Kitfort KT-910

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characteristics Kitfort KT-910

General characteristics

A type steamer
Design floor
Power 2200 Wt
Steam pressure up to 1 bar
Steam temperature 130 ° C
Water tank 1.8 l
Working hours 50 minutes
Maximum steam supply 35 g / min
Body material plastic


Steam hose 1.5 m


Telescopic stand there is
Nozzles with fine fluffy pad, clip attachment, brush attachment
Removable water tank there is


Weight 5 Kg
Automatic shutdown there is
Power cord length 1.2 m

Opinions from the Kitfort KT-910

Advantages: -Price -Large tank volume
Disadvantages: -The hanger does not spin, the device itself is light, all together makes it difficult to pull clothes on the steamer itself -The handle gets very hot, you cannot hold it without a glove, although you need a glove for the other hand -Leaks from the bottom -Short cord -Tank does not sit tightly, you have to press it down to get started
Disadvantages: I bought it as a gift to my wife, to facilitate her work, there was no point in this at all, perhaps it gives a plus when ironing trousers and delicate fabrics, shirts and other ironing badly, I described the shortcomings above, I highly do not recommend this model

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Pluses: Cheap. Although it is bad, it still steams. Thin fabrics are norms, the rest is difficult.
Disadvantages: The floor under the steamer is wet after use. Steam is bad. The fact is that the steam temperature is high, the amount of steam is also normal, but the steam pressure is low.
Disadvantages: Planning to buy a good steamer instead. But a good one costs 2-2.5 times more.

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Advantages: No drops form on the iron, there is a steam button on the iron handle.
Disadvantages: The quality of the plastic is disgusting, the hanger is not removable, which is very inconvenient, in order to hang a jumper or sweaters, someone needs to hold the iron. Clothespins are generally a nightmare, a girl simply cannot squeeze them, but after a couple of men's squeezes, they completely stop holding things, because springs made of ordinary steel wire, generally props. The price is very high.
Disadvantages: Not recommended. Handed over back after a day of use. A lot of great reviews are explained by the booklet enclosed in the box: … take a great review, put it online and get a gift …

Pavel Paramonov

Advantages: It performs its functions, but not for long
Disadvantages: We received this steamer as a gift for DR. It worked for exactly 6 months. Bad plastic. Clothespins and fasteners are terrible. The last straw was when all the clothes were covered with rust. I handed over to the service. The answer came from the service that there were no flaws.
Disadvantages: Don't buy this Russian consumer goods. The price is clearly overpriced; you will be denied warranty service.

leston mihail

Advantages: 1.5 years normal flight, worth the money!
Disadvantages: After 1.5 years, always stands in a puddle until all the water has left the tank (ALL)
Disadvantages: So we no longer leave water, but drain the remainder of a trifle, but inconvenient

Prokhorov Mikhail

Advantages: Works as stated by the manufacturer with a constant stream of steam.
Disadvantages: The design of the hanger is not very convenient, it should have been made quick-detachable for an easier process of “fastening” the clothes. There is not enough latch for the water tank, it may spill.
Disadvantages: The first experience of working with the steamer, there are not so many advantages over the iron and it is definitely not a complete replacement for it.

Bakhtiozin Dmitry

Advantages: The steamer has served trouble-free for more than 2 years. Steams perfectly. A week ago, the child dabbled and broke the hose attachment. I disassembled it myself, I want to note that everything is assembled with high quality. I wrote to the support service (, they answered promptly. We found out what exactly was out of order, specified the address and sent me a spare part. For such an attitude towards customers – many thanks! Special thanks to Victoria – I already thought that I would need to buy a new steamer. You helped me a lot!
Disadvantages: No.

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Disadvantages: Leaks when in use, the power cord is very short, the design of the hanger is very flimsy, it steams terribly. Wouldn't recommend!

Kubantseva Christina

Disadvantages: Leaks, pump possible. I will take it for repair. After steaming, it drips from the holes in the bottom.

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Pluses: – no
Disadvantages: – insufficient pressure – leaking – not performing its functions
Disadvantages: Bought for praise on the market. After the purchase, we immediately checked it in operation. We tried to steam: – tulle (3 types); – curtains (2 types); – men's shirts (2 pieces). Bottom line: of all this steamer coped, as expected, with only one shirt. One shirt, really, steamed perfectly. I coped with the second one for 4 seconds “-“: I smoothed out large folds, but the “fine mesh” remained. We still managed to steam one kind of tulle, but it took sooooo much time. It took a few minutes to “puff” over each fold. It took 40 minutes to steam the tulle all over the window! I couldn't handle the rest. Plus, the pump was leaking, after half an hour of use there was a lake under the steamer! It's good that the store went to a meeting and returned the money for the goods. I don't think it's worth the money spent.

Kunbutaev Marat

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