Venta lw25

Venta lw25

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Features Venta LW25

General characteristics

Appointment of the device air purification / humidification
Serviced Area 40 sq.m


Humidifier type traditional
Water tank capacity 7 l

Air cleaning

Air Purification Performance (CADR) 210 m3 / h
Filters water


Fan Speed ​​/ Intensity Adjustment vapor there is
Power supply net
Additional Information the ability to connect to hygrostat devices, 3 modes, noise level 25/37/42 dB


Control electronic
Indication low water level
Noise level 42 dB

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 300x330x300 mm
Weight 3.8 kg

Reviews for Venta LW25

Pluses: Convenience of pouring water
Minuses: Evaporates depending on the air temperature. At we are 21-22 degrees about a liter 2 per day. Of course basic humidity without this device we have 50-55 and the device itself gives about 60 – he measured it. So the efficiency of the humidifier and the sink small. In fact, with a slightly open balcony door and temperature 22 degrees and humidity 55 this device ineffective. If you take a rag from a bucket on the battery, then it evaporates 5 liters in 10 hours and stably increases by 5 percent humidity. I measured everything. I do not belong to such people who close windows bring home atmosphere to unthinkable 26 and more degrees and at the same time their humidity drops to 20, funny, and then heroically buy a humidifier and he brings them up to 40 percent) Kinky … So with normal ventilation and basic humidity 50 this device increases humidity by a maximum of 3-5 percent, but but it’s a guarantee against dry air. Of course, if you close the windows and increase the temperature then the efficiency will increase. Conducted an experiment and closed the door to the balcony the temperature rose to 24 evaporation on the minimum mode was 5 liters per day. Measured the difference in humidity on the device 60 percent, in a room near the opposite wall 55. Noisy at 2 and 3 speeds. People the most important advice you want increase humidity ventilate more often and dry clothes in the room a not in the bath. Remark about the allegedly first device inefficient and it takes a couple of days for items to gain moisture, la some objects absorb moisture but where? From the air, and there Does moisture get in? For example, immediately after washing, the hung laundry gives plus 10 percent moisture, tell me what’s the point moisture absorption by objects in the house? It all depends on the area evaporation and not from any objects that absorb it.

Khromov Alexey

Minuses: Noisy, bright light bulb, not enough humidifies the air. They bought Venta 45 for a room of 15 square meters. The manufacturer declares that it is suitable for rooms of 40 square meters, however, with the heat turned off and the doors and windows closed maximum mode, humidity barely reaches 35%. Besides of this, of course, its noise is unbearable and a rather bright indicator, which also prevents sleep at night. In short, I think that she does not have her money worth it. I’ll buy other appliances in other rooms.

Kurch leo

Pluses: Air quality in the apartment is better, cleaner. easier breathe, especially at night!
Minuses: Lack of 1 bottle with hygienic additive. ?????????
Disadvantages: If you are a decent and conscientious supplier, then Nuisance should provide me.

Sergey Ruchkin

Pluses: nothing
Disadvantages: it works for almost a month, as there was 25% humidity and 25% left! the consultant said that it takes 2-2.5 weeks to furniture and all that gained moisture / just the time so I couldn’t pass back goods.

Kolyavkin Alexey

Advantages: There are no advantages in cleaning and humidifying the air
Minuses: Completely does not purify the air, not able effectively moisten dry winter Siberian air, taking into account working radiators and 2-3 airings per day. Many its enumerated advantages, about what a good design or about how convenient it is to wash and disassemble it I consider insignificant, since what is the use of a household appliance that does not cope with its direct destination, but it is convenient to disassemble and wash, which in vain takes a place in the room, but has a good design?
Minuses: About the quality of “air wash”. Air wash is absent. It is calculated on 40 sq.m. It stands in a room of 12 sq.m. Differences in the deposition of dust on the surface using a sink and without it There is no use at all. The maximum that she can is suck in a small amount of dust within a radius of half a meter from yourself. Already after the purchase and perplexity from the lack of air washing, I saw in the program “Miracle of Technology” on NTV testing all kinds of devices for air cleaning, so here’s a sink of air with a similar the design also cleared almost nothing. About moisturizing air. Humidification is ineffective. The main parameter of the humidifier – this is how many ml of water it can evaporate in 1 hour. Examples about who has what and what was the relative humidity after the use of the humidifier is incorrect, since achieving this humidity depends on a huge number of parameters, like, for example, humidity in other rooms, and how often it opens the door to these other rooms, how often and for a long time you air, and what is the temperature and humidity at this moment on the street, how much heating radiators work, etc. Evaporates water it is a natural way, which means the evaporation rate depends on air temperature in the room. When recommended by sanitary norms of temperature at 22-23 degrees evaporation rate approximately the following: 1 speed – 130ml / hour 2 speed – 170ml / hour 3 speed – 250ml / hour Humidity above 40% for me practically did not rise, after a minute airing at -30 humidity dropped below 20% and rose to 40% hours 8-12. As a result, VENTA went into the pantry, and I bought the cheapest ultrasonic humidifier Chinese humidification rate 400ml / hour for 1800r. He doesn’t wash the air, as does VENTA, but moisturizes much more efficiently, working quieter than VENTA even on its 1st speed. Sorry for wasted money. I sold it on Avito for the same 10,000r that I bought – good, they went up. Crossed. Chinese works flawlessly.

Maria Vlasova

Disadvantages: for more than 20 thousand you get a basin of water, a drum rotating in a basin and a fan that blows on this drum. Literally. The fan is noisy, just like a regular fan. There are two speed modes, when spinning fast – it makes a loud noise. The design is extremely simple, but it works more or less tolerably. Are you ready to give such an amount for a basin with a fan, decide you.

Golubev Sergey

Pluses: No
Minuses: Air does not moisturize at all. Cleaning function too doubtful.

Zhuravlev Vitaliy

Minuses: I have been using it for several years, the room is 18 meters, the ceilings under 3 meters – in the heating season at a temperature in the room 22-23 degrees raises humidity from 22% to 29%. Summer change humidity on the hygrometer is almost not noticeable, since the windows are open. A full tank of water (~ 7 liters?) Evaporates per day. Feels like humidification is not felt. Although there is a lot of dust in the room, residual water in the device is almost transparent, which allows doubt the ability of this unit to act as a “sink air. “Extremely simplistic (albeit quality) penny execution. I bought when the dollar was worth 30 rubles, for 15,000 p., This was about $ 500 – a prohibitive price for the trough with a fan. Now the price in dollars has fallen to 250, but also is, in my opinion, overpriced every 5th.

Zemskov Dmitry

Pluses: not found.
Minuses: No air purification: just bring Bright directional light and look at the stream of dust at the exit. Statements by the manufacturer regarding the removal of allergens, odors, etc., quite obviously – a blatant lie. Humidification efficiency is low: in winter (without a humidifier, relative humidity of about 30%) for a room of 15 m2 maximum humidity attainable at 2nd blowing speed at closed window panes – 38%. At night, you can use it only on the 1st speed due to noise. Non-separable drum design, due to what makes it difficult to wash. Very high, considering the primitive designs, price.

setup io

Pluses: excellently humidifies the air in the room, noticeable result in 2-3 days. Use month
Minuses: No deficiencies found yet

Prasolova Tatyana

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