Kitfort KT-905

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characteristics Kitfort KT-905

General characteristics

A type steam cleaner
Design floor
Power 2000 watts
Steam pressure up to 4 bar
Water tank 1.5 l
Water heating time 10 min
Working hours 40 minutes
Body material plastic


Nozzles for floor, brush attachment
Carrying handle there is


Dimensions (HxWxD) 27.5x42x24 cm
Weight 8.2 kg
Additional Information no water alarm, included: extension tube, floor cloth, floor brush adapter, steaming cloth, round nylon brush, round brass brush, angle nozzle, measuring cup, funnel

Opinions from the Kitfort KT-905

Advantages: Well cleans dirt from joints / corners / crevices, etc. It is convenient to wet glasses to wash.
Disadvantages: Sometimes the steam supply valve does not work and steam comes out by itself. The dirt being cleaned is thrown off at high speed and scatters everything around.
Disadvantages: The steam energy works well a couple of millimeters from the nozzle, then it's just water. They are good at removing dirt from hard-to-reach places, but it is impossible to clean some large surfaces. So all sorts of mops in the kit are completely useless. In addition, chemistry copes with many contaminants much better than steam. Therefore, you can take the device much cheaper and more compact.

Balabanov Stanislav

Pluses: No
Disadvantages: Not a working tool.
Disadvantages: Purchased after reading rave reviews. They brought home and the first thing they decided to do was steam their shirt. The result is a wet and wrinkled shirt. Having touched the steam with our hand, we realized that it was absolutely cold. 40 degrees maximum. They took the unit to the store, saying that the steam temperature did not correspond to the declared one. Two weeks later, they returned him to us, said that everything was fine with him. We went on the second round, took a shirt, the result is the same). A very sad experience with both the store and Kitforth.

Strazhnov Mikhail

Advantages: bugs appeared in the house. I didn’t regret killing them with steam for three evenings in a row. Thanks to the powerful jet of steam, a large tank of water, and a constant heating element. The steam jet is very excellent at the exit. Now this creature is not in the house …. yet 🙂 an irreplaceable assistant in cleaning . especially for asthmatics.
Disadvantages: the handle heats up a little, but this is tolerable.
Disadvantages: everything is super. Handled sofas chairs linoleum plinths bathroom sink bath stove microwave oven. …… I was satisfied with the result of my own and Kitfort's work, the PRESSURE is excellent, the steam flies out 1.5-2 meters. steam is hot. everything is super. but ….. the power wire is too short. especially pleased with the attachments

Kharin Alexander

Pluses: Fast heating. Many different attachments. Convenient case. Compact size. Nice design. Cleans well any surfaces.
Disadvantages: no disadvantages
Disadvantages: We bought 2 pieces of the same as gifts to parents. Everything suited them. I quickly cleaned the tiles, the carpet, the plastic near the stove. The steam is very powerful. It turned out to be very convenient to use. Fat removes perfectly. In general, I really liked it and we will buy the same one for ourselves.

Sergey Sergey

PROS: Cute design, accessory case, lots of attachments, safe, effective
Disadvantages: If there is heavy dirt, then even a steam cleaner cannot be handled in two minutes. We'll have to rub it well with brushes, since there are a lot of them in the kit.
Disadvantages: I am satisfied with the performance of my steam cleaner. I'll tell you more about where I use it: 1. I tested it on rough porcelain tiles. The tiles shine like new. Now I use it once every two weeks, the rest of the time I wash my floor as usual. Dirt no longer builds up in joints or on rough tiles. This is my little victory !. 2. Well cleans the tiles in the bathroom. Moreover, if you do not run and accumulate dirt, then it will not take much time. If the seams between the tiles are dirty, then the first time you have to tinker, the main thing is not to start it later. Well cleans the taps from limescale. 3. Windows / mirrors can also be cleaned with this steam cleaner. However, if you regularly clean it, then it is easier and faster to wipe it in the usual way. But if the pollution is strong (for example, windows after winter in a country house or in the countryside), then a steam cleaner will undoubtedly facilitate the work. First, you need to go through the nozzle with a rag for steaming, and then put on a rubber glass scraper and drive off all the liquid without steam. It turns out very clean. 4. I tried to clean textiles on furniture. It cleans fresh stains well (you still have to rub), but it won't cope with old stains right away, most likely you need to repeat the process. There are a lot of attachments in the suitcase, everything in its place, I liked this moment. The steam cleaner itself is small, cute, and manoeuvrable. I also want to say that it is safe, since the lock button will not let the steam out if you accidentally press the steam button. The handle heats up, but not much, it just gets warm. I don't see any inconvenience in this. Also, for the first time, the hand was tired from the habit of having to constantly hold the steam supply key, but in subsequent times I did not notice this inconvenience, apparently, my hands were used to this load. I did not notice any particular flaws in this model, the result exceeded my expectations))

Petrova Elena

Advantages: Convenient to use and store., A large number of attachments in the storage case, an audible signal for adding water, price, power. Handles almost all types of dirt, including greasy stains. A powerful jet of steam will wash everything away. The wire is wound onto the holder. Ready to work in less than 2 minutes. Very good protection against accidental pressing of the steam button, accidentally getting burned will not work.
Disadvantages: Not noticed yet
Disadvantages: Considered many models, initially I wanted to focus on Karcher. In favor of Kitfort, the KT-905 was convinced by the price and good reviews from those who have already purchased this model.

Salitova Elena

Pluses: Almost everything. I would like to express special gratitude to the developers – very anatomically convenient and safe arrangement of buttons on the handle – steam supply and steam jet power control. 1 – It is comfortable to hold in the left hand. The buttons move at different angles, the steam supply button is held by itself during the steam adjustment, and as soon as you release the adjustment lever, the steam supply is closed by itself. And with your right hand, you can immediately remove excess water and dirt from the surface to be cleaned with a cloth. 2 – when changing nozzles while the steam generator is running, it is impossible to press these two buttons at once and get scalded. I appreciated this when for the first time, when changing the nozzle, I realized that I had been holding the steam adjustment lever for some time.) I could have scalded if it were not for the well-thought-out design.
Disadvantages: Rather – wishes: 1 – I would like a longer cord, at least 5-6 meters 2 – the cord holder does not hold tightly, flies off when you carry the steam generator during cleaning. I have to take off while cleaning. A trifle that could have been avoided. I think I can squeeze a couple of metal brackets around the leg so that it fits more tightly and does not dangle.
Disadvantages: After cleaning, I realized that if I had bought it earlier, then the repair, in which I am now, could be postponed for a long time. 1 – washing the floors (chipboard. PAINT + VARNISH, 10 YEARS AFTER PAINTING) – the color of the floor is yellow, therefore the color changes are simply stunning. Chipboard did not swell even in the places of punching with nails. 2 – the tiles are washed well. In any case, I will not change the tiles on the floor in the bathroom (as was originally supposed) now 3 – the blinds have been perfectly washed 4 – the linoleum and baseboards just sparkled. 5 – To my surprise, the fat has come off even from the old stove. Which I was going to hand over. The new equipment will be easy and pleasant to take care of. 6 – perfectly steamed coats and jackets., Shirts. A nice bonus was that the pellets on the coat fabric were all left on the rag with an elastic band. 7 – painted wooden doors, plastic – after the passage with a steamer you just wipe it. I did not clean furniture and windows, but I am sure that washing them with a steam generator will not disappoint me. The first two cleanings had a slight smell. Then he disappeared.


Advantages: complete set
Disadvantages: The device itself is one big drawback !!!
Disadvantages: Guano is rare !!! Everything that is written about such devices (reviews) is not true. Including a video about his supposedly amazing work – an outright lie !!! I bought my wife as a gift … It would be better if I bought something else ..! Complete disappointment !!! To wash the tiles (not the dirtiest ones) in the bathroom from water stone – I had to water the tiles with “silit” three times and rub them with “comets”, because this device is of no use !!! The same applies to using it in the kitchen – there is a lot of steam, a little sense … Without household chemicals, you still can't go anywhere. It remains to try it as a steamer for clothes, maybe at least he will cope with this task … It's a pity for the money thrown away – don't mine for anything … One disappointment … !!! P.S. I met acquaintances and shared my impressions of this miracle of technology. They also, it turns out, have experience in operating the products of this company and they said that they cursed the day when they fell for the advertisement of steam cleaners …

Shelestyuk Vladimir

Advantages: Confidently copes with their duties. On the very first day, the blackout curtains were smoothed out, the dirt from small cracks on the window was removed, he even coped with old traces of rust on the linoleum, I was honestly surprised. Easily dealt with greasy stains on the stove. The device has many different attachments and a nice design. In general, I am very pleased with the purchase.
Disadvantages: Not found yet

Vladimirov Alexander

Pluses: Beautiful, well-assembled, with many different attachments.
Disadvantages: Not found yet.
Disadvantages: The device was purchased to facilitate the cleaning process in the kitchen and bathroom. The high build quality and materials of the steam cleaner turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The high power provides a powerful, uninterrupted jet of steam. The volume of a water tank of 1.5 liters is enough for a long time. A whole suitcase with various attachments allows you to choose the best option for any task. I am 100% satisfied with the purchase.

Dmitry Saltykov

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