Philips GC670 / 05 ProTouch

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Specifications Philips GC670 / 05 ProTouch

General characteristics

A type steamer
Design floor
Power 1800 watts
Water tank 2.1 l
Water heating time 30 sec
Maximum steam supply 40 g / min
Body material plastic


Steam adjustment there is
Steam hose 1.25 m


Telescopic stand there is
Nozzles with fine-fluffed pad, brush attachment
Carrying handle there is


Dimensions (HxWxD) 79.2×38.6×23 cm
Weight 5.11 kg
Automatic shutdown there is
Power cord length 2 m
Additional Information arrow nozzle, collar nozzle, low water alert, tap water can be used

Opinions from the Philips GC670 / 05 ProTouch

Pluses: not found
Disadvantages: steams poorly, broke
Disadvantages: Since the unit also broke down, I decided to leave a review. Purchased in December 2014. It is terribly inconvenient in operation. Water drips from under the nozzle, as a result there is always a puddle on the floor. The hose and wire are very short – it is not realistic to steam the hung curtains. There are a lot of attachments – I haven't used a single one. It was used very rarely, for the whole time maybe 30 times. This summer I wanted to steam silk blouses, but it did not turn on. Knocks out all the electricity in the apartment. I thought that I would not repair an unnecessary thing, but I would also throw it away before my hand rose. And then I checked the checks, it turned out that the guarantee was not over yet (I thought it was a year). I'll take it for repair, maybe I'll still use it.

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Advantages: Indispensable in some cases – to smooth out the already hung curtains, dresses made of delicate materials, again, especially when they are already worn.
Disadvantages: There really is no miracle and it will not replace the iron, you should not wait for this.
Disadvantages: It performs its role perfectly, although rarely. If there is room in the house, then it's worth buying.

Popov Vasilij

ADVANTAGES: Good steam supply, steam adjustment, nozzles for arrows on trousers, stand.
Disadvantages: I did not find any disadvantages
Disadvantages: I really liked the steamer. Outerwear, blouses, school sundresses and skirts can be steamed without problems.

Boroznyak Asya

Advantages: Dimensions, equipment, steaming clothes from thick fabrics
Disadvantages: The iron will not replace!
Disadvantages: It steams well hoodies, jeans, sweaters. Removes small dirt and raises the pile (with a special attachment). Because of this, the thing looks fresher and newer. Shirts are steamed … Well, or not. Depends on the material. I tested it on inexpensive Mexx and US Polo shirts, which I buy most often. Out of 8 shirts, one steamed perfectly, three were normal (you can wear it), the rest were lousy (folds, bruises). T-shirts are not steamed (cotton). The miracle did not happen, the thing is needed occasionally. But since it takes up little space – let it stay! (Summer is coming and freshen up the shirt in the morning hastily, IMHO, it will be useful)

Sergey Katalnikov

Advantages: If this is a marriage, then it needs to be changed, if this is the norm – then disgusting. In any case – a strong disappointment, for that kind of money!
Disadvantages: The unit was returned. The efforts do not correspond to the result – the iron is faster and better.
Disadvantages: This is my first steamer and I didn't like it at all. Viscose shirts look wavy, but I did not iron a cotton shirt at all, it remained wrinkled as it was. The entire tank of water was spent on two shirts, while the floor around was all pointed, dripping from the connection of the hose and handle. And if the hose was put on the holder, it dripped onto the display. By the way, the hose and the handle heat up after 10 minutes decently and you can burn yourself well. Steam from the iron at full power brings down well, only everything is upward and I probably did not understand the tricks of this unit. I tried 5 things of different quality and everything was so-so, the woolen turtleneck also remained wrinkled, not much, but … With such efforts, ironing with an iron faster and better.

Lokteva Natalia

Advantages: Soundly assembled, powerful enough, stylishly looking, telescopic stand, reservoir for accessories right in the case, moves on wheels, clear display, warning notifications about heating and the need to top up water.
Disadvantages: The handle heats up quite strongly at full power. When steaming the “bottom” of the thing, when the hose is bent, condensation forms in it, which can drip from the “iron” and burn the hand, although the instructions warn that it is not recommended to bend the hose, but do not steam the bottom of the thing without bending the hose (figuratively)
Disadvantages: I have been using it for a year! Of course, it is not suitable for all types of fabrics, I wear a lot of sports things (tracksuits, down jackets, jackets) so it steams and iron them perfectly. especially when the inner lining in things, which is constantly wrapped and turned inside out, ironing such things “hard labor” with an ordinary iron, but the steamer copes with this easily and simply) A big plus that this can be said without contact ironing, i.e. there is no friction, which means that the thing will retain its original appearance longer and, of course, under the influence of hot steam, all kinds of harmful microorganisms are destroyed. Of course, there are disadvantages, but not critical, the device requires getting used to! I am satisfied with the purchase!

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