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Dancing is not the most obvious item on the list of men's hobbies, but nevertheless, this activity, which combines sports and communication, is gaining more and more fans around the world every year. Dancing helps to keep yourself in good shape, improves posture and coordination of movements, and also opens the way to themed parties and new acquaintances. For all this, it is not at all necessary to exhaust yourself with training and hone your skills for years – modern popular directions, united by the common name 'social dances', are open to everyone, knowledge of the basic movements and, of course, desire is enough.

Today we will tell you about the most common types of social dances and where, how and with whom you can join them.

What is social dancing

The expression 'social dance' came into Russian as a translation from English ('social dance'), and often its meaning remains not entirely clear. In fact, it simply means all types of dances that are not a sports discipline, are available to everyone, but still have certain rules and accepted movements, unlike, for example, dancing in a nightclub.

Social dancing is a great hobby Social dancing is a great hobby

As a rule, social dances are paired, with the partner's task being to choose a sequence of movements and guide the partner, who, in turn, must follow him. Often the process involves the exchange of partners. In modern dances, there are no ready-made schemes: a set of movements is always an improvisation. Of course, it is desirable that both partners know at least the basic steps, but the main thing is the willingness to listen and adapt to each other. Any dance is a kind of dialogue, which ideally should leave extremely positive emotions.

Today there are a large number of popular dance styles, from sensual Latin American to groovy Irish, as well as various modern variations of European and American dances. The choice is limited only by your taste, and, of course, by what clubs there are in your city. Let's take a look at a few of the most common styles.

Argentine tango

The famous sensual tango dance appeared at the end of the 19th century in Argentina and Uruguay and then gained popularity around the world. Today, there are various variations of this direction, but if your goal is not professional tournaments, but a new kind of leisure, look for 'Argentine tango'.

In this dance, more attention is paid to the partner: it is the girl who performs various spectacular movements such as throwing out legs, turns and steps. At the same time, the partner moves less, his task is to guide and support. Tango involves a fairly close contact, passion and some sharpness of movement. This dance looks very impressive from the outside, even if the partners are just beginning to comprehend its features.


Another popular trend, swing, originated in the United States in the 1920s, during the heyday of jazz. Gradually, it acquired various subspecies: lindy hop, boogie-woogie, etc. This is a fairly fast dance, it is performed in pairs without particularly close contact: a man holds a woman by the arms or, at most, by the waist.

Swing is based on improvisation, it can look completely different: from rhythmic steps and simple turns for beginners to complex acrobatics for professionals. However, the main thing is a positive mood. And, of course, keeping the rhythm of the melody.


The salsa dance comes from Cuba and carries the idea of ​​freedom and flirting. It is characterized by relaxed, 'flirting' movements. At the same time, salsa is often danced in groups, and in the process, a constant change of partners is assumed, which makes it possible to hone your skills with various strangers.

Salsa is a rather energetic dance with constant turns, plexus of arms, the body is constantly in motion. All in all, the perfect cocktail of communication and fitness.


Bachata is a dance originally from the Dominican Republic. This direction is considered one of the most sensual and romantic: partners dance in very close contact, their movements are smooth and passionate at the same time.

From the side, bachat seems easier than many other varieties, but it is an illusion: the hugs, deflections and waves characteristic of this dance require a good knowledge of movements and control of your own body. However, it's worth it: training will definitely pay off with the emotions that bachata gives.


Hustle is a fairly young trend that originated in the 1970s. This dance is performed to music in the 'disco' style and is considered one of the easiest: you just need to master a few basic elements and be ready to improvise. However, with a certain skill, it looks very impressive and incendiary – just remember the film 'Dirty Dancing'.

Hustle is a very democratic dance, among its admirers you can see people of any age and any complexion. A good option for beginners.

How to learn to dance

So, you decided to try to start dancing and decided on a direction. The next question is: how do you master these very basic steps and everything else?

The most effective way is to enroll in courses. Social dancing is a popular hobby, which is why many clubs and private tutors regularly recruit newcomer groups. In this case, you will take your first steps in a new business under the guidance of a professional who will correct your movements and always help with advice. In addition, group sessions provide an opportunity to immediately hone the acquired skills with a variety of partners.

You can learn dancing either alone or with a girl You can learn dancing either alone or with a girl

If you are shy, looking for a more intensive program, or working on a non-standard schedule, you can consider private tutoring. Of course, it costs more, but the effect will be obtained faster. You can go to individual lessons alone or as a couple.

There is also the option of self-study by video. You can buy instructional DVDs or even find free lessons online: many teachers are filming videos of their classes to attract students. In this case, you can dance at home whenever and as much as you want, the only drawback is that it is more difficult to track progress and correct possible mistakes.

Finally, there is an option for online search gurus for special deals. Many dance clubs and schools periodically run free open classes. Often these lessons are held outdoors in summer. Of course, you will not learn much in one lesson, but this is a great way to look at different dance styles and make a choice.

Where can you go dancing

No matter how wonderful courses you have signed up for, this is only an intermediate stage on the path to the world of social dancing. The fun begins when you master the basic movements (but remember that this takes at least 2-3 months of classes!) And can attend dance parties.

The easiest places to find Latin dance and tango parties The easiest places to find Latin dance and tango parties

In winter, such parties are held in clubs, in summer – outdoors, for example, on the embankment in Gorky Park in Moscow. It makes sense to find out in advance what dance styles are popular in your city, because the skills you will definitely want to apply in practice.

What to do if there is no partner

Many people think that dancing is an activity for a couple, but in fact it is a great hobby just for those who want to meet. If you don't have a partner, don't worry! In 99% of cases, there are more girls than men in dance courses, and you just pair up with someone who came without a partner. As for dance parties, they are just made for new acquaintances! Without a doubt, there you will also find many free girls whom you can invite to dance. This is perceived as completely normal, the main thing is not to be intrusive if you suddenly get a refusal, and, of course, practice a little beforehand so that your partner does not have to do everything for you.

Many find a dance partner directly at dance parties. Many find a dance partner directly at dance parties.


Dance is the oldest way of spending leisure time, entertainment and flirting. A couple of centuries ago, all the most interesting things happened at balls. These days, this has transformed into social dancing – a hobby that will allow you to keep fit, learn to move better and be more free to behave, and will also bring many new acquaintances. Take a closer look: perhaps this particular type of leisure will become your new hobby.

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