How to tie a Kent knot

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The simple knot, also known as “Kent,” is one of the simplest methods to tie a tie. However, due to a small “trick” when tying a knot, the popularity of this method remains low. The knot is somewhat asymmetrical, allowing the use of an average tie length for tall people. However, when tying a tie with this method, it is advisable to use a thick tie, because the knot is not intricate and makes a loop only once. Works best with shirts with a narrow collar.

Kent Knot

Suitable for collared shirts:



How to tie a tie in pictures: the Kent knot

How to Tie a Tie Kent Knot



Instructions on how to tie a tie with the Kent knot

  1. Place the outside of the tie over yourself so that the seams are visible. The wide end is on the right and the narrow end is on the left. The tip of the small end should be extended to a level just above your navel (this value may vary depending on your height, length and thickness of the tie). We will work with the wide end of the tie.
  2. Place the wide end under the narrow end to form a crosshair.
  3. Wrap the narrow side with the wide end of the tie from left to right.
  4. Pull the wide end towards the neck and pass it under the collar (tie) formed.
  5. Thread through the loop on the front of the knot that has just formed.
  6. Pull the wide end downward, tightening slightly. Adjust the resulting simple knot (Kent knot) so that it fits evenly into your collar.

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