Panasonic F-VXH50

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Specifications of the Panasonic F-VXH50

General characteristics

Appointment of the device air purification / humidification
Power consumption 43 watts
Serviced Area 40 sq.m


Water consumption 500 ml / h

Air cleaning

Filters pre-cleaning


Ionization there is
Fan Speed ​​/ Intensity Adjustment vapor there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net
Additional Information noise level 18-51 dB


Control electronic
Noise level 51 dB

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 360x560x230 mm
Weight 8.3 kg

Panasonic F-VXH50 Reviews

Pluses: Completely independent work. High level air purification. Night mode. Sensitive contamination sensors and smells. Long work filters.
Disadvantages: Severe deficiencies during use are not found. One could do a water tank more, but once a day filling it is not so difficult. Noisily running at full power – and it’s kind of nothing, considering that in this mode it draws air finer than a vacuum cleaner.
Disadvantages: The cleaner does its job perfectly! I’m telling you like an allergy sufferer with a cat living at home. Works for auto mode around the clock (he decides when to turn on when not). It consumes little electricity in comparison with other equipment and with the result of the work he achieves. The air in the apartment has become cleaner and more pleasant than on the street (the windows of the apartment overlook the busy prospectus) and even more so than it was before. My husband had problems with sleep, which as if by hand removed with the advent of a cleaner. Wake in the morning with clean air it also became much more pleasant. At the inclusion and during the entire period of operation of unpleasant odors are not was, I vacuum the filter once every 1-2 weeks during cleaning, right, without taking it out. I am allergic to the cat who lives with us, to house dust and much more and this cleaner became mine savior. I don’t understand directly why I suffered so much time, guessing that it’s so easy to get rid of almost everyone symptoms. He definitely pays for his value. I have never regretted what was spent. At least I save on allergy pills. 🙂 Wet cleaning of the house of course still needs to be done, but dust on furniture and the air just became less. It looks pretty carefully. Well assembled.

Tugolukova Angelina

Pluses: As long as everyone likes, use less than a week. The air in the room became significantly better. It feels fresh. Farther we’ll see.
Disadvantages: Often you have to add water to the tank. Humidity fourteen%.
Disadvantages: The rest is still good. Design like

Ivanov Ivan

Advantages: 1) Easy maintenance. 2) Durability consumables.
Disadvantages: Air purification from dust.
Minuses: I think that the price is too high. As a moisturizer for 5+. FROM cope with other functions with great interference.

Dvorzhetsky Alexander

Advantages: In addition to appearance, no advantages in no device
Disadvantages: Inconvenient control, noise at work, low moisturizing efficiency, high price. Details: First, I want to note that the device has just idiotic control, there are many buttons, there’s not much sense. At the very beginning, all the parameters were set to “Auto”, in this state, sleep in a room with a working device is impossible. Not only that, when changing speed work, the noise level changes from which sometimes you wake up, but also changing the position of the valves, which perform a purely aesthetic function, and the device has a light sensor and it should understand that he works at night and people sleep. It is cured indication of speed of work, direction of flow and type of work manually. But the problem of periodic gurgling (2-3 times per night) for it was not possible to solve several months of use and most likely not succeed because the water tank has only one hole at the bottom and air into it after a certain amount is consumed water at work, can also get only from below, which causes loud gurgle. Secondly, I want to say about the effectiveness appliance in the attic bedroom of 16 square meters. m country house with one heating radiator, where the furniture has only a double bed, and textiles only have a curtain on the window; there are no carpets or wardrobes. So here the product may affect the readings of a freestanding (not built-in) hygrometer only provided that the door and window will be tightly closed, and then the readings above 37% (at 30% c turned off the device) could not be reached. It’s clear what to sleep in nobody will be in a closed, unventilated room, so mine personal opinion that there is no efficiency. Thirdly, a few words about the functions of “econavi” and “nanoe” as a person with technical I’ll say that this is just marketing, plus all the illusions broken after reading small text in a footnote from the instruction 🙂 By I will not say anything about air purification, subjectively as it was yes, the device shows that the air is clean.
Minuses: I regret that I bought this device, I’ll say right away that I read the instructions twice, the first time diagonally, the second time, after two weeks of use, in detail. Now and before I use many other devices from Panasonic, complaints to whose work was not only positive emotions. In custody honestly, every day the desire to send this craft to known online flea market and partially return spent on it money is getting stronger.

Baranov Pavel

Pluses: Beautiful, quiet at night, with the elimination smells coping.
Disadvantages: Humidity cannot rise above 37-38%.
Minuses: A child was born, we decided to approach normalization microclimate thoroughly and without any budget restrictions. They began to choose regarding the size of their room (17 sq.m.) and humidity starting from 20%. Everything else they decided besides washing buy also a ventilator (breather) to lower the temperature in the room as a whole, looking ahead – now the temperature has dropped to 23 degrees, was 26). As a result, we realized that the budget for washing lay in the region of 30,000. Having climbed a bunch of forums, having read a bunch reviews and comparing with several models of different manufacturers settled on this device. The initial sensations were: “well I hope not let you down, “because there is a conder of the same company and about him only positive can I say. But … hopes collapsed like House of cards. Instrument Humidity: LED 40 is on (it shows humidity from 30 to 40%, which in principle is not quite correctly considered good humidity – this is from the description of the device). Hygrometers in other devices show a stable maximum of 37-38%. At the same time, the ventilator operates at minimum speed (15 cubic meters of air per hour – the total volume of the room is 47 cubic meters), which in principle, it would not hurt to raise the level of humidity. But Panasonic stubbornly does not want to switch modes to increase speed (because he believes that humidity is normal). If you force the middle speed, then the humidity rises, as previously written, to 37-38%. On the To be honest, for a long time it’s impossible to sit side by side. About consumption: at a minimum, the tank lasts a little less than a day (humidity can stay in the region of 32-33%, at average speeds he drinks 2.3 liter per 6 hours (not enough for a night: at 23:00 full tank, by 5 am already empty), while the humidity is kept at around 37-38%. I have not tried it at the maximum – too noisy. About indicator Nanoe – they already wrote here, it shines like a lantern, it is treated with electrical tape. I hope someone my review will help with the choice – I will be honest, if if I knew, I’d better try a different washing model. This little disappointed.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Chic humidifier and air purifier. Great design (I have a black color device). Minimum noise from apparatus that day that night does not bother. I add water 2 once a day – morning and evening (winter, batteries, that’s all). Cope with only one room and a corridor (20 + 10m2). In the kitchen I have an ultrasonic humidifier. So consider when buying that one humidifier (cleaner) in 1 room. Consumption minimal electricity, it works for me around the clock, not noticed strong fluctuations in the electricity bill. Vacuuming air filter 1 time in 2 weeks and wash my water filter against rust a raid is also about 1 time in 2 weeks.
Disadvantages: Small volume of water tank. 5 liters would be optimally. But you quickly get used to filling the tank with water and do it is already on the machine. Once before bedtime, a second time in the morning.
Minuses: Fitted perfectly in the apartment, clean moistened air all year round. I didn’t particularly complain that we somehow dirty and dusty, but the air felt much cleaner with the moment of installation and humidification does not occur by ultrasound, which removes the effect of a water bath. The main thing is that it is very quiet and not at all interferes with sleep. Is that occasionally gurgling water, but these are the nuances. =) I bought in December 17 for 21.700r.

Chiryatiev Andrey

Pluses: Nice, beautiful … and the first year there were no problems. It was really easier to breathe. The three of us slept in the room … and with him slept much more comfortable.
Minuses: A year later a bad smell, sour annoying … For a long time I was looking for what was the matter, it turned out to be stolen by Replaceable deodorizing filter (coal which) … apparently the little coal is sour and a hoot … So far I launched without this filter, and in the near future I’ll buy a new carbon filter.
Minuses: In general, a good thing … but behind any such thing care required .. top up, rinse, etc. and most importantly on the top the filter collects so much dust that you wonder at what the amount of dust our lungs saves this thing.

Lukin Alexey

Pluses: With a total consumption of 43 watts, it serves the room in 40 sq. m. Cool. Price-quality, easy to manage and replace filter and water
Minuses: did not meet shortcomings
Disadvantages: it seems to be a good moisturizer. It works like a clock no problems, in summer and at night they left – you can sleep, not much noise by the way now compared – the price has not changed much for half a year.

Mamonov Andrey

Minuses: Acquired it 2 years ago as a salvation from allergens. All this time serves faithfully and really helps. Especially in the summer, it works constantly. Function Moisturizing is also important. I will not say that it is completely silent, but the level noise does not roll over. Served without problems – once a season we change filter.

Glushkova Polina

Pluses: A bunch of modes of operation Fully automatic mode Quiet
Minuses: Not detected
Minuses: I was looking for a humidifier, but bought a climate complex! It stands in a room 20kvm moisturizes with a bang, supports automatically humidity. the incoming air filters perfectly near the bed – at night I do not wake up from noise, because works quietly Recommend!

Grayvoronsky Pavel

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