ENDEVER Odyssey Q-410 / Q-411 / Q-412 / Q-413

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Characteristics ENDEVER Odyssey Q-410 / Q-411 / Q-412 / Q-413

General characteristics

A type steamer
Design manual
Power 800 watts
Steam temperature 98 ° C
Water tank 0.2 l
Water heating time 2 minutes
Working hours 20 minutes
Maximum steam supply 18 g / min
Body material plastic


Nozzles nozzle clamp, brush nozzle


Additional Information included: device for steaming the collar, cuffs, beaker

Reviews on ENDEVER Odyssey Q-410 / Q-411 / Q-412 / Q-413

Pluses: it is very convenient to steam jackets
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: I looked at the steamers for a long time. I decided not expensive to buy, to understand if I need him at all. Made the steamer is simple (like an electric kettle), I have blue 413. Water it is poured conveniently, from above, if there was not enough water, it can be easily add. 150ml of water is enough for two things. Uptime according to the instructions 20min. The handle does not heat up during operation. The steamer is not a replacement for iron (pastel linen, for example, torment soar), this is a great addition to the iron, for those things where the iron will only ruin everything. It smoothes out very well. jackets (and those that cannot be ironed), down jackets, raincoats, coats, thick knitwear (sweatshirts), knitted items, silk, jackets (creases on the back and sleeves). You can only steam hanging on a hanger things (only vertically). Still very well cleans the dark tiles on the wall of the kitchen. Paired-rubbed and everything shines. Satisfied with the purchase.

Nikitina Marina

Pluses: low price, ease of use, big jet couple.
Minuses: not found.
Minuses: I have been thinking about buying a steamer for a long time and decided still try. I was pleased with the decision, now the steamer helps me in everyday life, copes well with cleaning tissues, gently and gently removes impurities. Big jet of steam quickly removes dirt from tissue surfaces. Perfectly cleanses Stuffed Toys. Refueling is quick and easy.

Ryabova Julia

Advantages: Inexpensive, compact, easy to use
Minuses: Not much stuff
Disadvantages: I have long wanted a steamer for things. But not knew if I needed him at all or not. And spend a lot of money and so then he stood, did not want to. Therefore, I chose a cheaper model for “check”. To my surprise, it turned out to be a cool thing. Can easily to steam things, outerwear is good to refresh before the season. To me It’s very convenient to steam them curtains. Hung, walked quickly, where crumpled and all. Beauty. I sometimes steam them a mattress on the bed. Not I know how much it kills microbes, but I hope it helps)). how for me, there is a small minus – it quickly consumes water. If a many things, you need to constantly fill the water. But this is not critical. For such a price, the quality is excellent.

Netes Maria

Advantages: About three years serves faithfully. Quickly boils, lightweight, comfortable. Shirts, polos, jeans …- good; linen pants are perfect! I even tried to refresh the pillows, right.
Minuses: Full do not pour when using, only half! -so I began to use it six months after purchases. Price / quality = good. The last six months I began to use only at the minimum mark of water, otherwise, began to spit. Already a couple months began to leak … I will try another. Three years worked, the time has come … In the third year, power began to fall steam … always poured only filtered osmosis water. But the deadline Plastic service is very small.
Minuses: good

Petrov Vasily

Pluses: Has a spectacular appearance, a liquid volume of 200 ml, maximum temperature – 98 degrees, readiness time – just 2 minutes. The kit also has a device for steaming collar, cuff and measuring cup. Saves time.
Minuses: not yet
Minuses: Ironing is not such a quick concern. Time and forces are spent instantly, and in the morning before work they are not at all. So one day my wife bought this steamer ENDEVER Odyssey, which has become our salvation. Now laugh like earlier in the mornings they fought for a heavy slow iron, being late for work)

Snigirev evgeny

Advantages: compact, long cord, the most complex things possible smooth quickly and upright, enough volume for a few things (20 minutes), equipment
Disadvantages: Sometimes boiling water is sprayed with steam, but rarely
Disadvantages: The steamer quickly copes with its tasks. Compact in itself, convenient to use. I just don’t have it enough, because often there is a need to steam things in upright position. 200 ml is enough to steam a few things. There are 2 speeds. Included is a measured cup, brush-nozzle (for removing lint, stains, dust), device for steaming cuffs, collars, pockets, nozzle for pointing arrows on trousers. Convenient that there is a long cord. It’s possible to smooth out something complicated (curtains, collars, small pleats on the skirt).

Ermoshuk Anna

Advantages: – price – quality – does not leak, does not drip so, so that even in the shortcomings – enough steam for such a simple model – The displacement corresponds, 10-15 minutes will soar – a long cord
Minuses: All expectations were justified, the model matches opportunities
Disadvantages: Of course, it is rather weak for hard fabrics, but I and him I took it cheaply to check what he was doing. In general best option for price, quality. Well, a couple of simple shirts and blouses smooth out quickly for one refueling. Recommend.

Zarubin Alexey

Pluses: Compact, inexpensive, they can’t be ruined thing
Minuses: Low Power
Minuses: I did not expect anything special for 1100r, and expectations mine came true 🙂 Shirts, for example, it’s easier for me to iron than to stand 10 minutes with this thing. I use for pleated skirts and women’s jackets, one thing takes half the capacity of the steamer. I think I’ll soon change to something more powerful.

Martynova yulia

Advantages: For its price, a very good steamer: smooths wrinkled things well. Great for traveling.
Minuses: no heat protection gloves included

Egorycheva Irina

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