Kitfort KT-1002

Kitfort KT-1002

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Specifications Kitfort KT-1002

General characteristics

A type Steam Mop
Power 1680 watts
Steam pressure up to 1.50 bar
Steam temperature 98 ° C
Water tank 0.45 L
Maximum steam supply 28 g / min


Steam Adjustment there is


Removable water tank there is


Dimensions (HxWxD) 63.1×30.6×13.6 cm
Weight 2.2 kg
Power cord length 5 m

Kitfort KT-1002 Reviews

Advantages: 1. Sufficiently powerful steam supply with a small water consumption 2. Ease of use 3. Fast steaming pollution
Minuses: Leaves stains
Minuses: Use for the bathroom (the best effect): on URA it copes with soap stains on walls, in corners have to brush additionally; Uses for Laminate (although this is not very useful for him): At first I used a mop after a vacuum cleaner, but there were stains that could be tolerated I can’t, so now I quickly go through the ordinary without difficulty mop without detergent, and after that I use a mop. No scam, clean, I’m happy. Use for other smooth surfaces: whatever I try to clean: the door, ceiling in the bathroom, cabinet doors …, with all the impurities the mop instantly copes 🙂

Sheremetyeva tatyana

Pluses: soars well
Disadvantages: the cord wildly interferes, it is difficult to wash the rag
Disadvantages: xs, in my opinion nothing is more convenient than an ordinary mop, unless which kills germs better because steam is hot

Investment Rosmorport

Pluses: Well launders the floor when working
Minuses: I worked the warranty period and decided on this give less steam
Disadvantages: The invention itself is cool, replaces the bucket and a rag, wipes the floor well, kills bacteria. She needs to work Of course, after a vacuum cleaner, otherwise it will leave dirty stains. But this particular model worked for exactly a year. After this start give very little steam, even at maximum flow. Earlier on odnushku left almost the entire tank, now 1/4, with the corresponding quality of cleaning. In general, in the trash. But the idea itself with a mop cool, I will look for a more expensive model, and another brand.

Kinder maxim

Pluses: Works great, the cord is long enough, comfortable twists, steam supply is regulated. Convenient if you need fast wipe the floor. You can process the carpet using a special nozzles (kill all bacteria with hot steam), which is useful for mothers toddlers.
Minuses: Before working this mop will have to collect everything crumbs. Stains leaves.
Minuses: Mop heads can be washed in the washing machine the car. From 2 attempts I successfully bought this mop, the 1st mop apparently the steam supply did not work from the window, the benefit was returned the money.

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Pluses: Washes well, is inexpensive
Minuses: Breaks instantly
Disadvantages: During the month of use, the power button broke. Repaired. Another month and a new button breaks. In the trash this sucks. Philips will have to buy

Martynov Timofey

Advantages: It has been working for 1.5 years.
Disadvantages: Rags are worn out but not for sale.
Disadvantages: I have been using it for a year and a half. I must say right away – suitable for laminate flooring. Even at max power with a laminate, nothing is wrong going on. At the expense of what they write about the matte field after the mop: a glossy effect gives the detergent, which of course in the mop not applicable, but the floor is clean and disinfected, although not glitters. There are divorces, but not many. Divorces do not bother me most importantly, steam kills germs. Divorces are from a dirty rag. It is better to wash rags in the car, it is difficult to wash manually.

Korovin Vadim

Pluses: I often wash my floors, as at home a little child. At first mop soaps, but some stains remained and had to rub his hands. With this mop, everything turns out to be removed with first time. Convenient steam control: I use for the laminate minimum, for tile – maximum. Convenient design, easy to wash and keep.
Minuses: There is a battery compartment on the handle, so the cover he falls off all the time. this is not critical since during you automatically hold the work with your hand, but the fact itself is unpleasant.
Disadvantages: One could surrender that few nozzles, but for Its price is a good, simple and affordable device.

Arkusha Antonina

Pluses: Cleans upholstered furniture well. The apartment has become cleaner due to the need to use the floor every time vacuum cleaner.
Disadvantages: The floor is very poorly cleaned, stains remain even when work at the smallest power. Because of this, the floor is dull, no sensation of purity. Not suitable for laminate (in instructions it is indicated that this mop is suitable only for parquet, linoleum, tiles, marble and stone). Mopping began to take away twice more time due to the need to use a vacuum cleaner. IN instructions indicated that helps get rid of hard-to-reach stains on the carpets. It does not help, the spots just get a little lighter. Children’s plasticine also doesn’t wipe from the laminate, only a little bit, partially. When washing upholstered furniture, the frame for rags. When washing the floor, you touch the power switches on handle, because of which the power switches itself and this is necessary to control. Well, and the cord. Then everyone wrote about him. It is located where the washing surface is. All the time is under her. Washing is really uncomfortable.
Minuses: When buying, we did not know that the mop is not suitable for laminate, as in several reviews read that she universal and suitable for any kind of floor. However, I think if we had parquet, the result of washing would be the same. We have light laminate from those on which garbage is not visible. But these divorces do not get anywhere from the mop. Medium and powerful modes are not used, because the floor after them is really wet. First five minutes until the rag dry, like nothing, and then wet. In the first mode, he too stays wet, but not so much. They began to add good to the water means for mopping, stains became a little less. Generally, I think that there is no harm to the laminate from this mop: the floor remains as wet as from any other mop and not hot at all (he warm or cold), as many think. It’s sad that the good for there is no sex from her either. A mop well cleaned our white sofa flock. He was not dirty, but for 5 years he still lost freshness. When they began to clean, black spools began to appear on the couch. At first they thought that they were falling from the rag itself. Then they all became more. As a result, the entire sofa covered with black spools. Collected them with a vacuum cleaner, and freshness returned to our sofa. Overall not We recommend this floor mop, especially for those with homogeneous glossy floor. Very upset. Now Take a closer look at the new Philips steam mop as well as a vacuum cleaner.

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Pluses: Good soap floors
Minuses: Broke after 3 months of use
Minuses: Soaps are good, but all is good someday ends. After 3 months, she began to give very little steam. Rather total channels clogged due to scale. Who uses – use distilled water, or look for a self-cleaning mop from scale.

Karpov Andrey

Advantages: compactness, efficiency
Disadvantages: leaves small stains on the laminate; white rags that do not wash
Minuses: I thought that the mop would be low-power, but in practice It turned out to be very effective. Steam power sufficient for cleaning floors from dust, dirt. It’s nice to think that a mop can kill ticks. and bacteria. The floor really gets very clean and the air more fresh. With pre-dusting, the result is more than)

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