Leberg LW-15

Leberg LW-15

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Leberg LW-15 characteristics

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air purification / humidification
Power consumption 15 watts
Serviced area 28 sq.m


Water tank capacity 6.2 l
Water consumption 400 ml / h
Hygrostat there is

Air cleaning

Filters water


Ionization there is
Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net


Control electronic, display
Wi-Fi not
Bluetooth not
Indication low water level
Noise level 25 dBA

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 330x410x300 mm
Weight 6.15 kg

Leberg LW-15 reviews

Advantages: Quiet, simple and easy to use

Olga Pankova

Advantages: Spacecraft)) stylish, quiet, no consumables, childproof, large volume
Disadvantages: no air heating at the outlet
Disadvantages: Honestly, we didn't feel the ionization effect! It became more fun to live with him in a one-room apartment: breathing is easier, there is really less dust, we pour water every day !!! (I'm shocked to be honest: what if I bought a 2-liter humidifier ??? I'd be tortured to pour water !!!) let's see how much electricity will wind up in a month, but so far I really love it! The son calls him a spacecraft and loves to “ponazimat buttons” – protection from children saves))) but now it is cold with him in cold weather: I hope there will be a slight effect of the air conditioner in the summer. In general, I am very happy with my choice! Recommend

Oksana Schipkova

Pluses: small size.
Disadvantages: no.
Disadvantages: here, in reality, I do not notice a single minus of this humidifier, on the contrary, some pluses are visible. But the most important point is that it practically does not take up space, I put it under the table, and it does not bother anyone there at all and quietly makes the weather in our house.

Gorchakova Julia

Pluses: a good humidifier at an affordable price.
Disadvantages: none.
Disadvantages: Am I happy with the purchase? Of course – yes, the humidifier is just a fairy tale. It is not quite expensive, but has decent performance. I recommend this model, I liked everything.

Okulovskikh Daniil

Advantages: compact, does not take up much space, lightweight, just over 6 kg. Easy enough to move, from the nursery to the living room and back, for example. When working, it does not make much noise, moreover, there is a night mode. For its price – an excellent device, I recommend it.
Disadvantages: was not

Yukhnina Natalia

Advantages: high-quality hygrostat, maintains a stable indoor humidity
Disadvantages: did not reveal
Disadvantages: I bought this humidifier for winter. In winter, it is even more relevant than in summer, radiators and heaters dry the air a lot. It copes with its function well, quickly equalizes the humidity in the room and maintains it at a comfortable level.

Kryukov Pavel

Advantages: a large water tank, I usually have 1 topping up for the whole day. An ionizer is installed in the surf, as far as I know, negative ions are good for health, including the fact that they contribute to the deposition of dust.
Disadvantages: seemingly not

Ryazhenova Olga

Advantages: design, price, build quality
Disadvantages: was not
Disadvantages: I chose from several models of humidifiers, I liked the design and low price. When delivered, I was able to appreciate the build quality – it's high for such a price. The plastic is of high quality, does not creak or smell. An excellent moisturizer for the price.

Gubanova Margarita

Advantages: works efficiently, inexpensive
Disadvantages: none
Disadvantages: I liked the work efficiency. It seems like a small apparatus, but it affects the microclimate of the apartment very seriously. The set of functions is large and allows for individual customization. If I needed another humidifier, I would buy the same one.

Rabbit Denis

Advantages: Inexpensive, easy to maintain, no need to frequently add water
Disadvantages: I did not come across
Disadvantages: When buying, I was guided by the price tag, since the budget was not very good, this humidifier seemed to be the best option in its price category. I used it for 2 months, and realized that I was not mistaken with the choice: it works as it should, while practically requiring no maintenance effort. The tank lasts for a long time, especially compared to our office humidifier.

Mironova Ekaterina

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