Vacuum cleaner VITEK VT-8103

Vacuum cleaner VITEK VT-8103

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characteristics Vacuum cleaner VITEK VT-8103

General characteristics

A type vertical
Cleaning dry
Power consumption 1800 watts
Suction power 350 watts
Dust collector bagless (cyclone filter), 0.50 l capacity
Power regulator not
Filtration stages 4
Power cord length 6 m

Dimensions and weight

Weight 2.9 kg


Opportunities the ability to connect an electric brush, vertical parking

Reviews about Vacuum cleaner VITEK VT-8103

Advantages: Convenient to use – lightweight, maneuverable, easily disassembled and assembled, rather compact – stands in the corner, does not interfere. Low price – already paid for itself.
Disadvantages: no
Disadvantages: The vacuum cleaner fully met my expectations. Suitable for light daily cleaning, picks up fibers, sand, crumbs from carpet and linoleum. There is enough power. Maneuverable, easily disassembled, assembled, the cord is enough for a small room, it stands in the corner without taking up much space. It is not suitable for general cleaning, there are no additional attachments, it will not crawl under a sofa or bed. I pursued other goals and am very satisfied with the quality of the cleaning.


Pluses: Powerful, lightweight, easy to clean.
Disadvantages: Not revealed for 5 times 🙂

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Advantages: Price, weight, convenience, time and quality of cleaning, design, build quality, way of folding the cord, the process of pulling out and cleaning the tube from dust and dirt, saves space during storage.
Disadvantages: it may make a little noise, but I have lost the habit of vacuuming)
Disadvantages: We bought this vacuum cleaner, since it has not been in the house for 5 years, and I clean it quite often, I love cleanliness. Previously, they helped friends by helping out with their pet. Cleaning was hell to me as a cleanliness maniac. As a result, after a while I thought about a vacuum cleaner, although there are no carpets or animals in the apartment, as well as children so far. We plan to expand and possibly have a pet in the future. I thought in advance which one to take, so that even in the position of cleaning it would not be a burden and I would hardly have to bend over, with my height of 172 cm. I approached this issue meticulously, read reviews and looked at different models. Satisfied with the price, weight, quality, reviews on the website, firm, design, no bags, compactness of the device and dimensions for easy movement and storage. Noise, well, it's like everywhere else at full power, there are no modes here. The thoughtful question of how to roll the cord is convenient. After a couple of cleanings, I take out the flask and rinse everything, throw dust and dirt into the garbage bag, everything about everything about 5 minutes goes away. For the purpose of high-quality vacuuming with good power, cleaning has become a joy. It performs all its tasks, I do not find fault with things, I am happy with it for a small amount. We took from a friend a vertical vacuum cleaner on a battery for a test. I really wanted without a cord! But, having tried it in practice, I finally realized that it was not an option. Two modes (medium and maximum), on average it does not suck everything in, crumbs remain, a nightmare, there are enough minutes for 30 minutes, then it charges for 8 hours, that's all the entertainment, the guard. It costs 12,000 at a discount, weighs a lot, the tube is even larger, there is an aqua function. Complete delirium-planted a rag and water is supplied from the container on the nozzle. Hmm. Easier and faster with a mop. As a result, the option for unhurried high-quality cleaning needed a vacuum cleaner only from the network, it has good power here, without an aqua function, sense of 0, and the overpayment is decent, the weight is lighter, the price is lower. I found all my Wishlist in this vacuum cleaner. I advise it all to my family and friends, once again I am happy as an elephant. Fast without noise and dust)

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Pluses: Compact. Suction power. Ease of service. Price.
Disadvantages: Good job only in areas. There is no narrow nozzle. The assembly of the vacuum cleaner raises complaints – I had to take a screwdriver after I noticed a non-rotating roller on the brush. I wish I knew that these problems are only outside … I removed the visible in 5 minutes – I tightened all the screws.
Disadvantages: Satisfied, although doubts about the build quality. If I pressed the body parts, then I don’t know what could be inside – I didn’t climb. Generally satisfied. Buy – forewarned is forearmed.

Alexey Politaev

Advantages: 1) Sucks in and picks up the garbage with an electric brush in one pass, both on the floor and on carpets, and there is no need to re-crawl over the same place; 2) Placed vertically during a pause in cleaning; 3) The time for cleaning, unlike a conventional vacuum cleaner, is greatly reduced; 4) Can be dropped, will not break – the center of mass is below; 5) No smell of dust after cleaning; 6) For the entire working cycle, from connecting to an outlet, ending with removal, cleaning and washing of the container – NOT A SINGLE TILT!
Disadvantages: 1) The length of the cord is not 6 meters but 5; 2) Disassembly is quite simple, but the ease of assembly – you need to get used to it, get an eye on it, looks a little like assembling a kitchen harvester after washing; 3) I still have 2 regular vacuum cleaners. Where to put them now – I don't know!
Disadvantages: I don't understand who wrote that it is not suitable for carpets. I just clean the carpets for them – perfect! The vacuum cleaner will be especially useful for owners of cats. After cleaning, I remove the container, shake it out into the toilet, rinse it under water, wash the filter under the stream and dry it. Sometimes I look under the brush to see if the fur is wound. All these shenanigans are done quickly and easily. As for the noise, I don't notice it, and what's the difference if the cleaning time for one room is 1-2 minutes. By the way, I bought the first one as a gift, I’m buying the second one for myself.

Adel Sultanovich

Advantages: price
Disadvantages: 1. Doesn't suck 2. Can't vacuum under furniture 3. Care recommendation – clean the dust container after each use. It takes about 15 minutes, long
Disadvantages: The vacuum cleaner is weak. With the brush removed from a distance of 3-5 centimeters, I could not suck in construction dust (from drilling a gas block). I could not get closer or with a brush because of the bulky motor. At the same time, “for delivery” (outgoing air) works very strongly. The same dust was blown off “with a bang.”

Androsov Grigory

Advantages: Suction power is comparable and even higher than standard wired vacuum cleaners. Excellent cleaning of carpets and carpets.
Disadvantages: The wire is too short – in fact, there is no 6 meters. Does not crawl under legs up to about 20 cm high.
Disadvantages: Great for cleaning carpets and removing dog hair from them. I did not know before that there can be so much dust in the carpet, which can also be sucked in. Stands well upright in the corner. The dust container and all filters can even be WASHED! since

Gordeev Pavel

Advantages: The price of an electric brush Takes up little space and time for cleaning
Disadvantages: cord, but this nitpicking for such a price did not find a competitor
Disadvantages: Fully met all my expectations. I would like to compare head to head with Dyson and soon I will do it). All the best that is in a modern upright vacuum cleaner was pushed here. There is enough power. The electric brush does everything – picks up the debris, and the vacuum cleaner can only breathe. I never thought that the quality of cleaning would depend not on engine power, but on technology. After such a vacuum cleaner, you don't even want to look at an ordinary one.

Fokin Mikhail

Advantages: power
Disadvantages: the wire is short
Disadvantages: Would it be wireless

Karapetov Artur

Pluses: Super power for upright vacuum cleaner; maneuverability; there are rubber pads on the element that is in contact with the floor (as a result, the vacuum cleaner does not make noise if it touches furniture legs and corners); it is convenient to shake out the dust; long cord; no plastic smell; reliable build
Disadvantages: Appearance, but a matter of taste
Disadvantages: We have a large dog and cat, so we have to clean the hair quite often. How I lived without this vacuum cleaner before – I don’t want to remember. It collects dust and wool perfectly, very powerful (it can suck in wires, a small rug tears off the floor). I used another vertical vacuum cleaner before it, but there were many disappointments: the roar of the brush on the laminate and tiles, when it touches the furniture legs (everything is smooth here in this regard), there was not enough power to quickly remove all the dust, and a very important point – – the length of the cord. In this vacuum cleaner, the cord is 6 meters, and it is very convenient, you do not need to constantly switch between the sockets. In general, every day now I clean the apartment and enjoy the easy and quick cleanliness. Yes, this model will not remove dust under the sofa and low furniture, but for the task of “daily express cleaning of dust from the floor” this is a cool option. Recommend.

Teterkina Ekaterina

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