Leberg LW-20

Leberg LW-20

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Leberg LW-20 characteristics

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air purification / humidification
Power consumption 15 watts
Serviced area 28 sq.m


Water tank capacity 6.2 l
Water consumption 400 ml / h
Hygrostat there is

Air cleaning

Filters water


Ionization there is
Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net


Control electronic, display
Wi-Fi not
Bluetooth not
Indication low water level
Noise level 25 dBA

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 330x435x300 mm
Weight 5.7 kg

Leberg LW-20 reviews

Advantages: cheaper than other sinks
Disadvantages: there is no hygrometer at the low mark, high lies shamelessly, noisy even at night and minimum mode. It is inconvenient to pour water
Disadvantages: I already have a Boneco 2055d sink, so it is generally quiet compared to the leberg. Leberg, on the other hand, buzzes even at minimum as a laptop that runs with a 100__ loaded processor. The scale of the humidity level is incomprehensible and inaccurate, since at a humidity of 25_ measured by an independent hygrometer, the device showed a high mark. It is impossible to set the desired humidity, there is also no auto-shutdown when the desired values ​​are reached. To pour water, you must turn off the device completely, remove the entire upper part and drag the entire pan into the bath, and back with water with the danger of either spilling everything or dropping it altogether. Comparing with Boneko, there, when the machine is working, a container is pulled out from behind, which is hermetically sealed and weighs nothing by itself. I don't understand why you can't just take and make a normal device in the image and likeness and put it at a price lower than that of the promoted models, so that there is demand and competitiveness?

Nikolaeva Anna

Advantages: The air is really humidified (we measure it with a hygrometer). A lot of water evaporates – every day we pour a full one. You can't see much dirt in the water, but in principle it's not very dirty here, there are no animals.
Disadvantages: Takes up a lot of space, not very convenient to add water.

Tereshkova Anna

Advantages: 1. Inexpensive compared to more famous counterparts. 2. Quiet enough. 3. Several speeds of the fan. 4. Looks good. 5. It seems to humidify, at least the water evaporates 🙂 6. After 3-4, the water becomes dirty – therefore, it washes the air. 7. There is a night mode – minimum backlight. Conveniently.
Disadvantages: 1. Like most analogs, the wetted area is less than the declared area by a factor of 2. 2. Made carelessly: the power connector falls out of its socket. 3. The rotating drum must be placed carefully, because if it is slightly displaced closer to the front wall, then it does not spin. And it doesn't moisturize, of course. (this has already been written about before me). 4. Periodically turns itself off after changing the water. You have to unplug it and turn it on in the “don't press extra buttons” mode to avoid this. After a while, you can start changing modes. Not every time, but every other time.
Disadvantages: In general, not a very high-quality Chinese, with an attractive price for this kind of device.

Dm Dm

Pluses: I did not know
Disadvantages: Product quality
Disadvantages: Seemingly quite nice air sink, judging by the price (for a bucket for water with a fan of almost 10K) should be a quality thing, but no. The first one did not work right away, it showed all the time that there was no water. The seller refused to exchange the item. it is technically complex, sent to the manufacturer for examination. Three weeks later, the conclusion came that the apparatus was indeed defective. Changed to the same. They could not check it on the spot, only the appearance. Brought home, and the same indication of the lack of water lit up on the second device. Now I am again waiting for an examination in three weeks, only this time I will take the money, because two devices with the same problem indicate the absence of at least some kind of technical verification at the manufacturer's plant.

ertertert yrtgert

Pros: Price
Disadvantages: Quality
Disadvantages: Similar designs are sold under different brands, ranging from Electrolux. You will receive the same device under the name AIC S050, for example, and a number of others. Pure Chinese bullshit. Why did I buy it? A year ago we were presented with a similar device under a different name, and it still works more or less successfully. But specifically the Leberg LW-20 was brought yesterday. First, the cord connector did not fit into the case and the device did not turn on, since the connector itself on the cord was poorly processed and the plastic was not trite. Second, I somehow removed the excess plastic and connected the device. He worked for 3 minutes and turned off, reporting that there was no water in it. The water tank was full. So I will hand over the device and try my luck in something else, but the same. For if you're lucky, it will work fine.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Low power consumption. Easy to operate. Works quietly.
Disadvantages: no
Disadvantages: Everything is ok

Podkolzin Igor

Advantages: Capacity is enough for 1 day of non-stop operation, Great design
Disadvantages: 4 months after the purchase, it stopped turning on. Diagnosis – power supply malfunction. After 4 months, again the same problem, the power supply unit failed. I do not recommend buying

fomin vova

Advantages: Moisturizes, washes the air, and even, it seems, ionizes.
Disadvantages: Stopped working after 45 days. After turning on, the lights went out and that's it.
Disadvantages: And so good, and similar, but with many different brands. There is less noise in AUTO mode than in SLEEP mode. As a result, I took a similar WINIA

Samoilo Vladimir

Pros: makes the weather at home
Disadvantages: no disadvantages
Disadvantages: Children did not get enough sleep at home, the doctor advised to buy a humidifier. You know, it helped, we did not expect, but it became much easier to sleep at home. It's just that the air after turning on the heating immediately becomes so heavy, unusual for the body, and so turn on this thing, and everything is fine.

Khrapov Alexey

Advantages: – Correct design
Disadvantages: – Internal drum, because of it poor moisture
Disadvantages: The parents have a good device: Boneco W2055A. Simple as three rubles and very effective (only expensive and uncomfortable water tank). Everything is fine with this model, except for one thing – a terrible drum. The blades are too small on each disc. And in general, the surface does not make water linger for a long time. Because of this, poor hydration. If Boneko is capable of eating 5 liters of water overnight, then this one ate 1 liter at most. – not serious. We will look further … If I add something to the review. 05/19/2017 Broke. it turns out that he worked for 6 months. The cause of the breakdown is not known, it just stopped turning on the next day. I gave it to the service, let's see what they say. In general, the unit was found to be normal. Yes, it does not eat water as cool as it was written above and earlier. But in reality it collects dust, humidifies the room. With the window open, the impression was that it was hard for him to cope with the moisture (often I sleep with airing). The blades themselves, being covered with limescale, began to hold water better than at the beginning of operation.

Yakovlev Matvey

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