture of a loved one;
  • An interesting pillow for travel or sleep, filled with beneficial soothing herbs.

An original gift for Christmas and New Year - a picture of a loved one An original gift for Christmas and New Year – a picture of a loved one


As you can see, there are many original gifts for Christmas and New Year! The main task is to find the most suitable option. The main thing in the exciting process of choosing a present is to have fun and do everything from the heart!

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