Philips GC536 / 35 ClearTouch

Philips GC536 / 35 ClearTouch

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Specifications Philips GC536 / 35 ClearTouch

General characteristics

A type steamer
Design floor
Power 2000 watts
Water tank 1.2 l
Water heating time 45 sec
Maximum steam supply 40 g / min
Body material plastic


Steam adjustment there is
Steam hose 1.4 m


Telescopic stand there is
Removable water tank there is


Power cord length 1.8 m
Additional Information glove for extra protection, you can use tap water, arrowhead, hanger

Philips GC536 / 35 ClearTouch reviews

Pluses: Complete replacement for the iron
Disadvantages: You have to get used to it, but it is more than a useful and convenient thing

Gulyaev Roman

Advantages: Excellent, steams well dresses, jackets, jackets, coats, blouses with complex drapery
Disadvantages: It steams shirts poorly, needs an iron and a stronger degree
Disadvantages: I liked everything, I will use it as needed, does not replace the iron

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Advantages: Steams well and does not damage delicate fabrics made of silk and wool, such as women's sweaters, sweaters, etc.
Disadvantages: Shirts cannot be steamed, because very weak steam. Steam cotton T-shirts with difficulty, 100 times faster with a regular iron.
Disadvantages: This model is only for delicate fabrics made of silk and wool. they cannot be ironed. All other fabrics cannot be steamed, because very weak. Most of the reviews on Yandex here are apparently customized.

Salakhetdinov Timur

Disadvantages: I have been using it for 2 years, I bought it in a clothing store, we steam it almost every day! Everything would be fine, but the valve with water is leaking, now we are choosing a new one, and of a different brand. The hose is thick and uncomfortable, short and clumsy. The outer sheath was torn. Most likely, he did not master our daily loads.

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Pluses: Compact. It is very easy to get out the tank, pour water, etc. beautiful. Powerful.
Disadvantages: I don't even know.
Disadvantages: Steamed T-shirts, thin shirts, dresses – with a bang! A matter of minutes. Closer fabrics take longer. And then they will be wet. I do not recommend hanging it in the closet right away. The steamer is really cool. I don’t iron bed linen. So, now I don't need an iron at all. Turned on while hanging clothes, the generator will heat up. Everything is quick and easy.

Kuz Ekaterina

Pluses: powerful. well done.
Disadvantages: not enough bar height. power adjustment on the tank. teflon with gloves tears after a month
Disadvantages: I liked everything very much. tired of the iron. I wanted something new. easy to iron. but you need to get used to it and you can't stroke it before going out.

Bratko Vlad

Pluses: Powerful. Three, and no more, switching the steam supply. Ironing device for “arrows”.
Disadvantages: I haven't noticed yet.
Disadvantages: Order number 43654012. I was looking for a long time. My old steamer didn't quite suit me. I took into account all the shortcomings and settled on Philips GC 536/35.

pikunova elena

Advantages: Fast steaming, compactness, good design, convenient stand with hangers
Disadvantages: Heating hose
Disadvantages: Great steamer! I'm very happy! We quickly steamed a silk dress, trousers with arrows (a special attachment included), and a woolen jumper.

Rozhnova Maria

Advantages: – steams a large number of fabrics – aromatizes clothes (the smell lasts for a long time) – comfortable metal sole slides easily – nozzle for arrows – convenient to attach your hangers – fabric does not get wet
Disadvantages: No steam intensity speed Hose cannot be removed
Disadvantages: Clothes can not only be steamed and disinfected, but also saturated with aromas … such clothes are now doubly pleasant to wear. It is also convenient to drain water after use, this prevents the formation of scale.

Tsotsoev Aslan

Advantages: There is a mitten for additional protection, you can use tap water, there is a nozzle for arrows, a hanger. Removable water tank.
Disadvantages: No.
Disadvantages: Excellent design, comfortable stand height, steams excellently, leaves no drips. An irreplaceable item for a boutique. I'm very happy with the purchase)))


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