Vacuum cleaner Philips FC6400 Power Pro Aqua

Vacuum cleaner Philips FC6400 Power Pro Aqua

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Specifications Vacuum cleaner Philips FC6400 Power Pro Aqua

General characteristics

A type vertical
Cleaning dry and wet
Liquid collection function there is
Rechargeable Yes
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery life up to 30 min
Dust collector bagless (cyclone filter)
Power regulator not
Fine filter there is
Noise level 83 dBA


Nozzles included TriActive turbo, microfiber cloth


Opportunities vertical parking
Additional Information attachable 0.2 l container for wet cleaning with water or detergent

Reviews about Vacuum cleaner Philips FC6400 Power Pro Aqua

Advantages: the case is of good quality and the batteries are quite expensive. the suction power is higher than average compared to other vacuum cleaners. nice to work – everything is high quality in the details. and yes! yet it does the job – dust and even sand are sucked in. it is convenient to throw away dust and wash the filter.
Disadvantages: nevertheless, the power is at an average level – for a higher price category, more could be done. 6401 model is preferred. although the Philips service assured me that the power of the 6400 and 6400 models is the same ..
Disadvantages: I recommend using in MAX mode. take into account the difference between models 6400 and 6401 special measuring instruments. The 6401 has a more powerful motor type and the current is supplied 1.5 times more than the 6400. plus higher. voltage. corresponding power consumption is almost 2 times higher. and the corresponding suction power is about 1.5 times. but a higher noise.

Optic Fiber

Advantages: Wireless, wet cleaning, Li-Ion battery. Convenient and agree that everyone should have. Maybe, but shouldn't replace the main one. 30 minutes is enough for cleaning
Disadvantages: Not for this price !!!!
Disadvantages: Unfortunately, I am not its owner, since there is a Tefal mop (the same super). But Philips saw it work from friends who bought it for 17,000 thousand, and now it is less than 8. Give two !!!!!


Pluses: lightweight, compact, wireless, easy to clean
Disadvantages: pricey
Disadvantages: bought as a replacement for washing Thomas, copes with its task for 5+, very light and compact, battery charge lasts for 20-25 minutes, this is enough to vacuum a 2-room apartment, very easy to clean, I do not understand people who write, that over time the filter on the engine gets clogged and traction is lost …….. Wake up !! the filter is removed with one touch, washed under water, dries up and the vacuum cleaner sucks like new, even if you consider that it is torn or something else, the price of a new one is 800 rubles !!! as for wet cleaning, about the same as that of Thomas, only there water is supplied under pressure and sucked in along with dirt, then water is supplied to a rag that wipes the floor behind it. !!!! only Phillips is lighter, without a wire and 100 times easier to clean !! I used Thomas for 5 years, and doted on it, I was a big skeptic of vertical and battery vacuum cleaners, my wife persuaded to buy for 2 months, but the result was a pleasant surprise !!

Litvinenko Roman

Pluses: Wireless, convenient vertical parking, the possibility of wet cleaning
Disadvantages: The corners and joints between the wall and skirting boards are not vacuumed. It does not collect small pieces of boomvgi and large specks. Sand and pebbles that are scattered from ice in winter are not sucked in, but thrown back. Low suction capacity, permanently clogged filter. The price is unreasonably high.
Disadvantages: I bought it for daily cleaning. there is a small child in the house, scrapped crumbs from cookies and scraps of paper. The stroller is also in the apartment, even when using wheel covers, a little sand and stones get on the rug in the hallway. Disappointed, has difficulty cleaning up trash, sand and crumbs. Does not vacuum the corners and joints of furniture, does not fit under the bed and sofa. The apartment has only one rug at the front door with a smooth pile, it is cleaned by a full charge of the battery, and if you turn it off and inadvertently lift some of the garbage, it will dump it back. She saved herself by not turning off the button and carefully carrying the working vacuum cleaner into the bathtub, shaking it off there and then turning it off. In the nursery there is a soft puzzle mat, it was vacuumed well, but a rag for wet cleaning on it is useless. Does not wipe, slips and unfastens the container with water. Wet cleaning only on a smooth floor or laminate, in fact, carries debris to corners and walls and leaves. Then you still had to wash it by hand. Output. He's not worth his money. The wet cleaning function is useless. And with daily cleaning as an electric broom, the Chinese counterpart with Ali for 2500 rubles does an excellent job, it cleans even better. Thank God we got rid of it through the ad site.

Sit Lyudmila

Advantages: lightweight, powerful, polishing function, beautiful, agile
Disadvantages: Difficult to clean if clogged. does not collect large debris from 7-8mm, corners and near walls does not always collect, only if a cloth is worn.
Disadvantages: I use it for 2 months every day, that is, I have already cleaned it 60 times. a month later the pipe got clogged, but you can't get it out, it's just a minus, you can't get very far from the side of the brush. but my husband took off the filter and entered from the other side, tapped and cleaned it, and began to collect it normally again. When buying, I advise you to check the latches on the filter, and so that the store will show it how to assemble it. We gave the first one to my mother-in-law. everything is easily assembled without problems, and the latches and fasteners of the upper and lower parts. and a month later I bought it for myself, and it started, it did not twist to the end, and the lock on the filter on one side seemed to be without a spring. in general, I am very pleased with it, with a small child it is wonderful to clean the house and wash the floors at the same time in 15 minutes.

Gladkovskaya Natalia

Advantages: Must be present in every apartment! It can definitely replace a stationary vacuum cleaner. Point by point: 1) No wires 2) Long battery life 3) Excellent vacuum cleaner 4) Large dust collector 5) Washing 6) Compact
Disadvantages: I did not find any shortcomings after several months of operation
Disadvantages: I am very pleased with this model, I did not think that such cordless vacuum cleaners can cope with dirt and dust so well

Kushnarev Alexey

Pluses: Good vacuum cleaning of carpets. Lightweight, agile.
Disadvantages: Useless under skirting boards or low furniture, not enough in hard-to-reach places, scattered wheat – it collects somehow. After the first cleaning of the bin, dust began to collect in the middle section without falling down.
Disadvantages: Regretted the purchase on the third day.

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Pluses: Incredibly agile and easy to use. very light, even a child can easily handle it. Takes up little space, charging lasts for a long time, stands firmly upright. can be put in a corner and will not interfere with anyone. That's very convenient. it's wireless and easy to carry anywhere. Wet cleaning – gentle on linoleum and parquet.
Disadvantages: After a week of use – sand and small debris does not tighten if you lift it. then the sand spills out back when you remove the container with garbage, then due to its location the dirt spills out, some of the above the container remains in dust. Hair wrapped around a brush can be removed only by manually cutting it with scissors, which is a little disgusting to do.
Disadvantages: At the first use I was completely delighted – maneuverable, easy to turn, easy to vacuum the corners and under the sofa. My daughter, 6 years old, began to show great interest in cleaning and is happy to cope with it with the help of this vacuum cleaner. For daily maintenance of cleanliness, it is ideal, but for general cleaning, I would leave a more powerful and washing vacuum cleaner. This one has a washing function – it's just a mop function, that is, I stuck a cloth (included in the kit), I collected water in a special container and the vacuum cleaner first sweeps up dust and dirt, and then wipes the floor with a wet cloth, and then loosen it wet by hand too, which also unpleasant even with gloves. Convenient. when someone spilled something – quickly took it and removed it.

Chulanova Oksana

Advantages: Very lightweight, convenient, easy to operate and clean the container, no wires
Disadvantages: I would like the washing nozzle to be tightly attached to the base, otherwise wet cleaning, for example, under the bed, cannot be done, since the wheels of the vacuum cleaner slide off the nozzle when tilted, it only holds when the handle is vertical
Disadvantages: For me, women in a position, and even with a small child, this vacuum cleaner is just a godsend, it is very simple and quick to clean the apartment, without any effort, even with one hand, without dragging a huge bandura and without getting tangled up in wires. It copes well with different types of surfaces, we have tiles in the kitchen, parquet in the living room, and carpets in the bedrooms, and now everything is cleaned perfectly! It is very easy to empty a container of debris, without a dusty bag.

Alena Bogacheva

Advantages: Takes up little space, easy to operate, no wires.
Disadvantages: Inconvenient to use for cleaning in hard-to-reach places
Disadvantages: Convenient cordless vacuum cleaner with wet and dry functions. battery charge is enough for cleaning the entire apartment. During wet cleaning does not leave streaks and smudges. the filter is cleaned quickly and easily.

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