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characteristics REDMOND RAC-3704

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air cleaning
Power consumption 76 watts
Serviced area 46 sq.m

Air cleaning

Air cleaning performance (CADR) 365 cbm / h
Air purity control there is
Filters HEPA filter, photocatalytic, carbon
HEPA filter class H10


Ionization there is
Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
Ozonation there is
ultraviolet lamp there is
Power supply net


Control electronic, display, timer, remote control
Noise level 65 dBA

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 345x610x215 mm

REDMOND RAC-3704 reviews

Advantages: no
Disadvantages: UV lamp (read below)
Disadvantages: who bought this device – do you at least understand that all the disadvantages of this product were sold to you with a marketing move ??? UV lamp, ionization and ozonation – all this is an uncontrolled guarantee of the formation of the most toxic ozone gas. the device does not have a sensor for monitoring this gas. yes it disintegrates quickly. but with constant work and your being with him, you inhale how much of this oxidizer. The manufacturer did not even bother to write what kind of ozonation from the device !!! because once again it is uncontrolled … and what is only the FUNCTION button is a stupid switching of the burning icons on the device, but in fact the operation of the same UV lamp and uncontrolled ionization with ozonation, tk. there are no sensors to determine this and there is no filter after the lamp to decompose ozone. for a lot of money, you get a problem for your health. the device should have a corresponding inscription, as in hospitals when quartzing (for the moderator, where is the purchase store indicated?)

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Pluses: Pretty cute and does a good job with its function. Quiet operation, and the cartridges last a long time. Its functionality works out one hundred percent. The only problem with changing filters. Described in disadvantages. Technically pretty well executed. The UV lamp is located at the bottom and disinfects the air quite well. If you put your nose into the filter, you can smell UV.
Disadvantages: Consumables are expensive. I decided to change all filters, ordered an ozone complex and changed all filters at once. The problem is that the lights start to burn again. And it's not clear what it is tied to. A little annoying, because you throw them off and they again say that you need to replace the filters.
Disadvantages: Lowered the grade due to expensive consumables.

Sav alex

Advantages: Really cleans the air from small dust particles Powerful ozonation Removes unpleasant odors At night removes stale air in the room The number of irritants in the nasal cavity has decreased 'I'm about sneezing' Low noise level Filters adhere tightly to the side walls, so the air will not pass by Replaceable filters are available for sale There is sufficient distance between the filters and the fan to create air draft pressure, as well as for normal operation of the UV lamp. The air draft is carried out along the entire perimeter of the air inlet holes.The sensor surprised me, it works 100%, I do not know its technology, but if you puff perfume in the sensor area, after 10 seconds the fan turns on and starts blowing air.
Disadvantages: Never peel off the sticker on the front panel, otherwise you will ruin the cover Useless indicators for replacing filters Deception in air exchange Replaceable filters cost 2 thousand
Disadvantages: 1) There can be no question of any forest air during ionization! 2) There is no freshness after a thunderstorm during ozonation! 3) Low noise level is achieved in this device due to design features. The fact is that the suction of the turbine fan does not work at full capacity and a part of the air flow moves inside the grate of the clean air outlet and from there it goes out again, mixing with clean air from the filters. 4) At first, the air sensor did not work, after a couple of days it still changed its color to blue. It turns out that you need to press the sensor button, wait 2 minutes and the readings should be taken by the device. 5) In sleep mode, the air exchange is insufficient, the stale air cleans, but by 60%, say. 6) The model is not ideal – but better than the ones I've read about. 7) Conclusion – the device will not rid you of dust and dirt, it will not cure you, but it fulfills its task – it is cleaning the air from small dust particles, respectively, from some of the irritants of the human body.

Saint Dmitry

Advantages: 3 filters, UV lamp, etc. , quite compact in comparison with other models of the same functionality.
Disadvantages: does not cook food !!! After one year of use, the air pollution sensor is still red ((
Disadvantages: I thought for a long time, bought it. I don’t regret the purchase, the result of course does not appear immediately, but after a week the dust on the first filter became noticeable (it works at full capacity in the evenings and in quiet mode at night). The dog's coat does not pull in from the floor, but there is less dust. The UV lamp is on constantly, the ozonizer is periodically on, with an open window. Manage add. functions from the remote control are more convenient, because there is a separate button for each. Initially I wanted to buy a purifier with humidification, but I bought this purifier and a separate humidifier, because it is more convenient. There are no problems with consumables, I checked. After 2 weeks the difference in air quality seemed to become noticeable, but this is certainly not what some call “mountain air”, but that is, it does not produce oxygen, so you still need to ventilate.

Petrov Igor

Advantages: 1. Availability of service 2. Branded live stores 3. Accordingly, you can always buy a filter
Disadvantages: 1. Throws air briskly, maybe even for all 365 cubic meters / h. But it just rushes. Filtration for 6-8 hours in a medium-sized closed room (5x3m) is practically absent. And that's why. The body of the cleaner is roughly divided into two cavities. In the first there are filters, in the second there is a motor and fan impeller. They are separated by a partition with an air passage. The distance between the impeller and the baffle with a hole is approximately 7mm. Accordingly, there is almost no pulling effect through the filter, I observed it using a high-quality flashlight with a baton beam. The purifier stupidly mixes the air in itself, since the size of the upper hole allows both raking and throwing away. Due to this, the device produces extremely uneven sounds of air telepathing. 2. Perhaps only applicable to my copy, but I doubt something. In the SLEEP mode, the device emits a rustling-squeaking sound from the side of the fan motor. A strumming sound is also periodically detected at first speed. 3. As already mentioned above, the sounds of air beating are very perceptible. The beating of the impeller can add pleasure. I chose the smoothest device, but in it the impeller also had a runout across the axis. On the first, she walked along the axis of rotation. 4. The UV lamp looks like a props. I did not find a catalyst (did I really miss some titanium oxide, gygy). Accordingly, it does not smell like photocatalysis. Anyone who has ever been in a hospital knows what a UV lamp looks like when working, even to the smell and sensations on the skin. So there is some kind of pale Chinese handicraft that looks like a fluorescent lamp. I also recently looked at a Russian-made medical air cleaner. Its main task was disinfection and purification by photocatalysis. So there is a lamp of similar dimensions (but double), shining in a poisonous blue color. And the smell is appropriate. I think that the device uses a lamp that is in home irradiators.
Disadvantages: Added one point for the service. With such a price and the real potential of the device – the number, definitely! I read and chose for a very long time. It turns out people are fooled by light bulbs and meat sizes, and no one guessed to check the air quality and performance. When buying, even the noise did not care. Then he came four times – to deliver a seal not affixed by the seller (for the first time in his life he did not check the documents, and was punished); the second is to exchange the device for another; the third – for refusal to return money (two days after purchase), after which a claim was made; the fourth is to give the device and get money. The cleaner was handed over to the store after examination. No, this is not a defect in the copy. I shoveled four of them. As a result, I decided to assemble it myself from a two-speed fan and a pocket filter. I think I'll add a carbon filter made of two PVC pipes to it, and insert into it the very same UV lamp from a home irradiator (or even a long ceiling-sized one). Can be simplified and made from carbon fabric in ten layers. Consumables are made in a bunch of factories in the world, coal is sold by weight. It will cost me something in the region of 5,000 rubles.

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Advantages: – Compact in comparison with analogues in terms of power. – Really powerful (room 35m2, only 10 minutes at maximum power is required to remove the smell from a freshly smoked cigarette). – Replaceable modules are of high quality and always on sale.
Disadvantages: Not really detected.
Disadvantages: The amount of dust has decreased, if not 2 times, as they write here, then by 30% exactly according to my subjective estimates. A cigarette check and a black HEPA filter after 3 months in the Moscow region (opposite forest) speak volumes. I advise everyone.

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Advantages: Good air purification Ozonization Ionization Disinfection with a UV lamp Remote control
Disadvantages: Large size Sometimes responds to TV remote control
Disadvantages: Although they say that you cannot buy health, you need to take some steps along this path. I have 2 children and a wife who is prone to allergic reactions. This prompted us a few months ago to buy this miracle of technology. Works silently. Has an air pollution sensor, a fine filter and a carbon filter. You can talk a lot about the advantages of ozone, ionization and UV lamps, but so far this winter, my children have never been sick.

Morozov Eduard

Advantages: Perfectly cleans the air from harmful impurities, bacteria, dust, etc. There is a control panel, ionizer, ozonizer.
Disadvantages: Bulky, problematic to stick somewhere.
Disadvantages: There are animals at home and therefore hair and germs. And also small children who need to be protected from this as much as possible. In addition, our area is far from the most environmentally friendly. The cleaner copes with everything perfectly, I'm happy with it. True, we were looking for a place for the device for about 3 months (rearranged it, always interfered). Now we have found where to put it and enjoy the fresh, clean air throughout the apartment.

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Advantages: low energy consumption, large area, UV disinfection, two years warranty
Disadvantages: large size, wife wanted a different color
Disadvantages: I wanted to buy for a long time – my mother-in-law uses the same, says that she has less cold. In general, you come from the street, if it works for a long time, then you feel the difference. My wife likes it, we have almost all the Redmond equipment. the neighbors also decided to buy, it works quietly, the main thing is that the wife is happy and the children will not get sick. We liked.

Alexey Shabardin

Advantages: compact does not take up much space
Disadvantages: We live on the fifth floor, the house is so stuffy. Dust accumulates immeasurably, we do not have time to collect. But somehow we decided to do a general cleaning, and still the dust flew. Then we stumbled upon the Redmond Rac-3704 air cleaner. My husband ordered this air purifier. We were immediately called back and informed about the dispatch, as less than a day had passed. After receiving it, he purified the air from dust and brought freshness to the house. We are very grateful to this air purifier, and of course to the one who sells it.

Chervinskaya Elena

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