Panasonic F-VXL40

Panasonic F-VXL40

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Panasonic F-VXL40 specifications

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air purification / humidification
Power consumption 52 watts
Serviced area 30 sq.m


Water tank capacity 1.6 l
Water consumption 350 ml / h
Hygrostat there is

Air cleaning

Air cleaning performance (CADR) 240 cubic meters / h
Air purity control there is
Filters HEPA filter, water


Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net


Control electronic
Wi-Fi not
Bluetooth not
Noise level 49 dBA

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 330x590x250 mm
Weight 7.2 kg

Opinions from the Panasonic F-VXL40

Advantages: Refreshes the air, runs quietly, is easy to operate
Disadvantages: removes odors for a long time in automatic mode
Disadvantages: I have enough water for humidification in automatic mode for 12 hours, and not for 6-8 as stated. it's very nice)

Que esperanza

Pluses: Build quality and materials. Made in Japan. Price and design.
Disadvantages: Only two speeds – very quiet and very loud, the average is not enough.
Disadvantages: It copes with its work, the quality of materials in PM filters inspires serious confidence. The price is 22,000 rubles in terms of about 300 usd. An excellent alternative to Daikin for 800 usd, the principle of operation is the same. Do not expect miracles from technology, a good addition to timely cleaning of a living room. Average water consumption is about 4-5 liters per day. I will add to the review, after a month of operation – the device works around the clock, I turn it off for a couple of minutes when topping up water. After 1.5-2 hours of operation at maximum speed, in a room of 15 m2 there is a feeling of mountain freshness (as soon as I turn it off, the feeling disappears after a few minutes, perhaps this is the effect of air recirculation). It is very easy to clean the main filter (it is large, charcoal), I do not even take it out, I just remove the front panel and vacuum. As already mentioned above, the device has only two fan speeds, at the minimum it evaporates on average 1.5 – 2 liters in 10 hours (night) and about 3-4 liters in 10 hours at maximum speed, it all depends on the humidity outside. As for the removal of odors, no one smokes here, so I can only judge by the presence of a large carbon filter, which should cope with unpleasant odors. When something is fried in the kitchen, the pollution sensor immediately starts blinking, but since I use manual power setting, I cannot evaluate the automatic function, but most likely it works correctly. During the operation, I did not find any minuses, it costs my money, I definitely advise you to take it.

man man

Pluses: Evaporates water. Moisturizes
Disadvantages: Even at low it buzzes stronger, then stops for a few seconds and almost does not buzz, and so it is constantly. At first it was buzzing smoothly without bursts. Defect or should it be? Somehow everything vibrates strongly at high speed
Disadvantages: Evaporating filter got reddish and hard in a week. Soaked in citric acid, became like new.

Chuprina Ekaterina

Advantages: Design, quality of materials and workmanship are on top. It is very convenient to fill in water, the trough with a handle is just great for this. Management is clear and does not cause problems.
Disadvantages: On the sponge filter, which is in a trough with water, a yellowish-brownish, crystalline bloom constantly appears in the upper part. I don’t understand what this garbage is. Lacks average speed. In fact, there is a slow, large and auto.
Disadvantages: The animal works for two months without interruption. In auto mode, water is enough for 9-11 hours. At night, the door to the room is closed, the window is ventilated. Humidity is small and quite pleasant to feel. If the vent is at minimum ventilation, then the humidity already rises significantly. If you close the window, it becomes somewhat uncomfortable, but rather not from humidity, but from stuffiness. The batteries are fried with a bang. In the daytime, when both the ventilation window and the door to the room do not close, the performance is clearly not enough, but I did not think that he would have to thresh the whole apartment. Now I'm thinking of taking an older model with higher performance. The dust has become less and it can be clearly observed on the furniture and breathing has become somewhat freer. I am a mild asthmatic and I feel it. At night, in quiet mode, the noise is less than from the air conditioner. At maximum mode, it is certainly noisy, but this is absolutely natural and does not apply to disadvantages. In my opinion, the average speed is not enough, but this is not essential, the auto-mode works quite well. The light sensor extinguishes almost all the “extra” indicators at night and this is very good. I don't know why this was done, apparently there is a secret meaning, but the air goes up and to the left and it is not regulated. This is no longer convenient since you have to turn it around with its muzzle to the wall so that it blows into the middle of the room, and the back side is not so pretty. There are two obscure types of water trough filters. They are just in the water and what they are doing is not clear. It's not clear to me, but this does not mean that they are just for beauty, I hope they make sense. Causes concern plaque on a sponge in a tray with water. The coating is not pleasant, hard, like a thin layer of caramel. When removing it, you have to rub the filter and there is a fear that it will quickly wear out. Now I'm trying to understand how the preliminary sediment of water will affect this. If anyone knows what it is, write. No smokers, no animals, no road under the window.

Ivanov Pavel

Pluses: Quiet in automatic mode. The air becomes very fresh. Allergy sufferers will appreciate it.
Disadvantages: The first time after purchase and active use, about 10 days, you need to very often wash the sponge from the humidifier because of some obsessive smell resembling iodine.
Disadvantages: A full container of water, in automatic mode, lasts 10 hours if the room is small. And yes, the device can only stretch one room of 20 meters in area and a ceiling height of 3 meters, you open the doors to the next room and the effect of “freshness” is greatly lost. Hi-mode is generally lovely, it refreshes very quickly, but noisy. From odors, in auto mode, cleans very slowly. The humidity indicator shows the humidity very approximately (it is written in the instructions), but the air pollution sensor works very clearly: in a sensitive mode, it reacts to any few dust grains, and it will work exactly when a non-environmentally running, smoking rattle is running in the yard. With the humidifier turned on, you need fresh air to enter the room, otherwise a “bath” is formed. The sound that the device signals about the need to fill the humidifier with water is quiet enough, if you slept at this moment, there will definitely not be any fear from a sharp squeak; settings, you can leave only the first sound signal, subsequent, periodic, can be turned off. If the ionizer is left on, the room must be cleaned especially carefully – charged dust particles strongly adhere to surfaces and to you.

Ingar helgesson

Advantages: Efficiency, ease of maintenance and management, appearance.
Disadvantages: no
Disadvantages: We have been using the Panasonic F-VXL40R-S air purifier at home for 5 months and are very satisfied. As an indicator of effectiveness, the manifestations of allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis disappeared in an adult and a child, despite the fact that additional treatment measures were not taken. The air purifier is easy to maintain. According to the instructions, it is required to wash the tray with the humidifying filter once a month and vacuum the HEPA filter about once every two weeks. It really happens that way. And it doesn't take much time – the filters can be removed very easily. Our air purifier works around the clock. There is a silent night mode that turns on automatically. The notification about the need to fill the tray with water is made by a sound signal and a flashing indicator. Requires floor placement. The left, right and top sides should be located at a distance of 30 cm from furniture and other objects, otherwise it will not work. Looks good visually. We are very pleased with the purchase.

Bogacheva Ekaterina

Advantages: the device is pleasant in appearance, the reviews were excellent
Disadvantages: it worked one day, the next morning it just did not turn on
Disadvantages: There is nothing more to add. the product turned out to be defective (although it was written made in Japan), I will not buy this again

Khachaturova Evgeniya

Pluses: F-VXL40 is the only model assembled in Japan. The filter can be vacuumed once a month and replaced every five years.
Disadvantages: When you turn it on for the first time, be sure to remove the washcloth filter from the water tray and rinse it under running water, because it smells badly like plastic.
Disadvantages: Only bought today. Long time to choose from different sinks. At first, Boneko looked for 20,000, without replaceable filters, but there it is often necessary to wash the pallet and discs. A Japanese Panasonic with a HEPA filter looks much more serious than a bucket of wheels from Boneko.

Makarov Konstantin

Benefits: Eliminates odors and cleans the air
Disadvantages: —
Disadvantages: Neighbor smokes in the stairwell. All the smell goes to our apartment. I myself am disgusted by the stench (I have never smoked, my husband does not smoke), but it's okay, my son immediately began to cough a terrible cough !!!!! I was afraid that asthma would start. She asked a neighbor and my husband spoke to him like a man, but he didn't care. I consulted with my friends, read various forums and we bought this air purifier, it really removes the smell of hiccups! There is no smell in the apartment, my son does not cough, everything is fine now!

Alexandrova Natali

Advantages: A tangible difference, quality, convenient service!
Disadvantages: Last year we moved to Zvenigorodka. Nightmare! There is literally nothing to breathe, the windows overlook the highway. When I saw a layer of road dust, I immediately imagined that we were breathing. Clambered all the forums. This Panasonic is the best option: it purifies and humidifies the air. I bought it here, delivered it in a day. Thank!!!

Borisova Ulyana

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