Tefal TY8875RO

Tefal TY8875RO

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Specifications Tefal TY8875RO

General characteristics

A type vertical
Cleaning dry
Rechargeable Yes
Battery type Li-ion
Battery life up to 55 min
Charging time 360 min
Power consumption 110 watts
Dust collector bagless (cyclone filter), 0.50 L capacity
Power regulator on the handle
Fine filter there is
Noise level 82 dB


Turbo brush included there is
Nozzles included triangular Delta Vision with LED backlight

Dimensions and weight

Weight 3. 4 kg


Opportunities vertical parking
Additional Information operating time indicator; voltage 25V

Tefal TY8875RO Reviews

Pluses: maneuverable, easy to turn on any trajectories. I have 4 fluffy cats, the wool is boiling fine, part of wound on a brush, but it is very easy to remove and clean. Now I practically do not use other vacuum cleaners, but there is a robot and washing.
Minuses: I miss the crevice brush. A bit heavy on a flat surface is not important, but vacuum the stairs hard.

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Pluses: Convenience. For a lazy bachelor, that’s the thing. dignity that it is autonomous, without wire, just carry it by floor, mainly for small-scale garbage collection, as well as in the autumn-winter period to clean in the hallway when you take off your shoes. Delta brush is very comfortable
Minuses: A bit heavy
Minuses: This is my second vacuum cleaner of this company, the first was simpler, I gave it to my parents after a year of use, and took it to myself more powerful, because it justifies.

Baranov Sergey

Pluses: Honestly, I don’t see any advantages … Unless wireless
Disadvantages: This whole electric broom is one drawback, more in comments
Disadvantages: In general, the most disappointing purchase in recent several years … I bought through the official Tefal website If think about purchasing this electrobroom remember this is NOT VACUUM CLEANER 1. No power. Broke a wine glass, not a single fragment the “vacuum cleaner” did not lift and with its brush only threw glass around the kitchen. 2. Blowing is very strong and sideways (that is, if you tilt the vacuum cleaner to the right, then all the dust, etc., swells around the room). 3.It discharges a little and the thrust drops noticeably. 4. After a month and a half of use has ceased to stand itself, falls, has to rely on the wall. 5. They can’t get under the sofa in any way, and this despite the fact that the sofa rather tall. 6. After 2 months, the pen began to shock. IN overall one disappointment.

Burdel Mikhail

Advantages: Two years warranty, working time, maneuverability, suction power is not satisfactory
Minuses: Price and corrugated hose
Minuses: Rolling under the furniture, this “electric broom” goes over almost to horizontal position. It causes a stretch corrugated hose. Its length is small, about 10cm, and it is in very the moving place of the device, where the turbo brush is connected to the housing. The first time the corrugated hose burst after 8 months. (TOP result vertical bend) Repair in 45 days. not implemented and issued new. (Mvideo) After 1 year and 7 months. the second also happened gap. (Identical) 01/20/17 there is a term in repair second device. Change the device or corrugated hose is still unknown. By the way, the manufacturer changed the shape of the corrugation and made it square in cross section. Will this help? Time will tell

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Pluses: Convenient electric broom
Minuses: weight, noise
Disadvantages: For those who choose it will be useful to know what weight the device is decent and you can’t definitely call it light. When i read reviews, then imbued with noiselessness, light weight and power. Someone He wrote that he vacuumed at night in the apartment, it was noisy for night cleaning. Sufficient power, consistent with declared, excellent fulfills on any surface (carpets, tiles and array). On a tile it is better to vacuum at medium power, in in other cases, it either scatters or skips. Generally the vacuum cleaner will not replace, but in theory it should not, but otherwise wonderful electrical technician.

Macedonian Alexander

Advantages: Maneuverable, without a cord, without a bag, not noisy
Minuses: no crevice for crevices
Disadvantages: The house has three children and that’s it. Permanent crumbs, trash, sand, etc. With this vacuum cleaner all this is cleaned for a few minutes. I am delighted with him. Cleans quickly, not heavy, the second time I got used to the weight of the vacuum cleaner. Late at night i can vacuum them without fear that children wake up – compared to with ordinary vacuum cleaners is just a fairy tale 🙂 I also like the backlight – everything is visible 🙂 The only drawback is that it cannot be removed in the cracks – under sofa (if low) between the battery and the wall, but I hope the manufacturer will soon release additional brushes for it. Of the slots, of course, you can vacuum if you remove the turbo brush, but this I feel uncomfortable. By the way, it’s a good idea to vacuum a carpet with a different pile, just need to vacuum at a second speed. After a month of use noticed that she stopped yelling at the children when they once again scatter something – vacuum everything quickly and again purely. The general impression is a great vacuum cleaner!

Sidorova Anastasia

Advantages: 1. Powerful 2. Li-ion battery 3. Very convenient empty the container (literally with one hand) 4. Convenient to clean filter 5. There is a backlight, literally every speck of dust is visible 6. Long working time without recharging, I charge once a week, I clean every day 7. Spacious container
Disadvantages: they are not, this is the best I’ve seen
Disadvantages: high-grade vacuum cleaner, no wires, very long time you can carry out cleaning without recharging, incredibly comfortable corner brush, backlight. In my house it’s just lifesaver. I recommend to everyone

vio vio

Pluses: Comfortable, beautiful, indispensable.
Disadvantages: For myself, I did not find them.
Disadvantages: I, like many, always focus on reviews and very grateful to the people who leave them, they are always very help. I decided to give the same to my parents, went in and looked, that there are very few reviews about him, maybe my one will help someone to do own choice. I own this miracle for more than a year, when I bought, it was only two points of sale, now it’s straight my pride. We have everywhere light laminate, the dog has white coat that is not visible when ordinary light, and here comes the “night” and the backlight appears, which incredibly helps. As written earlier in the review, I also I prefer to turn off the lights and quickly walk around the apartment. I don’t feel burden for myself, as others wrote, it’s very convenient to hold by the handle. Charging for me is enough for almost two weeks, when cleaning every other day, or even every day, two-room apartment, normal footage, each cleaning takes no more than 7 minutes. From myself I can also advise this vacuum cleaner and definitely until you try it yourself, don’t can appreciate all the charm of everyday cleaning)))))).

Usenko Angelina

Pluses: maneuverable, the presence of backlight, not noisy, powerful enough, no cord, easy to assemble
Disadvantages: Heavy enough, difficult to clean carpets with surround patterned
Disadvantages: Long chose a wireless vacuum cleaner, read reviews. The main criteria in the end were the shape of the brush, the presence of backlight and working hours. Everything is excellent! The only negative so far is its weight. The hand gets tired. Thanks to the review about the backlight – if vacuuming In total darkness, the backlight will make every speck visible. Has become vacuum without light). Overall very happy to purchase. Nice and functional vacuum cleaner for adequate money.

Sashkova Sasha

Pluses: backlight brushes
Disadvantages: it takes a long time to charge, although the charge is enough to remove the impressive area
Minuses: I have long asked my spouse to buy a new vacuum cleaner, but about I could not even dream of such a gift. Before that, we had a Samsung, It served well, although after a couple of years of use I lost it suction power and cleaning is no longer what it used to be. In addition to all, when you exit, the air smelled terribly, it seemed to me that it was coming out with dust, he quickly warmed himself. Everything is new here and in pleasure, I clean now more often than usual, almost through day, also glad that now no fuss with wires. cool stuff!

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