Philips GC310/35 Steam&Go

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характеристики Philips GC310/35 Steam&Go

General characteristics

A type steamer
Design manual
Power 1000 watts
Water tank 0.06 l
Water heating time 1 minute
Maximum steam supply 20 g / min
Body material plastic


Nozzles brush attachment
Removable water tank there is


Dimensions (HxWxD) 12.2×34.7×12.9 cm
Weight 0.66 kg
Power cord length 2 m

Отзывы о Philips GC310/35 Steam&Go

Advantages: Lightweight, well made, copes with its task – to be a travel assistant, and to smooth thin fabrics.
Disadvantages: The water tank is too small. Sometimes not even enough for one thing, but you also have to pay for an elegant size. Perhaps I would like to have a bag for storage and transportation. It was for this model that the manufacturer took pity on him.
Disadvantages: Observing simple rules – keep upright, steam slowly (!!! – this is not an iron, there is a different speed of work), even dense fabrics can be defeated. Knitwear just comes to life with him! And finally, you can iron without wrinkles on the sleeves. I hope it will last a long time. The purchase and choice was very long – three returns of steamers due to marriage. The first was also a Philips model – but it was a display case, the last one in the store – did not work. The second – Vitek – selected with the help of a salesperson – worked one nozzle out of five. The third – Polaris – of two copies in the store both did not work. The fourth bought this handsome man. Everything is fine, everything works. Who will buy (no matter what model) – take a bottle of water to the store, and immediately check after purchase. Well, so as not to drive three times as we had to. All nozzles should work, not in jerks, but with a constant supply of steam, and without spitting water. Good luck!

Svetlana Petrova

Advantages: Lightweight, compact, heats up quickly, a good steamer, not all, of course, but it's not an iron! You can take it on trips.
Disadvantages: Small water tank for one adult. I can't steam off the collars and cuffs normally.
Disadvantages: If you understand that this is not an iron, but an ambulance for crumpled things, then the device is good.

Dobrinskaya Nadezhda

Pros: Fast, lightweight, efficient
Disadvantages: Water supply is enough for one item
Disadvantages: I use it for several days, I easily put things in order with a complex cut (folds on a dress made of the finest wool, a dense jacket with a texture). Wrinkle viscose T-shirts / blouses smoothes at once. The volume of water, of course, leaves much to be desired .. but if you need a professional steamer, then choose more impressive models. This unit is perfect for travel, it takes up little space and is lightweight.


Advantages: Unity of form and content
Disadvantages: Not everyone is subject to this high-temperature element
Disadvantages: Every evening I do something that allows me to realize the boundaries of being at the current point of the universe. Having barely crossed the threshold of the hallway, I take off my jacket, trousers, shirt. Everyone is already asleep and I open the box, hidden from prying eyes. The light is dim, I find a smooth handle with a nice ribbed corrugation to the touch. The plastic is still cold and seems lifeless. But after a couple of minutes, I fill the tank with clean cool water, plug in the plug and it will get hot in my apartment. Everything is ready, a clean shirt hangs in front of me, it smells fresh. Not a single iron has touched it after washing. I firmly grip the handle, light vibrations are transmitted through the skin, making it clear that somewhere in the depths of the device, steam is being generated. My left hand confidently takes the sleeve cuff and pulls it towards me. The right arm begins a slow movement from the shoulder to the cuff. Just two amplitude sweeps and, behold, a wrinkled, nondescript shirt begins its transformation into an impeccably ironed shirt. Even her scent has changed, now she exudes a moderate and restrained scent, which complements the visual flawlessness of the lines. I slowly move to my back, leading the steamer with confident movements from top to bottom. I turn it over to face me and smooth my breasts, not missing a single fold. A little more attention to the collar. All. Graduated. Now I will leave it as it is on a hanger, it should dry out. When I put it on the next morning, I freeze for a moment, feeling the cool textiles in contact with the skin. This is how a good day should start.

Constant Variable

Advantages: Does its job well
Disadvantages: not found
Disadvantages: It helps a lot if you need to quickly steam out bruises or folds in clothes. I advise.

kudryavtseva tatiana

Pluses: Design, price (before the dollar takes off).
Disadvantages: Small water tank, broken during warranty period.
Disadvantages: I bought this device for my mom as a gift for the New Year. It seems, according to her reviews, he steamed remarkably, but broke down after 10 months. I contacted the Eldorado service center … As it turned out, this is a separate song))) First, for some reason I was sent to a third-party service center, they took the device there , a couple of days later they called. Arriving there, I find out that they only confirmed the malfunction and sent me back to the store. I return to the service “Eldorado” (considering that I live in another city!) And !!! attention !!! I am offered to pay about 2500 to replace it with a similar new device! After my indignation, the contraption is taken for repair, repaired for a couple of weeks, done, it is written – pump repair … Now it seems to hover normally, I won't say more, I don't use it myself.

Gorbunova Julia

Advantages: there is nothing but design!
Disadvantages: nothing boils at all, elementary even the T-shirt is barely wrinkled and the water ran out almost immediately.
Disadvantages: I choose a steamer as a gift and I can't choose at all, there are a lot of disgusting reviews even on expensive professional steamers. A friend found this Phillips and decided to try to steam a T-shirt and a shirt at her home, it didn't work out at all, albeit in a tight one, even at a distance no result at all. Guys, do not spend money on at least this one)))))

Ksyusha Smirnova

Advantages: Lightweight, powerful, ergonomic
Disadvantages: Small tank volume
Disadvantages: Since I received this steamer as a gift, I only take out the ironing board and iron for ironing the bed linen. It is much more convenient to put clothes in order with a steamer. It can be mixed with both silk and dense knitwear. I do not understand negative reviews.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: In the comments
Disadvantages: In the comments
Disadvantages: Purchased this device a couple of days ago. In general, we are satisfied. Slim cardinals, shirts, T-shirts, etc. steams well. 1 capacity – 1 cardigan for adults, 2 for children. Crumpled cotton shirts are steamed in 2-3 passes. It is not realistic to steam the sleeves alone. Yes and no need. It was bought specifically for emergencies, namely for steaming out creases, folds. There is an iron for everything else. As one “little-known” footballer said: Your expectations are your problems. Do not expect miracles from this household steamer. For better steaming of complex things in large quantities, there are professional ones. There you will have a bigger tank and a hanger. P.S. Happy shopping everyone! And so that your expectations are still met!)

Zhirkov Alexander

Disadvantages: Water runs out very quickly, not even the T-shirt has been steamed. I don’t understand who writes the laudatory reviews. No steam power !!! It is necessary to “roll” things almost over the surface with this steamer. In addition to it, you also need to buy a hanger or some kind of rack so that the other hand is still free
Disadvantages: Wasted money. Very sad. I wanted to make a present for the children – I received one more unnecessary thing in my house. It's good that I decided to test it myself before presenting it. Although it may be suitable for light fabrics, I don't know. After such disappointment, I don't even want to try.

Popova Svetlana

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