Vacuum cleaner Dyson DC51 Multi Floors

Vacuum cleaner Dyson DC51 Multi Floors

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Specifications Vacuum cleaner Dyson DC51 Multi Floors

General characteristics

A type vertical
Cleaning dry
Power consumption 700 watts
Suction power 141 watts
Dust collector bagless (cyclone filter), capacity 0.80 l
Power regulator not
Fine filter there is
Noise level 83 dBA
Power cord length 7.6 m


Suction pipe telescopic
Electric brush included Yes
Nozzles included combined; for upholstery

Dimensions and weight

Vacuum cleaner dimensions (WxDxH) 35x28x106 cm
Weight 5.4 kg


Opportunities the ability to connect an electric brush, storage space for attachments
Additional Information radius of action 8.7m

Reviews about Vacuum cleaner Dyson DC51 Multi Floors

Pluses: Appearance
Disadvantages: Very inconvenient
Disadvantages: I do not know how you can give a good rating to such vacuum cleaners. It seems to me that it was specially invented in order to scoff at the housekeepers. You can't use it yourself. The detachable hose is just something. Vacuuming under the bed is unrealistic. The wire is wound externally. He may, of course, suck well, but he's definitely not for real life.

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Pluses: Convenient. He's just comfortable.
Disadvantages: You cannot wash the cyclone itself. This is not a disadvantage, but rather a feature. Consequences: will stink. It is treated by disassembling the cyclone (it turns out to be very difficult), flushing it and then assembling it.
Disadvantages: Before that, there was LG with a turbocharger + hepa filters + one-time supper filter at the outlet. Practice has shown that DC51 is better. And all sorts of additional filters are not needed. Now LG lives in the garage.

Aleinikov Oleg

Advantages: Optimum balance of compactness and power. It is convenient to carry around the house in one hand without straining, while not compromising the quality of cleaning. The turbo brush works perfectly. Lack of bags. In general, a well-made and convenient unit.
Disadvantages: 1. Hose for add. The nozzles are short and only work when the vacuum cleaner is upright. Those. under a bed of 22 m, under which the main brush does not fit, this hose also cannot be reached. For furniture and corners only. 2. The power cord could be longer. Rooms over 30 sq. m already have to be turned on in turn in 2 different sockets at 2 ends of the room. (Although in this case it would definitely be necessary to also have a mechanism for automatically winding the cord – now its absence is not very annoying, it is quickly unwound by hand).
Disadvantages: I chose a vacuum cleaner for a rather big two-story house. At the stage of construction and repair, a monstrous construction vacuum cleaner was bought, but for routine cleaning they quickly got tired of carrying it, especially up the stairs. On the other hand, battery models were not suitable for our area at all – in 20 minutes of their autonomous work you cannot remove much. And their power is children's. In addition, there is an actively molting cat in the house 🙂 So DC51 seemed the best choice. In general, I think I was not mistaken. Another would be the ability to connect an additional extension hose for cleaning under beds / wardrobes (see disadvantage number 1) – it would be an absolutely ideal vacuum cleaner.


Advantages: Compactness, ease of storage, possibly durability (but time will tell)
Disadvantages: 1. Allergy sufferers do not even need to consider this model as a purchase: perhaps the vacuum cleaner itself catches a record amount of dust, but before that it lifts it into the air, because the exhaust ducts are located in the wheels near the floor. Personally, I have not had such an aggravation of allergies during cleaning for 15 years already. 2. Garbage collects qualitatively from the laminate only when the turbo brush is turned on (although it is intended only for carpets). 3. Extra short and stiff hose for additional attachments. It is extremely inconvenient for them to clean hard-to-reach places, the hose does not stretch well, the vacuum cleaner does not fix itself, it falls in one direction or the other, hits the legs. 4. Against the background of all of the above, the absence of a device that automatically removes the electric wire is not a significant drawback. 5. Cleaning the vacuum cleaner after cleaning also requires a significant amount of time: especially the brush on which the hair is wound. Cleaning it will take not 2-3 minutes. (you need to use either a blade or nail scissors).
Disadvantages: Prior to this, Samsung used a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter, which is 5 times cheaper than Dyson, considered it inconvenient to store and maintain with unambiguous advantages in cleaning and pluses for allergy sufferers, but everything is clear in comparison and I would certainly buy a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter now.

Olga Koteleva

Advantages: Powerful, good vacuum cleaner, easy to maneuver, made of very high quality materials, thought out every detail, every little thing. Garbage is easily thrown out of the container (the container can be easily detached from the cyclone and, if desired, the flask is easy to clean). Easy to maintain, each filter is easy to clean and then dry. Fits well into the modern interior of a well-renovated apartment.
Disadvantages: Someone will say that the price is too high, yes !! But for such things, where engineers have thought through every detail, every little thing, in order to facilitate and make the cleaning process of high quality, you have to pay. From myself I will add, if there would have been an automatic winding of the cord, then the price for this vacuum cleaner would not have been.
Disadvantages: How the choice of the Dyson and this particular model was determined. The task was to purchase a quality item for cleaning a large apartment in a non-standard format, something new and innovative. Therefore, I began to look closely at robotic vacuum cleaners. I must say right away that it was not a toy but really functioned and cleaned at a cost starting from 32 thousand rubles. models with GPS function and high-quality filling that would not break in a year and would not be just a chaotic wheelchair. After reading about the human torment of cleaning all sorts of rollers of figolics and filters, the idea was immediately abandoned. For the same reason, washing vacuum cleaners were also eliminated, which after cleaning still need to be washed for half an hour. Simple vacuum cleaners with aqua boxes and other nonsense simply did not impress, all this is already as old as the world. They paid attention to the dyson because it was determined that it was important in the vacuum cleaner that it would be without a bag and powerful, well, only vacuum cleaners with a cyclone can do this, well, accordingly, this technology was used in the very first vacuum cleaners, this is Dyson. In short, why exactly DC 51 – it perfectly vacuums any surface and laminate and parquet and carpets, a vacuum cleaner on a battery for a Hundred squares is ridiculous. Well, and most importantly, cleaning from debris, the most convenient in comparison with standard non-vertical dysons. Cleaning the filters is simple, I washed it, put it back dry. (There are two of them) As for cleaning, I can say that it is a pleasure for them to clean. At first, they were amazed, in a clean room where it would seem there is not a speck of dust, Dyson found so much of it that I never dreamed of. It is also very convenient, which is not found in similar vacuum cleaners, this is a function with a flexible hose, put the handle in a vertical position, took out a flexible hose with tubes, but wanted to disconnect the tubes altogether, put on a nozzle and vacuum in hard-to-reach places. We are very satisfied with the vacuum cleaner, I recommend this model.

Serov Alexander

Advantages: Compactness, manufacturability, transformability, quality of material and assembly, low noise, absence of any bags, shaking out the garbage with just one finger, reusable fine filters, rinsed with plain water.
Disadvantages: Slightly short hose for additional attachments. The power cable, in my opinion, could be made in softer insulation, it is coarse due to the excess cross-section, which, however, is a plus for durability.
Disadvantages: The pedigree of this baby is felt immediately in everything, as soon as you take it out of the box. Excellent plastic, all joints fit perfectly with a light click. For a city apartment with rugs and carpets on the floors, the best solution, if only … the price does not confuse. But he cleans the carpets …! I never thought that after simple, even powerful vacuum cleaners, there is still so much left. And never mind the modest power numbers. He does not need it due to the high-speed electric brush at the suction. There are 4 wavy rows of bristles on the rotor of the brush. 2 in hard synthetic and 2 in soft composite. Therefore, it is suitable for any surface and bare floor. In storage mode, it does not underestimate much, even if not hidden in a closet, somewhere in the corner of the room, it does not spoil the view with its unusual design.

Delayed Neutron

Advantages: Compact, perfectly cleans carpets and animal hair, electric turbo brush.
Disadvantages: no automatic cord rewind (attached to the handle)
Disadvantages: Ideal for owners of cats and dogs, if there are carpets in the house, he will clean them beyond recognition and comb out all the hair, he also cleans the parquet well. The flask is easy and quick to clean.

Malichenko Yuri

Advantages: It takes up little space, an excellent turbo brush (there are 3 girls in the house, when it tightens the hair, then chops it), good power with the turbo brush turned on, it pulls everything out of the rugs (it feels like we will soon be left without them) there is an opportunity to buy a set of additional brushes and Vacuum the TV (LCD) window sills with a hose from the handle. Easy to operate. Build quality, materials.
Disadvantages: The turbo brush is large in size (it does not go anywhere), the turbo brush twists the pieces of paper, and an unpleasant sound is emitted, you have to stop, pull out the paper, otherwise it will not go into the flask itself. There is no power regulator and cord winding (although this is relative) but vacuum the curtains without a regulator in any way.
Disadvantages: I would recommend this vacuum cleaner to an apartment where there are a lot of carpets (the owner can fully enjoy them), I have few of them, but parquet and porcelain stoneware normally vacuum. I put 4 for pieces of paper that do not suck, but twist, sometimes small debris (husk of seeds ) until you put it under the brush and vacuum it.

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