Polaris PGS 1502CA

Polaris PGS 1502CA

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Specifications Polaris PGS 1502CA

General characteristics

A type steamer
Design manual
Power 1500 watts
Water tank 0.09 l
Water heating time 30 sec
Maximum steam supply 20 g / min
Body material plastic


Nozzles clamping attachment, brush attachment
Removable water tank there is


Power cord length 2 m

Opinions from the Polaris PGS 1502CA

Advantages: Compact, lightweight, heats up quickly. It is inexpensive. Refreshes things.
Disadvantages: Did not live up to expectations. Steam is weak. Inconvenient button.
Disadvantages: I hate ironing, I thought that with the help of the device, I would do it less often. I got it, tried it on 3 cotton shirts of different thickness. Alas, the result was not impressive. Yes, things are fresher, but deep folds on the back or sleeves are still there. I put it in the closet – things immediately crumpled: (Perhaps, in order to steam instead of ironing, it is worth buying a more powerful and expensive floor-standing steamer. The button has already been written about the button, if you bend your hand at a certain angle, the steam burns your hand

Kotova Ekaterina

Advantages: Heats up quickly Copes well with towels and sheets trousers good shirt no
Disadvantages: burned out after a month! right before the wedding of their son (for which they took him), they only managed to test and cherish.
Disadvantages: not a bad addition to the iron, but the reliability is terrible

Kharitonov Alexey

Advantages: Light (about 700 g), quite compact, the steam is powerful enough, the capacity is enough for 1-2 things. It copes with its task perfectly! It also helps to clean old dirt on doors (especially around handles) and walls.
Disadvantages: The shipping cover that comes with the kit lasted exactly 1 day. Poor quality fabric came off at the seam. Unpleasant odor when heated. A thermal fuse went off on a trip. I bought a replacement in an electronics store (a little less sensitive), it works without any complaints.
Disadvantages: This is my second steamer. Stationary houses, now I decided to buy for the trip. I realized that this alone would be enough for everything, and it would even be easier to find a place for him in the apartment. Despite all the shortcomings, I find the model quite successful for the money.

Zyryanov Alexey

Advantages: Steams normally, but not for long
Disadvantages: Burns hands, as you need to constantly hold the button Has worked for a year, taking into account the fact that it was rarely used

Alexey Kostenko

Advantages: Weight, compactness, speed and quality of work, additional functions
Disadvantages: Inconvenient button layout
Disadvantages: Not a bad budget steamer, which is worth the money. It is compact and not heavy, heats up quickly and can be used almost immediately after switching on, there is also a brush nozzle and a special clip for “arrows” on trousers. Of the minuses – the unsuccessful location of the steam button, I just have to bend my hand somehow unsuccessfully. In general, it copes with both thin fabrics and thicker ones, I often steam the curtains, it is very convenient


Pros: compact, cheap
Disadvantages: short-lived, heavy
Disadvantages: worked for a year. But at the most crucial moment, he overheated and began to smoke, leaving a red stain on his clothes. It's a shame, I gave the dress to dry cleaning, and this steamer was poured with water for a long time so that it would not catch fire

Bemhart marta

Advantages: Steams off all soft tissues. Compact.
Disadvantages: Denim and cotton clothes are harder to steam. The device itself is not light, but personally my hand does not get tired.
Disadvantages: You can quickly steam out a wrinkled jacket / T-shirt / trousers when there is no time to lay out the ironing board. I believe that a steamer of this type and price category fulfills its function.

Konstantinova Julia

Disadvantages: Does not penetrate dense fabric, such as an elementary shirt or T-shirt, only suitable for very thin, almost transparent fabrics
Disadvantages: Lies idle, I'll try to return it!

remzo remzo

Advantages: none
Disadvantages: It steams badly, water runs out at lightning speed, steamed it a couple of times and put it in a cabinet in a box. After a couple of months I took out the robe to steam off – it was not there – it just did not turn on, and then the smoke went and turned black. Decide yourself to throw out 3 tr. down the drain or not

Artsyshevskaya Yana

Advantages: no advantages.
Disadvantages: this is the disadvantage
Disadvantages: DO NOT take this thing, it does not steam anything at all.

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