Sharp KC-D51RW

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Sharp KC-D51RW specifications

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air purification / humidification
Serviced area 38 sq.m


Water tank capacity 2.5 l
Water consumption 600 ml / h
Hygrostat there is

Air cleaning

Air cleaning performance (CADR) 306 cbm / h
Air purity control there is
Filters HEPA filter, carbon


Ionization there is
Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net


Control electronic, display, timer
Indication low water level
Noise level 55 dBA

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 399x615x230 mm
Weight 9.2 kg

Sharp KC-D51RW reviews

Advantages: Not so much noise, at night at minimum power and you can sleep Moistens and cleans well (quickly, sensitive sensor for dirt) Good design Convenient control panel Wheels (especially when you want to clean and humidify the air not only in the bedroom)
Disadvantages: Not identified yet (month in use)
Disadvantages: 4+, good quality for reasonable money

Volkov Stanislav

Advantages: Works quietly, cute, does not take up much space
Disadvantages: Switches to AUTO for no reason and is noisy.
Disadvantages: Generally satisfied

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Performs the declared functions 100%
Disadvantages: A little more water tank, but this is not a disadvantage, this is a wish.
Disadvantages: In quiet mode, it does its job and is completely inaudible. Of course, they are noisy at maximum power, but this is to be expected. But it will humidify the room in a matter of minutes.

The user has hidden his data

Pros: Moisturizes
Disadvantages: Not found yet, except for noise at high power
Disadvantages: I have not felt any changes yet, except for the changed humidity figure on the display.

Nesmiyanov Pavel

Pluses: Design
Disadvantages: Small water tank, gurgles from time to time. There is no control panel. For sensitive ears, it works noisily even in the quietest mode.
Disadvantages: The apartment is very dusty, bought in the hope of reducing the dust. Something, of course, it filters, but nothing has changed significantly. The humidifier is weak. If I bought it now, I would just choose a more powerful humidifier.

Mistershmit Bedros

Advantages: relatively low price in comparison with analogs, the use of filters is declared for 10 years. there is a quiet mode of operation.
Disadvantages: 1. The stink starts from the water compartment after a couple of days. I pour water from the filter, I did not understand how to radically deal with this. Internal filter / mill stinks. In the center of the filter you can see a yellow precipitate, it sometimes stinks of rotten socks, you have to rinse it often and sometimes soak it with citric acid. 2. Seethes periodically when water from the tank is topped up. you can get used to it. 3. there is no smart scheduling of tasks, for example, turn off and turn on at a certain time. There is only a timer, either on or off. at a certain time
Disadvantages: bought at the request of his wife. I don't really feel the difference, there is only an indicator in percentage of humidity (boas or parrots did not figure it out =) you open the window and the percentages fall. up to 45% rarely comes and subsides. at night we sleep with him on.

Sevostyanov Yuri

Advantages: productive, inexpensive, reliable.
Disadvantages: a great solution if you need an air purifier for a small room. 40 squares are completely machined, so the working area is correct. The assembly is good, everything is fully consistent with the description, there is nothing to complain about.

Zelenina Svetlana

Advantages: efficient humidification, modern design
Disadvantages: water containers (2.5l) are not enough for long, you need to be distracted by topping up
Disadvantages: I bought it for work, our department has very dry air. The humidifier copes with the task perfectly, it has become much more comfortable to work, and there is less dust. The only drawback is the small volume of the water tank; during the working day, you need to add water 1-2 times.

Diana Levshukova

Advantages: there is a HEPA filter, a display.
Disadvantages: no.
Disadvantages: I love it when there is a display, it is written, what-for-what. I also note the rather decent performance of the humidifier, I did not expect this for such a sum. I have been using it since the beginning of summer, until no trouble happened, the device works without any breakdowns at all.

Makarova Shurochka

Advantages: Convenient and simple electronic control
Disadvantages: No, I'm happy with the purchase
Disadvantages: I had to buy an air purifier because of my allergies. And the one that caught my attention the most was Sharpe's cleaner. As it turned out not in vain, with him the house became a refuge for me from allergies. The charcoal HEPA filter has become an indisputable assistant in this.

Soloshina Anna

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