MIE Magic Style

MIE Magic Style

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MIE Magic Style Features

General characteristics

A type steamer
Design floor
Power 2250 watts
Steam temperature 98 ° C
Water tank 1.7 L
Water heating time 45 sec
Working hours 40 min
Maximum steam supply 55 g / min


Steam Adjustment there is
Steam hose 1.85 m


Telescopic stand there is
Nozzles with a small fleecy pad, nozzle-clamp, brush nozzle
Nozzle storage compartment there is
Removable water tank there is


Auto shut off there is
Additional Information accessory bag

MIE Magic Style Reviews

Pluses: Excellent steaming trousers. 30 seconds and all done.
Minuses: Does not steam shirts. Absolutely.
Minuses: I bought for steaming trousers and shirts. Wanted to buy as a complete replacement for the iron. Previously, only iron and board they took a place, now also a steamer. Pants are steamed by 5, shirts by 1. Do not buy for steaming office clothes.


Minuses: I have long wanted to buy a steamer, all ears to my husband buzzed, and he gave it to me. I chose it myself, or rather a consultant in the store made a choice for him))) So we got MIE Magic Style. I do not cease to thank my husband (and consultant) for this steamer, he’s really cool! I steam them all, not afraid that the thing might go bad. At the beginning of winter, even his fur coat refreshing the mink, the fur leveled out, became brilliant, left stale smell. With him it became easier to take care of clothes, keep them in okay. I will not write in detail about the characteristics of who interested, find them on the network. I can only say that steam lends itself to 5.5 bar, it’s almost a professional device, but adapted for home use. Everything is done soundly, high-quality, all connections are durable, the stand can withstand even heavy top things. My best recommendations for this model.

ridge maria

Pluses: beautiful, powerful, double stand, fast Heats up, there are nozzles.
Minuses: 4 months I use everything perfectly, specify here there is nothing.
Disadvantages: Developers and those who gave me this steamer to the staff – many thanks! Now instead of standing by ironers for hours, I cook clothes for the whole family many times faster and I got more free time. Stylish steamer Comfortable, stable and compact. Due to the double rack I steam even jerseys and I’m not afraid that they are deformed, this not happening. Blouses, shirts, pants, dresses lead to the divine view for the steamer is not a question. In general, now a painful process Ironing turned into a small, but still a pleasure))) Recommend.

volova inga

Pluses: double stand!
Disadvantages: no pronounced.
Disadvantages: This steamer in its price segment best! I finally got generous and spoiled myself like this acquisition. Steaming clothes quickly and easily, no hassle, as with the iron no. All folds, creases are immediately smoothed and clothes are not wet after steaming. The steamer is even superficially very looks stylish. Special thanks to the developers for the double rack, I was all afraid to buy a steamer due to the fact that on normal, single rack, they can be unstable. This the model is just ice, I recommend it unambiguously!

Ovcharenko Polina

Advantages: – workmanship (no creaks, no backlash) – heats up quickly enough and does not spit water – removable water tank – it is convenient to draw water from a flow filter – an additional plus for tall people – a convenient hanger height
Minuses: Perhaps only the price, but it’s worth it.
Minuses: I bought a steamer at the request of my wife, he at first Skeptical of its functionality. But at the first I understood – before that I just came across unsuccessful / cheap models. If you deal with additional accessories, any thing ironing much faster and more comfortable than traditional Ironing board with iron. Not to mention things that are ironed it is simply impossible to smooth out. I recommend to everyone!

Afonin Kirill

Pluses: Very powerful, compact, on comfortable wheels. Made very soundly. Metal sole steamer. Conveniently add water! Modern design. Two operating modes.
Minuses: No
Minuses: For ordinary things: shirts, blouses, jeans – I use the first mode. He is quite powerful. The second mode is just a beast, I use it a little, I can’t even imagine why he is maybe for cleaning surfaces in the kitchen …. Bought in April 2017, I dreamed for a long time, because tired of the ironing board back and forth clean and tired when ironing, especially delicate fabrics, that you stroke one side – the other is jammed. The device is super-mega worthy. I stopped using the iron at all! Very recommend.

Smirnova Olga

Minuses: I bought a steamer as a gift, from a gift, Of course, in delight, they say that everything is steaming just super. By their positive reviews and comments, now I want myself the same to get.

Ufimtsev Valery

Advantages: high-quality, steams well
Minuses: I always try to buy only high-quality things, I think that the avaricious pays twice, so the steamer also I chose reliable manufacturers among the models. I read that MIE takes ironing equipment, but for me it’s an indicator quality. I read the reviews, compared the characteristics, chose to Magic Model yourself. I think I made the right choice, I I’ve been using it for about a year and I have no complaints, I’m even a line I leave “shortcomings” empty, there are really no complaints. is he high-quality, durable, equipped with everything necessary. When steaming there are no drops of water at all. He heats up pretty quickly, having bathed me not required even once. It has a strong double stand, withstands even men’s coats. By the way, it smooths out equally well and coats, and thin blouses, in different modes, of course. Manufacturer – Italy, 3 year warranty. Worthy thing recommend.

Semenyuk Polina

Advantages: Powerful steam jet, stable foot, additional nozzles pleasing.
Minuses: not yet discovered
Minuses: Purchased for quick ironing jackets-trousers-shirts. He does his work on the top five with a plus. I tried to apply it to fabrics coarser and denser – The result is excellent. Refreshes the overall look of clothing. Long cord and hose for supplying steam. Squirted water only once during the first launch. Further – everything was no problem. It was bought in online store for 13490. Sales receipt no. 1423 from 04/17/2017

Minina Anastasia

Pluses: Compact, wonderfully made! All high-quality, without backlashes and creaks, modern design. A very long time chose a steamer, stopped at Mia! And did not regret it: beast steamer! He takes everything: both tight shirts and coats, and strokes all instantly! It really is. I am incredibly happy! Men’s shirt – 4 minutes, skirt – 2 minutes. So much is needed to wonderful to smooth everything from and to! I’ll throw out the iron the ironing board is the same! Finally, everything is now easy and simple with smooth!
Disadvantages: Feature, not disadvantage – use distilled water that you have to buy at maximum mode, water is consumed quite quickly.
Minuses: Everything is super! I am satisfied!

Ivanova Olga

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