Timberk TAP FL800 MF

Timberk TAP FL800 MF

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characteristics Timberk TAP FL800 MF

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air cleaning
Power consumption 56 watts

Air cleaning

Air cleaning performance (CADR) 410 cbm / h
Air purity control there is
Filters pretreatment, photocatalytic, electrostatic, coal


Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
ultraviolet lamp there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net
Additional Information timer up to 9 hours (with an interval of 1 hour)


Control electronic, display, timer
Wi-Fi not
Bluetooth not
Indication filter contamination

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 362x830x231 mm
Weight 14.5 kg

Timberk TAP FL800 MF reviews

Pluses: Sufficiently easy to maintain. The pollution level sensor reacts well to organic pollutants (various alcohols, ethylene glycol and, oddly enough, washing powder). There is an automatic mode depending on the level of pollution. There is a night mode (it blocks the operation at the minimum level of the fans and reduces the brightness of the display).
Disadvantages: A little noisy, although in the night mode you can fall asleep with it. The contamination level sensor does not respond in the best way to coarse dust (the sensor reacts to dust of a certain fraction). At the outlet of the purifier, the air smells a little (presumably ionized after the electrostatic precipitator) and, with prolonged exposure, can irritate the mucous membrane.
Disadvantages: I bought 42 sq. m (with a large margin, downright industrial cleaning volumes). After I started using it in the apartment, it became easier to breathe, and the smell greatly decreased (the new apartment, during the arrival, it smelled unpleasantly of plastic and some other game). From experience I can say that it cleans the air from the smell of washing powder, fried meat and plastic. In management, I would like to see the ability to configure the intensified cleaning modes by days of the week (now there is just a timer to turn off). It would be more convenient if, for example, it would be possible to set the mode of enhanced cleaning 5 days a week from 10:00 to 18:00. In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, but the developers still have something to work on.

Dmitry Lyubovinkin

Advantages: Designed for a large service area. functional, can work independently; there is a night mode. The indicator shows the level of pollution. Easy to operate and maintain.
Disadvantages: I am definitely satisfied with the purchase, I bought it for home use, as it were, I didn’t count on it anymore, so I deserved my “five”. Recommend for purchase

Suvorov Sanyok

Advantages: Qualitatively cleans the air, multifunctional, easy-to-understand operating instructions.
Disadvantages: Not yet
Disadvantages: Was purchased for dust control a few months ago, works every day. Creates a pleasant microclimate in the apartment for me, thanks to a professional air purification program, I forget about my allergies.

Summer Lena

Pluses: Simple control
Disadvantages: not yet discovered
Disadvantages: We live in a large city with heavy traffic, we purchased an air purifier for our apartment. Convenient, compact, there are several modes of operation. We are satisfied with the result, thanks to air purification through built-in filters, there is no need for constant cleaning, moreover, it copes with the removal of unpleasant odors

Chir alex

Advantages: there is an antibacterial lamp, copes even with dust and soot from the kitchen, the display is clear and convenient, strong. Disadvantages: price
Disadvantages: Purchased a cleaner for a small diner. Our kitchen is located close to the hall, so the cooking process was felt in the hall and there were even complaints about it. On the first day, it became noticeably fresh and breathing freely. The design is stylish and looks good. Filter replacement is simple. Works almost silently. There is noise only in the intensive cleaning mode, but we turn on this mode half an hour before opening. Wheels add convenience.

crime wtf

Advantages: Multifunctional air purifier-ionizer in a compact and modern case, the presence of a pollution indicator allows you not to worry about turning the device off, does not make unpleasant noises, automatic mode works adequately, easily moves during cleaning.
Disadvantages: installed a cleaner in the clinic reception. Due to the timer, it turns on several hours before the arrival of staff and customers, which allows you to start working in a comfortable environment. The air in the reception area has become noticeably cleaner and more pleasant, dust hardly accumulates on walls and furniture, and there are also noticeably fewer problems from static electricity.

Lukianchikova Oksana

Advantages: Absorbs even fine dust fractions, antibacterial lamp, conveniently located control
Disadvantages: not yet discovered
Disadvantages: This model was purchased in a country house. Floor standing air purifier with 5 filters and antibacterial lamp. Fitted in style perfectly, electronic control from above, no need to bend over, everything is intuitive. Easy to move on casters with a weight of over 14 kg. The wheels do not spoil the parquet, which we were afraid of. After the first week of use, we made sure that there is practically no dust on the furniture, it is possible not to clean it, it is enough just to go through the floors with a damp cloth

Deripasova Anna

Advantages: Perfectly cleans the air from pollution and unpleasant odors, easy to operate
Disadvantages: Not detected
Disadvantages: We purchased this device for air purification in a cafe, so that visitors could be more comfortable visiting us. The presence of the hood alone, unfortunately, does not help. The purifier is mains powered, looks quite elegant and doesn't attract too much attention. The control is very simple, there is an 'Auto' mode, which itself selects the cleaning speed according to the conditions inside the room.

Abdulatipov Dzhunaid

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