Vacuum cleaner Bosch BCH 6ATH25

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characteristics Vacuum cleaner Bosch BCH 6ATH25

General characteristics

A type vertical
Cleaning dry
Rechargeable Yes
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery life up to 60 min
Charging time 360 minutes
Dust collector bagless (cyclone filter), 0.90 l capacity
Power regulator on the handle / on the body

Dimensions and weight

Weight 3 Kg


Opportunities the ability to connect an electric brush, vertical parking
Additional Information filter change indicator; battery charge indicator; 3 power levels

Reviews about Vacuum cleaner Bosch BCH 6ATH25

Pluses: Ease of maneuvering and all)
Disadvantages: The battery will not last an hour under any circumstances! Consider it not. Vacuum the kitchen, room, corridor 5 times and that's it! And I vacuum quickly. In the description up to an hour !! Mine 15 maximum on a decent mode.
Disadvantages: Everything is super, but the BATTERY is rather weak, although they write that up to an hour of work ..

Alexandrov Anton

Advantages: A good vacuum cleaner, while working on the turbo it is easy to manage to pass 67 sq. meters.
Disadvantages: When I bought it, I saw exactly in the photo and in the description that it has a backlight at the bottom (in the brush). In fact, there was no backlight, perhaps another model was sold))
Disadvantages: Generally convenient and easy to use. You vacuum with it every day)))

Burgudji Vitya

Advantages: Without any wires, you can take and vacuum something at any time. The first year worked as needed in terms of capacity, it only made me happy.
Disadvantages: The battery lasts 30 minutes in normal mode. In turbo mode – 10-15 minutes maximum. In the second year of his life, his power has decreased decently. They became dissatisfied with the quality of cleaning. The brush stopped turning. The charger cord twists into a pigtail over time. This can fray in some places.
Disadvantages: We have been using it for 2 years. Now they are very unhappy with him. Power dropped dramatically. Barely barely there is trying to suck in. Disappointment … It is a pity that such “temporary” goods are now being made. With a good factory capacity, it will work for you for 1 year, and then it will fade away … Honestly, they would know – they would not buy. It is too expensive to invest 14 thousand rubles. for 1 year.

Shirokov Anton

Advantages: Convenient to clean, cord does not interfere. Maneuverable enough.
Disadvantages: In less than six months of daily use at home, the battery began to discharge in 2 minutes after being fully charged … The official service said a new battery costs 15,000 rubles! Since it comes with the control box …
Disadvantages: The model is good, but every year buying a battery at the price of the vacuum cleaner itself is nonsense …

Sergeev Dmitry

Advantages: It is convenient that there is no wire, at any moment, something woke up – two seconds and order.
Disadvantages: After a while it stops working (bought this model twice)
Disadvantages: If I wrote this review right after the purchase, I would definitely give it 5 stars. I was absolutely delighted – the suction power, convenience, the battery charge at an average speed is enough for two single cleanings. Unfortunately, things were not so rosy after that. We bought it for the first time two years ago. The first few months everything was fine, but, then, I noticed that the suction power was not the same, moreover, it periodically began to “glitch” – it did not turn on. Then my daughter broke the mercury thermometer and, like a blonde, I did what I can't do – I collected the mercury with a vacuum cleaner. After that, it turned out that the vacuum cleaner must be disposed of and can no longer be used. So we bought the exact same vacuum cleaner again. Super powerful suction again, everything worked great. About 4-5 months. Then again some loss of power is noticed (although we clean it regularly). Now, after a few more months, the vacuum cleaner very weakly draws in dust, the carpet no longer pulls, and even not even sucks everything from the laminate … and, most importantly, it turns on only from the 10-15-20th time. Since this happened with both vacuum cleaners, I conclude that the quality is not ah. I do not recommend buying. We will change for something else.

Kinsler Ekaterina

Advantages: mobility of cleaning, speed of cleaning, power is simply unrealistic (in the third mode, it sucks out and brushes out the carpet with a turbo brush so that it cannot be distinguished from the new one), as a result, cleaning brings only positive emotions – the result is always clean floors. The battery is very long-playing – the declared time in the first mode can withstand.
Disadvantages: they simply do not exist (as a recommendation, I can suggest in the following modifications to install LED backlight on the brush body, like some competitors have)

Samokhin Nikolay

Pros: Worked well for 2 years
Disadvantages: Outdated its battery, and that's it! Hana !!! Replacement 25 tr. !!!!! What do they think ??? !!!
Disadvantages: Do not take it, it cannot be repaired! The service said throw it out and buy a new one! I'm in shock !!!

Ivanova Ksenia

Advantages: Appearance, turbo brush, power
Disadvantages: I worked for a year, began to charge poorly, the turbo brush falls out, the charge lasts for 30 minutes. As a replacement for a broom and a scoop, it is very convenient. In the end, it began to turn on and off, as a result, the apogee came and she gave out everything she vacuumed back. Now it works like that, for blowing … I'm thinking how to adapt it as a fan in the summer …

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Cleans up perfectly (when it works). Cleans dust and debris even from deep carpets. Stylish, beautiful, comfortable. Simple and easy container cleaning.
Disadvantages: Poor quality product – spontaneously turns off in the second (main) operating mode.
Disadvantages: The vacuum cleaner could be perfect, and deserve the highest rating, if not for one “but”. After working for a year and a half, it began to fail. At the second speed, you switch off more and more often. And the pauses before turning on are getting longer. Vacuuming is no longer possible. You have to use the turbo mode, but it does not call for the whole house. The problem, judging by the reviews on the Internet, is not an isolated one. I do not recommend buying! This is not some “Chinese” for three thousand. They ask for a lot of money for this vacuum cleaner, and he should work out them without problems. —– I believe that if such a respected company as BOSCH knows about a common shutdown problem and does nothing to solve it, this is a shame and a black spot on its reputation.

Razdobreev Ivan

Advantages: the absence of wires the weight is very pleased, the convenience of cleaning is easy for my family, although I worry about cleaning the foam filter that at the exit after the motor there is no smell of dust and it does not rise into the air and the maneuverability settles again the duration of work suits me, we charge every three days with daily cleaning of a two-room apartment (there is a cat and a small child)
Disadvantages: Charging is very long, when charging from the adapter, I would like to charge less than 6 hours, but we have what we have

Revin Anton

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