Vacuum cleaner Philips FC7088 AquaTrio Pro

Vacuum cleaner Philips FC7088 AquaTrio Pro

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Specifications Vacuum cleaner Philips FC7088 AquaTrio Pro

General characteristics

A type vertical
Cleaning dry and wet
Power consumption 500 watts
Dust collector bagless (cyclone filter), 0.65 l capacity
Power regulator not
Fine filter there is
Power cord length 8 m


Nozzles included 2 rotating microfiber brushes

Dimensions and weight

Vacuum cleaner dimensions (WxDxH) 32×30.5×115 cm
Weight 6.7 kg


Opportunities the ability to connect an electric brush
Additional Information radius of action 9.5m; the possibility of using detergents; tank capacity for dirty water 0.8l; any detergent or clean water can be used

Reviews about Vacuum cleaner Philips FC7088 AquaTrio Pro

Advantages: Washes well, sucks hair into the container.
Disadvantages: Regular replacement of brushes. Dragging cord on the floor. Limited space for cleaning the surface. It will not be possible to remove it near the plinth / walls, since the body will not allow this to be done.
Disadvantages: I purchased this mop in 2016 in the month of November. A week after operation, when using for about 10-15 minutes, the indicator of stuck in the brushes came on! By phone, technical support answered that hair was wound on the brushes. Although there was no hair wound! We were taken to a service center. When diagnosing breakdowns, it was not revealed. I had to operate it as it is. Because it was impossible to prove that it turns off as if overheating after about 10-15 minutes of continuous cleaning of the floor. I had to give her a rest, then she turned on again as if nothing had happened. For some time it was not exploited, it did without it. Taking it out again, she did not turn on at all! 2 red indicators lit up when pressing the wash button! I took it to the service center on 12/05/2017. We carried out warranty repairs and issued the goods on 01/09/2018. Replaced Brush coupling assy, ​​Drive train assy. Dabrav from the service center and tied home when using, I saw that it began to work even louder, and besides, wash with stains. With copious streaks of water. I made another request to the service center, firstly, not all the bolts were fastened after the repair, I made a video of how it washes, a photo. They offered to bring it back for repairs. Due to the fact that the device is not quite light and still needs to be transported far, it was not possible to immediately take it. I took it on 02/14/2018, and on 02/19/2018 an SMS came to me to pick up the device. They issued an act stating that there is a malfunction, but they will not do it under warranty. When I got to know the hotline again, they answered me that they were removing the guarantee, since I did not use the mop in their opinion correctly. The container is supposedly dirty to the point that I brought it with dirty water) the service center sent them photographs-photo reports to whitewash themselves, they themselves washed the floors with my mop and sent the container with dirty water) scuffs on the case, a chip on the handle) supposedly brushes are outdated) although I purchased them in November 2017! And in view of the fact that the device did not work with them (brushes) did not use. Found a reason not to carry out any more service repairs under warranty. In general, they gave my poor beauty all dirty. In sand. And still not done. The sediment is huge. I don't even want to get involved with them anymore. And Phillips is not interested in its customers.

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Pluses: Good quality of cleaning. Reduced cleaning time as you don't need to sweep or vacuum before mopping.
Disadvantages: I bought this model of a vacuum cleaner in April 2016. In August 2017, the vacuum cleaner broke down during the next cleaning: the head of the vacuum cleaner, in which there are rotating replaceable brushes, fell off. I took it a couple of days after the breakdown to an authorized Philips service center. Phillips acknowledged this failure as a non-warranty case. On September 13, 2017, he sent a claim for pre-trial settlement of the dispute. Now I'm waiting for an answer. Before that, there was another minor breakdown: the retainer on the clean water tank fell off. Repaired myself with glue-seconds.
Disadvantages: I purchased a vacuum cleaner on April 30, 2016 for 34,999 rubles. During use, I had to change two sets of brushes + 4,000 rubles. In the reviews, I also found the cost of such a repair (the brush fell off) = 11,000 rubles. The cost of owning a vacuum cleaner (39,000 rubles / 15) + 11,000 = 3,333 rubles. per month. Correctly someone here noticed that it is cheaper to hire a cleaning lady for that kind of money. A vacuum cleaner is not worth the money spent on it. The design is flimsy and short-lived. Plus nerves and money in connection with an attempt to repair the vacuum cleaner under warranty.

Zhukov Denis

Pluses: Washes well from the first pass. Easy enough to clean it.
Disadvantages: Leaves an unwashed area along the wall. the brush is much narrower than the body. The supply and reception tanks are too small.
Disadvantages: Played around and sold successfully. Better to mop, less hassle. Maybe for huge areas this is a way out, but for an ordinary apartment there is more noise.


Pluses: A great option if there are no carpets at all, only tiles and laminate.
Disadvantages: Leaves a streak. Doesn't remove linoleum. The most important thing is that it broke down the next year after the end of the warranty, and the most expensive unit was the engine. Hence the conclusion – the engines in this model are bad, with defects.
Disadvantages: If not for the breakdown, in general, I would be pleased.

Mityukov Andrey

Advantages: I liked the fact that the idea is good and, when the vacuum cleaner works, it really makes life easier. For a mother with many children, this was salvation
Disadvantages: Products are of poor quality. The cover is fastened with a thin plastic pin. After 4 months of daily use, the mount broke. The service said that it was not a warranty case, they refused to repair it, they made me pay for the diagnosis. The cost of the repair was not announced. They got nasty. As a result, after an altercation, they said that the part was not supplied to Russia. Those. now a vacuum cleaner for more than 30 thousand can be thrown away. The cost of using 8 thousand per month. It's cheaper to hire a cleaning lady.
Disadvantages: In general, idea is 5, execution 2. And work with your service people. You can't work with clients like that. I will write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor


Advantages: All disadvantages can be forgiven for the sake of the cleanliness that this unit gives
Disadvantages: Broken. Dozens of users have broken the neck of the lower platform to the handle. No matter what, but repair is impossible in principle! 30k in a bucket, just nonsense. Neither warranty, nor paid, nor any. In the urn

Ogy Igor

Advantages: Does not require pre-cleaning of dust before washing the floor. Washes pretty clean.
Disadvantages: Very weak plastic on the critical joint of the handle and brushes! Slightly turned sideways, and this is inevitable, the plastics breaks. Repair costs a lot of money. This is intentional. It was possible to pick up the plastic stronger. Scam! A tiny neck at the part, on which a movable brush mechanism is attached, which develops 6500 rpm. Exactly, a scam. A competent engineer will not allow himself such nasty things. Clearly deliberate idea.
Disadvantages: The overall impression is good, but not knowing the disadvantages, you can soon be disappointed. Either work sooo gently with him, not allowing the children to vacuum, or prepare money …

Nevolin Evgeny

Advantages: Ease of use, tiles and laminate floors are cleaned dry, even a child was happy to clean. Removable containers, rinsed and that's it.
Disadvantages: I bought it on pre-order, worked for 3 years and turned off. Quite an expensive thing and so little exploited. Earlier we bought spare brushes, constantly washed and looked after, nothing helped. The plastic fell off in the handle and the start stopped working, it was repaired by ourselves, then the brushes stopped rotating, they had to be turned manually for about 20 minutes for a long time and tediously to start, otherwise it simply turns off. It turns out that in order to get out, you need to spend more time to start the vacuum cleaner in work.
Disadvantages: Extremely disappointed. It's a pity that I worked so little.

Borisova Natalia

Advantages: With this model, the main type of floor cleaning in an apartment (with two cats!) Is not dry, but high-quality wet cleaning! In 10-15 minutes, 40 m2 of floor in the apartment is washed to shine!
Disadvantages: When buying, please note: the vacuum cleaner is suitable only for cleaning floors, not intended for carpets and furniture! SLICY PLASTIC! SERVICE IN RF – VERY EXPENSIVE! The containers have flimsy blue clips and the plastic clips themselves. On the lower one – almost immediately after the purchase, the fastening pin broke, on the upper one – the plastic latches broke, so the blue clip now hangs just for show. For a year and a half of use (the official guarantee is 24 months): I had to change the glass for the detergent, it just fell apart into 2 components (3200 rubles!), After that the pin connecting the lower platform and the upper hinged cover fell off. THE MANUFACTURER STATES THAT THIS IS NOT A WARRANTY CASE! The repair implies a complete replacement of the lower platform (11 200 rubles !!!).
Disadvantages: This vacuum cleaner, alas, is so far the only more or less high-quality offer on the market regarding wet cleaning of the floor in the apartment. The main advantage is the presence of rotating polishing brushes, which ensure not only the suction of debris, but also the simultaneous washing of the floor with clean water, and the dirty water is immediately sucked into the collection glass! There is a clear advantage over existing steam mops, robotic washing vacuum cleaners and other models of washing vacuum cleaners. Plus – the design and functionality are thought out to the smallest detail, the vacuum cleaner is very convenient for me to use.

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Pluses: Wet floor cleaning. Very clean!
Disadvantages: cord. the cord is on the floor, not in the vacuum cleaner ((
Disadvantages: I like it!

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