Vacuum cleaner Makita 4076 DWX

Vacuum cleaner Makita 4076 DWX

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Specifications of Makita 4076 DWX Vacuum Cleaner

General characteristics

A type 2 in 1 (vertical + manual)
Cleaning dry
Rechargeable Yes
Battery type NiCd, 1300 mAh capacity
Battery life up to 20 min
Charging time 50 min
Dust collector 0.50 L bag
Power regulator on the case
Noise level 68 dB


Nozzles included for the floor; crevice; extension tube

Dimensions and weight

Vacuum cleaner dimensions (WxDxH) 12x14x45 cm
Weight 1.4 kg


Additional Information voltage 7.2V; 2 steps of power of absorption of air; continuous operation: 1 speed 10 min, 2 speed 20 minutes

Reviews on Makita 4076 DWX Vacuum Cleaner

Advantages: Size – it is small. Conveniently hung on the wall. The price is ridiculous. The child loves them to work.
Minuses: Sucks in less than expected. Well, that is just like a vacuum cleaner in the usual sense of the word, it doesn’t really suck dust. But to collect rubbish there every small one, in the hallway, where no, no, yes, and something will wake up or the cat will tear some nonsense – here he is just
Minuses: Guys, this is not a vacuum cleaner. This is an electric broom. Pretty comfortable. And if you really need a vacuum cleaner without wires, then it’s in Dyson or somewhere else – for 8-10 times large money.

Azizov Grisha

Disadvantages: in general, I am satisfied no complaints

Inshade inshade

Pluses: easy no cord children with pleasure vacuuming
Minuses: not yet, I knew what I was buying

Masagutov Ismagil

Advantages: Compact, lightweight, cheap. Collects well rubbish. Buzzing in moderation.
Minuses: I bought for the kitchen. The vacuum cleaner completely copes with their duties.

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Pluses: vacuums well. very comfortable to clean. almost any part can be bought in case of breakage.
Disadvantages: very small and uncomfortable dust bags. fabric hard to clean. disposable – expensive.
Disadvantages: I advise you to buy a compact vacuum cleaner without a bag for dust collection.

Manhadykov Vadim

Advantages: Lightweight, powerful, durable, wireless
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: 5 hours of charging and approximately 50 minutes of active work in non-stop mode. Includes two paper bags and one very comfortable synthetic that will probably last a long time. Easy to handled vacuum cleaner, does an excellent job in the apartment, at the household level Vacuum cleaner. In the apartment there is a cat and a labrador dog, everything is always molting, vacuum cleaner, saves with a bang. 2 rooms and a kitchen with a corridor without difficulty vacuuming in 15 minutes. No wires, turned it on. The price is very affordable

Fedorov Vasily

Advantages: Lightweight, compact, maneuverable! Fast and easy You can clean up any, even hard-to-reach places!
Disadvantages: this is not!
Minuses: I have known about this vacuum cleaner for a long time – my daughter acquired the same about a year ago and I couldn’t get enough of it all the time, speaking of its convenience and ease of use. Recomend for everybody! Especially a vacuum cleaner is good, as an addition to the already existing in the house the main “assistant-vacuum cleaner” who does not always want to get and unpack!

Vasilyeva Elena

Advantages: Compact, lightweight, autonomous. It’s complete A decent, plastic, light pipe and a pair of nozzles. Quality plastic. Battery included, unlike the same older model. Low price.
Minuses: It does not suck at all, just fine dust. Even grains of sand does not suck and matches. You can’t buy bags in any store – exclusive. No hose included (needed for car interior)
Minuses: I bought in the hope that I will clean the apartment and car, in the end – “neither there nor here.” In the apartment, the garbage does not suck, in there is no hose for hidden places. Why is he five here have instructed – I can’t understand, I personally have more than a triple for him deliver, conscience does not allow.

Rybalchenko Andrey

Pluses: CONVENIENCE 🙂 – easy, three-year-old child managed with ease and pleasure. – small crumbs / sand collects well from the floor (I won’t say about carpets, we don’t hold) – flew on the floor is already several times from the height of the table. while alive (predecessor – “Electrolux” died quickly)
Disadvantages: – Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries (need charge after full discharge) – Charging time – several hours (not 50 min) – The bag filters the dust weakly, fine particles are clearly seep out. Everyone there HEPAI did not smell. – Do not wait the power of a full-sized vacuum cleaner (obviously yes)
Disadvantages: The family has three small children, crumbs and small garbage on the floor is a common occurrence. Behind a broom and dustpan – do not run. It is their vacuum cleaner that replaces smartly. In addition, often children run vacuuming yourself is very convenient 🙂

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Pluses: – Very lightweight – Takes up little space, you can hang on the wall – Elementary in operation – Can clean upholstered furniture – PRICE
Disadvantages: – It doesn’t suck very much, so if you have carpets, this may be a disadvantage. I only have a laminate, so that there are no complaints about the vacuum cleaner. But he coped with the door mat on four with a minus.
Disadvantages: Fifty-meter kopeck piece cleans in five minutes – I have never used up the battery for one cleaning. AND this is in the presence of a hairy cat. Even me, extremely lazy it’s not difficult for a person to spend once or a couple of times a day thirty seconds (no more) to clean a 14-meter room. For such The price is just a super find, I recommend it to everyone.

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