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MIE piccolo

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MIE Piccolo Features

General characteristics

A type steamer
Design manual
Power 1200 watts
Water tank 0.5 L
Water heating time 1.50 min
Working hours 15 minutes
Maximum steam supply 40 g / min
Body material plastic


Nozzles brush head


Weight 2.5 kg
Power cord length 1.8 m
Additional Information lid with a “nose” for boiling water; teflon mitt; heat resistant board;

MIE Piccolo Reviews

Minuses: Completely met expectations: steams properly, high-quality assembly; although the price is probably a bit high for just “teapot”.

Sergey Kozlov

Advantages: The steamer is very good, easy to operate, powerful, strong steam jet.
Minuses: not the fastest heating, but for me it is not problem.

March Irina

Pluses: Bought specifically for steaming curtains in the country. Everything suited me, and tulle and blackout curtains steamed. Use on cottage instead of iron. Half the water or even less so as not to spit.
Disadvantages: Iron does not replace, but there was no such task.

Techtranslizing LLC

Advantages: for its price a very useful thing. Most ironing dresses and shirts faster than iron, not to mention that the process itself is much more convenient.
Disadvantages: Some of my wife’s blouses do not iron well, apparently the matter is in the material, which is not smoothed under steam. At the same iron time takes them well. Not a flaw, but a feature is only vertical dispatch. Tilted degrees 30-45 at maximum water level, water is already pouring.
Minuses: Those who want to take with them on trips are better off see other models, this steamer is still enough big.

Zaitsev Stanislav

Advantages: The order was received at a convenient time for me. it gift, incl. experience of use will appear after the New Year. Thank!

Sychev Sergey

Pluses: Everything ingenious is simple! I love this baby! I use it every day – I’ve steamed a couple of things in the evening so that put on in the morning.
Minuses: Of course, it will not replace the iron.

Gorbunova Irene

Advantages: Quality, price, compactness.
Minuses: not identified.
Disadvantages: This is not the first MIE Piccolo steamer. which the I get. At work for photo shoots in the catalog purchased this steamer. All colleagues have already tested, in terms of power, speed steaming – perfectly shows itself. plus it is small and not takes up a lot of space. I personally bought this a year ago about the second, I already bought a mom as a gift, to her too I liked it when I brought her to my own wedding. When steamed the groom’s suit and my mother’s wedding dress was very impressed to smooth out such difficult things without any problems. Recommend!

Razubaeva Alsu

Pluses: Steams! Lightweight, comfortable, compact.
Minuses: not found.

The user has hidden his data

Minuses: MIE Piccolo handheld steamer bought for work. I AM by type of work I often hold meetings and presentations. they need always look like a needle. In my office in the closet there is always a suit and some blouses, but even though they hang on on the shoulders, anyway, some folds and creases appear on them. The blouse right on the shoulders can be put in order in a couple of minutes, he heats up very quickly, and gives out a rather powerful stream of steam, I in the summer linen jackets I steam them without difficulty. Convenient feature – a fleecy brush, in the process of steaming it removes the villi from clothes, in winter it is very good, because with outerwear constantly something clings to a jacket. I am very happy with the purchase, this one a small and remote steamer has already rescued me more than once.

Ovcharenko Lena

Advantages: I bought in exchange for a burned-out steamer for 900 rubles. This one is 2.5 times more expensive, but not a pity for money. Really gives good steam under high pressure. Convenient refueling. A bunch accessories. Workmanship is high. I recommend after use to drain water so that the heating does not oxidize surface. The first died precisely because of this.

irina mirshik

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