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Summer is coming to an end, but many have gathered to extend the warm days at sea. Therefore, we continue a series of articles for men, which are devoted to the ability to choose a summer wardrobe, as well as general principles of saving from the heat.

Today we will look at such items of men's summer wardrobe as shorts, jeans, chinos, shoes and hats.

In the first part of this article, we looked at the types of fabrics that are better or worse for hot weather. We also reviewed the basic principles of choosing a cut for clothes. In the second part, we looked at common princes of hot weather; disassembled which T-shirt or shirt is appropriate to wear in certain cases, and also mentioned how to choose a summer suit for a man.

I recommend reading the previous parts of the article for a better understanding of the topic, however in the third part I will try to mention important details again, referring to earlier parts.

Key messages from the first two parts

For hot weather, choose light-colored garments made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or fine wool. Try to wear loose clothing so that air can circulate freely. The type of fabric is also important; the more breathable the fabric, the better it is for summer and hot weather.

Try to shower as often as necessary to get rid of sweat odor completely (once or even twice a day). Use a shampoo, gel, deodorant with a pleasant, neutral scent so that the smell does not “hit the nose.” The same goes for perfume. Some smells smell too harsh at high temperatures, and even you may feel uncomfortable, not to mention those around you.

Choose the right T-shirts, short and long sleeve shirts. The shorter the sleeve, the less formal the attire. When choosing a summer classic suit, pay attention to the fabric from which it is sewn. Wool suits are considered more formal, followed by cotton suits, then textured suits such as seersucker. The most informal (read casual) are linen suits.

Man in GANT seersucker summer suit Man in GANT seersucker summer suit

In order not to fry in your shirt and jacket, try to unbutton the cuffs to allow air flow. Unbutton a couple of top buttons on your shirt. Alternatively, replace the shirt with a V-collar T-shirt. Try to refrain from wearing a tie and fold a pocket square instead. It helps add color to your look and lets other people know that you haven't forgotten your tie, but simply decided not to wear it.

Mens summer shorts

Shorts are casual clothes for the summer period. No matter how you dress, shorts and trousers made of similar fabric cannot be put in one row according to the dress code. If in developed countries people wear shorts in public places, then outside these clothes are not generally accepted. Many people are used to viewing shorts as clothing exclusively for children or clothing for sports. Want to make a good impression? Think twice before putting on your shorts.

Shorts are not really clothes for going out, rather, shorts are suitable for spending the weekend, barbecuing in nature, walking in the evening in the park or the promenade. Yes, there are classic suits with shorts, but I have little idea that somewhere in a business center you will go to a meeting in this form. Rather, it is an option for the beaches of Monaco or San Francisco, where it is very hot and you simply cannot do without shorts. And the audience there is sophisticated and will not be surprised at a suit with shorts.

Navy blazer paired with blue striped shorts Lightweight casual blazer paired with beige shorts Linen blazer paired with carrot-colored shorts

How should you choose men's summer shorts? – choose for summer those models that are about 5-7 centimeters above the knee (plus or minus 2 centimeters), this figure is ideal. If the shorts are slightly taller, they start to look like gym shorts; if the shorts are lower, then they look like capri pants … Such shorts, like denim models, men should avoid. The shorts should fit as tightly as possible at the hips, depending on personal preference.

Which fabric to choose

The fabric for the shorts should be cotton. Not only is this fabric ideal for hot weather, its properties make it easy to wash clothes, remove grass and food stains. A khaki, brown or white color is considered normal, unless you are going to go to a bar or cafe. Madras, the main Indian clothing, is a patchwork of multi-colored fabric that is made from lightweight cotton. This fabric is not very common in Russia, however, in the West, madras clothing has established itself as colorful and comfortable for stylish young people.

Superdry Shorts Superdry Shorts


Shorts Mango Man Shorts Mango Man


Summer shorts style

The lighter the shorts, the better they will look. Consequently, cargo shorts with large pockets, large letters and other details are not very suitable for the typical young man. On the other end are chino shorts – they come with belt loops, pleats and are designed to be worn with shirts. Such shorts are usually made from cotton fabrics. Similar shorts are used for golfing.

Golf Shorts Golf Shorts

What to wear with shorts

Naturally, with T-shirts and sandals, flip flops. Most of us wear them with T-shirts, polos, or something more formal like a short sleeve shirt. Be careful when choosing a blazer or jacket, as finding a good match can be difficult. It is better to combine such clothes with trousers.

Navy shorts paired with a white casual shirt Brown shorts paired with a white rolled-up shirt Orange shorts combined with a casual shirt with bird prints

Jeans and heat

Jeans are not the best choice when you need to pick up an item of clothing at a temperature of 30 degrees (Celsius). Although they are made, as a rule, of cotton, they are characterized by a tight weave of threads – this neutralizes several positive qualities of the fabric. Since the fabric does not 'breathe' it can lead to profuse perspiration. The only exception is lightweight jeans made of thin fabric or even with holes, which can be ventilated without problems.

Wearing jeans in hot summer is not the best solution. Wearing jeans in hot summer is not the best solution.

Chino trousers

Cotton chinos are a good choice. They have more space between the filaments, which leads to better air circulation. This item of clothing can be recommended for wearing during hot summer. Chinos can be worn without interruption. To many, their length may not seem entirely correct, but this design helps to ventilate the skin.

Chinos are great for summer and hot weather Chinos are great for summer and hot weather

Hot weather shoes

I think I will not open America for you if I say that shoes should be as light as possible and as spacious as possible. However, in a formal setting, you have to put up with the dress code and wear classic shoes, in which it will be hot. I think moccasins are the best formal summer shoes, but you won't wear them in a business suit. You have to make a choice; either dress in classic shoes and a suit, or dress in smart casual style and moccasins.

Sandals flip flops

This is one of the oldest types of footwear. Today these are informal shoes and should be worn accordingly. These are shoes of a wide variety of styles, it is customary to divide them depending on which parts of the legs are open and what material they are made of (leather or synthetic material). A pair of flip-flops is a shoe that works well for the pool and can be worn on the beach, while leather sandals are good for a casual summer hangout with friends.

When you put on your sandals, keep your nails clean and trim them on time. Wearing socks along with sandals is considered a sign of bad taste, first of all, the meaning of wearing such shoes is lost.

Sandals are one of the oldest types of shoes, perfect for hot summers Sandals are one of the oldest types of shoes, perfect for hot summers

Sneakers and textile sneakers

Sneakers or trainers are a great choice for hot weather. These shoes are made from natural fibers and allow your feet to breathe. Such shoes go well with shorts, especially when choosing cotton shoe material. Better yet, wear sneakers with jeans or chinos.

Sneakers and textile sneakers are a great choice for summer Sneakers and textile sneakers are a great choice for summer

Top Siders

Top siders are practical shoes. Their soles are sheared to prevent slipping and bring the line of contact with the foot. Like other types of practical shoes, top-siders were used many years ago and managed to establish themselves as classic shoes – this is facilitated by the variety of colors and the ability to wear them with socks.

Top siders are very practical and comfortable shoes, great for summer Top siders are very practical and comfortable shoes, great for summer

Moccasins and loafers

In keeping with the Italian style, these shoes are made of light and soft leather compared to English and American shoes. The shoes are designed to be worn in Mediterranean climates and are very comfortable despite the heat. Ideal to wear with chinos.

Loafers or moccasins are very comfortable shoes for summer Loafers or moccasins are very comfortable shoes for summer

Hats for hot weather

The first step in choosing a hat in hot weather is to understand your own needs. Ask yourself where you will wear the hat if both design and functionality are important to you. Functional hats that protect you from the sun are cheap and easy to find. Stylish hats that are both functional in hot weather are much more difficult to find. However, the benefits of such a piece outweigh the time spent researching and finding the perfect accessory.

Panama hat is a great choice for hot summer Panama hat is a great choice for hot summer

Style and shape of headwear

Panamas, straw fedoras, teeles and caps – there are many stylish hats for men to help protect from the sun. When you stand somewhere in Sochi or Krasnodar at noon in the sun at a temperature of 32-33 ° C outside, the hat will save you from the sun. Depending on your needs, the width of the fields can vary significantly. My advice: try to choose a piece with such brims that will protect your face and neck when the sun is at its zenith.

Levi's® Hat Levi's® hat


Baseball cap Napapijri Baseball cap Napapijri


Headwear material and fiber

The best summer hats are made from plant fibers that are woven in a way that blocks light from entering. At the same time, they perfectly keep their shape and freely pass air. When buying, you can see the widest range of prices – a poor quality hat woven in 1 day can cost 100 times less than a quality fiber hat that has been woven for a month. and more times.

White fedora made of woven straw White fedora made of woven straw

Avoid hats with thick fibers. They will not give air to your head. Although they seem lightweight, they can be compared to a plastic bag. If you put it on your head, the effect will be the same. Those panama hats with a braided pattern are of high quality – they can be solid, but let air pass freely, however, they will cost more.

How a hat should sit

The headgear must fit. If it sits too tight, you will feel dizzy during the day. A hat that is too loose will not fit where it should be. In addition, it will not allow air to circulate normally. Look for a band (inner hat ring) made from quality material, woven cotton, for example. It will simultaneously absorb moisture from the head and let air through the weaves.

Read about men's hats in our past publications to learn more about men's hats.


Don't forget your handkerchief. It will not only allow you to clear your nose, but also wipe the sweat on your forehead or neck.

Wear a change of clothes if you intend to go straight to a restaurant from the beach. While it will take some foresight on your part, wearing an extra set of clothing will keep you looking your 100% regardless of the day's events. True, you will need to take a backpack or bag with you, but in most cases, this is not a problem.

How do you keep cool in hot weather? We will be glad to receive your comments!

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