Timberk TAP FL150 SF

Timberk TAP FL150 SF

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Specifications Timberk TAP FL150 SF

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air cleaning
Power consumption 60 watts

Air cleaning

Air cleaning performance (CADR) 238 cbm / h
Filters HEPA filter, photocatalytic


Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
ultraviolet lamp there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net
Additional Information off timer up to 24 hours (in 1 hour increments)


Control electronic, display, timer
Wi-Fi not
Bluetooth not
Indication filter contamination

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 176x647x224 mm
Weight 4.27 kg

Timberk TAP FL150 SF reviews

Disadvantages: they took him to a small production room, where he had to work for almost days, and naturally everyone suffered from dust. The cleaner made life much easier for us, firstly, there was much less dust, even the cleaning lady noticed it, the smell in the room became different, more monotonous and less harsh. In the evening and at night, we turn on the night mode so that it does not interfere with kimar and simply does not bore you with lighting and noise. They read about it on the Internet about excessive noise, but in practice they did not find anything uncomfortable, if you do not turn on the maximum intensity, then the noise level is adequate. We have been using it for 5 months and are completely satisfied.

Malyshkin Artem

Advantages: Quickly cleans the air in the apartment, a convenient indicator of filter pollution.
Disadvantages: Noises during operation, it is better not to turn it on at night.
Disadvantages: I have a strong allergy to pollen, so an air purifier is a must. This model coped with the task perfectly, in the summer the air in the apartment is clean and fresh, now you do not need to constantly clean up.

Kareva Anastasia

Advantages: good technical characteristics and true
Disadvantages: a little noisy, but bearable
Disadvantages: I bought recently, I wanted this technique to somehow prove itself until the moment the child appeared in the house, especially since I am allergic and the air purification was recommended by a doctor. In terms of technical parameters, the husband here praised the presence of a filter clogging indicator, the presence of a night mode, a timer, operating power and, at the same time, low energy consumption. It “serves” our 42 squares perfectly, it really became easier to breathe in the apartment, I easily figured out the instructions, in fact, while I was suffering from allergies (early August), it worked constantly, now I start it only during the day. They often write that such devices dry the air, but I did not notice this.

Liana Sedunkova

Pluses: Compact, convenient, cleans.
Disadvantages: Began to hum in a month at first speed like a transformer.

Popov Sergey

Pluses: Quiet
Disadvantages: After 5 months. the 2nd speed stopped turning on!
Disadvantages: I do not recommend it!

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: It cleans the air well from dust and odors. Compact, no need to change filters, just vacuum.
Disadvantages: Burned out on the second day of work. With smoke and noise !!
Disadvantages: We left to work on the timer for the night. We woke up from the smell of burning and from the noise as if an industrial transformer was working. The device was already in standby mode, but it hummed horribly and smoked.

Kuznetsov Alexander

Advantages: Easy to use and clean the filter.
Disadvantages: no
Disadvantages: After several stages of repairs in the apartment, I bought myself an air cleaner. A very useful thing for opponents of dust. It is convenient to use, it is not at all difficult to get filters. It looks pretty, the interior does not spoil, I forgot about the dust. The device is excellent, and if you add your favorite aroma, for example, essential oil, then the air aroma will also completely replace.

Zhdanova Anastasia

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