Vacuum cleaner Scarlett SC-VC80H03

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Specifications Vacuum cleaner Scarlett SC-VC80H03

General characteristics

A type vertical
Cleaning dry
Rechargeable Yes
Battery type Nimh
Battery life up to 20 min
Dust collector bagless (cyclone filter), 0.50 L capacity
Power regulator not


Electric brush included Yes
Nozzles included furniture brush; crevice

Dimensions and weight

Vacuum cleaner dimensions (WxDxH) 28x15x110 cm
Weight 1.8 kg


Opportunities the ability to connect an electric brush
Additional Information operation and battery indicator; special stand for vacuum cleaner storage and charging

Reviews on Scarlett Vacuum Cleaner SC-VC80H03

Pluses: not loud
Disadvantages: not enough power sucks garbage badly
Minuses: beautiful design

Abramova Marina

Pluses: Wireless
Minuses: It takes a long time to charge, it sounds like a plane on takeoff. Sucks weakly.
Minuses: Convenient thing. It would seem with such a thrust he would useless, but in combination with a motorized brush it collects a lot garbage. So it performs its function at 5.

Zakharov Yuri

Pluses: + wireless + convenient dust bag + can disconnect and use as a manual vacuum cleaner
Disadvantages: – very low suction power, I brush I sweep more thoroughly, even if you pour some flour and try to vacuum, 30% of it will remain in place, therefore to hope that the floor remains clean from dust or, God forbid, small particles or shreds are useless. Maybe suitable for those who manically vacuums every day for 3 times. – Charges 8 hours, if not more, but enough for 40 minutes – completely uncomfortable base, figs get into it, you have to hold the base with your foot and carefully getting caught by the connector is completely uncomfortable
Disadvantages: I hoped that such vacuum cleaners could at least something but made sure that taking them is especially useless, just a toy, for that the price you can buy a great high-grade vacuum cleaner.

Chairullin Raul

Advantages: Lightweight, easy to operate, easy to remove and the working part is put back, it is easy to vacuum in the car. Sufficient battery life.
Disadvantages: Specific Chinese build quality. Execution in one brown color. Uncomfortable to put on the base. Weak suction power.
Minuses: My honest review – as it is. Honest threefold. Have bought this gadget (at the insistence of the wife of course) as an alternative ordinary vacuum cleaner, for quick cleaning of small debris in the form of crumbs, dust, etc. But unfortunately, all the efficiency is “eaten up” the duration of the cart with this vacuum cleaner, one and the same the place. I took off the turbo brush almost immediately, because its effectiveness under a question. A small carnation this vacuum cleaner will not pick up for sure. Often you have to remove the working insert and suck it in precisely leftovers. It’s convenient to drill walls at home so that the dust does not fly down, conveniently vacuum the car. Purely technically, the manufacturer could to put a larger impeller of the suction turbine, it costs absolutely toy. Thus, the suction power would increase, well, a little less battery would work. But buying this vacuum cleaner you count for speed and efficiency, and not for cleaning all day. Staging it’s difficult to do the “base” in one movement, you have to keep it, something to put normal. The quality of all connections where it should being everything tight and tight I also doubt, apparently that’s why it is best to vacuum the most removable working part. My conclusion: if anyone wants to replace an ordinary vacuum cleaner with this, then not even think about it !!!

User deleted

Pluses: lightweight, comfortable, value for money ideally. the battery lasts for 3 cleaning kopecks.
Disadvantages: it is not very convenient to put on the base. the first time not put on.
Disadvantages: overall very happy with the purchase


Minuses: From the pros: live color looks much nicer! Not wires, runs on charge. Do not bend down. Light weight. Can be turned into manual. Of the minuses: not too powerful, although with cleaning up well. But at my place it’s especially dirty and not it happens only if the wool and thread on the carpets. But who severe cases – there may not be able to cope.

Larin Igor

Advantages: powerful, convenient and maneuverable, lightweight, compact, 2 in 1 (manual included), wireless, nice appearance. real color bronze metallic (but in the photo of the manufacturer he for some reason matte and homemade colors = /)
Disadvantages: in order to put it on the base, you must hold it with your foot. figs you will get the first time (with us he is always in the pantry on in one place, so we fixed the base on our own – nakolhozili shorter. noisy work. but this is me finding fault already. I have in principle there were no noiseless vacuum cleaners and for me the noise at work is not critical. noise like everyone else. I don’t know if it is possible at all quiet operation with this design. blue LED on movable a brush that shines straight into your eyes when the vacuum cleaner starts working. nafig need it and did not understand. like backlight when cleaning in a darkened room cannot be used, but annoying. but that too nit-picking, if it is not needed, can be sealed with a piece of dense electrical tape or paint over a drop of nail polish so that the appearance does not spoil (but when it comes down to the warranty, naturally)
Disadvantages: The model is very good and comfortable in principle. For 4 mowing one hundred percent justifies itself. Vacuum cleaner in constant combat readiness is especially valuable if there are small children who constantly spread the apartment and littered with crumbs from cookies))) The lack of wires is a huge plus. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Can to take to the street and walk around the cabin of the car after the same children – a plus. Two nozzles are included: a crevice tool and a furniture brush. Power the vacuum cleaner is good. Here is the filter, yes, you need to wash it with a toothbrush)) enough for 20min cleaning. As a rule, it lasts several times less) Some wrote on the forums to the same electric brooms saying “Cho is for a vacuum cleaner 20min everything works … “. Then I just wanted to buy such and the specialist noticed work with the wire in apartment 75 meters – 8 minutes for 3 rooms and a kitchen, provided that everywhere the tiles and laminate, we do not have carpets. I can’t say how he behaves with carpets, as nowhere to protest. On the forums they write that he coping. The vacuum cleaner in the box weighs only 2 kg, it lies there disassembled into 3 parts, so the box itself is only 60cm tall and very compact, has a plastic handle. It’s me that in the store you can pick it yourself up and take it to the public transport or car. I didn’t know this, I thought that he wasn’t understands and ordered delivery for 400r (My personal impression of it’s very pleasant, because with it the cleaning has become some kind of easy chtoli. I don’t know how to explain, but the lack of wire, which must be pulled or switched from socket to socket, decides. We just have a country house and there we had to reconnect wired anyway, but this one took and went)) Not even laziness and not breaking off chtoli) Koroch recommend to buy, if described flaws do not bother.

Emmer Helena

Pluses: No wires. You can vacuum, both at home and in the car. It is convenient to remove and wash the filter.
Minuses: Not the best option for carpets, although there is a turbo brush.
Minuses: The overall impression is positive. Without wires you feel more freedom. Vacuum wherever you want. The only thing whom a large apartment and a lot of carpets, I do not advise. Enough charge for 20 minutes.

Muleronko Roman

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