KARCHER SC 5 Premium + Iron Kit

KARCHER SC 5 Premium + Iron Kit

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Specifications KARCHER SC 5 Premium + Iron Kit

General characteristics

A type steam cleaner
Design floor
Power 2200 Wt
Steam pressure up to 4.20 bar
Water tank 1.5 l
Boiler volume 0.5 l
Water heating time 3 min
Maximum steam supply 150 g / min
Body material plastic


Horizontal steaming there is
Steam adjustment there is
Steam hose 2.5 m
Scale protection there is


Nozzles spot nozzle, floor nozzle, iron nozzle, brush nozzle
Storage compartment for accessories there is
Carrying handle there is
Removable water tank there is


Dimensions (HxWxD) 30.5×30.1×43.9 cm
Weight 6 kg
Automatic shutdown there is
Power cord length 6 m
Additional Information VapoHydro (steam with hot water)

Reviews about KARCHER SC 5 Premium + Iron Kit

Advantages: Hot water jet mode is a very useful function.
Disadvantages: The steam is cold at a distance of 5-7 cm. The floor nozzle is generally not suitable for use. The wire does not go inside.
Disadvantages: I bought it for cleaning floors, very disappointed with the mop head. The engineers who came up with its mechanics, namely the position for removing the rag, should have experienced this “miracle” themselves before putting this misunderstanding on sale. I didn't expect to get consumer goods for that kind of money, but I got it. P.S. after a month of operation, the mop broke at the base, the plastic is poor. P.P.S. This site also wants the best, while I was writing a review, the page was refreshed twice spontaneously, since the text does not fly off.

Grigoriev Maxim

Pluses: Cleans very awesome! The technique shines like new after cleaning. Chemistry can never be cleaned like that.
Disadvantages: The price is of course a bit expensive, but we came to the conclusion that it is worth the money.
Disadvantages: Bought for ironing. Earlier they bought a Philips steam generator (for 29 thousand rubles) and have never been upset so much (there is very little steam). They returned to the store. We bought a KARCHER SC 5 Premium + Iron Kit and the whole family is in an indescribable delight. There is a lot of steam, there is enough steam pressure. We thought we would only iron them, but it turned out that cleaning the house without him is just wiping the dust) If possible, buy, you will not regret it! The wife says – This is a dream iron!

Strelnikov Alexander

Pluses: cool kit, lots of attachments, perfectly removes dirt
Disadvantages: expensive
Disadvantages: With regard to this model, you must immediately say that it is not cheap at all. I'm just a fan of cleanliness and all those gadgets. The most important thing is, of course, the iron that comes with the kit, ironing perfectly – at a high level, not all steam irons can boast of this, I am very pleased with the versatility of this device, so I bought this particular model, with one device I wash the floors, iron and clean the kitchen, bathroom, etc. room. I already have one, also a Karcher, I love this brand, but simpler and old. So I decided – to update so update) I can only say the best. Several steam modes, special attachments for all occasions, a handle that allows you to reach all hard-to-reach places, a spacious water tank. If without prose, then finally she removed the unfortunate dirt behind the toilet, which nothing took, and also removed the dried grease and other “beautiful” things from the kitchen floor. If you think that it can be removed without this, then you simply cannot imagine the extent of the problem) I am very pleased with the purchase, in a word.

Sandova Ksenia

Advantages: humidifies the air
Disadvantages: Advertising is beautiful. In fact, I never managed to clean anything. There is steam, warm, at maximum 4 speed I can bring and hold my hand at a distance of 5-7 cm. I tried to clean everything: tiles and sinks and plumbing fixtures and grease stains in the kitchen. The effect is zero, everything gets wet, it does not become cleaner. Perhaps it only cleans fresh stains and o0 dirt. Very disappointed. I had high hopes for this unit. I gave 35 thousand for him. I didn't even try the iron. I'll carry it back ((

Gubaev Georgy

Advantages: dirt comes off perfectly, a large tank, an iron is included, several levels of steam consumption, design
Disadvantages: price
Disadvantages: I wanted to buy a steam cleaner for a long time. I consulted with different people, read reviews, decided to take Karcher. The choice fell on this model because of the design, the presence of an iron in the kit and because of several options for use (you need to have a universal steam cleaner that will clean everything in the house). Didn't regret not a penny! A good device, saves time when cleaning, a large tank – I can clean the entire apartment in one “run”. The cool thing about it is, of course, that almost any dirt comes off without the use of cleaning agents. I changed the nozzle – and go. It is very convenient to change napkins when cleaning the floor – you do not have to clean it with your hands. There are several modes for regulating steam, it is convenient when working with different degrees of dirt. Even the mold in the bathroom was gone, although nothing was taking it. About the iron, however, I can not say anything – I never understood how irons can differ from each other. Iron is like an iron. But there is a feeling that ironing has become easier and faster (it seems to slide better on the material).

Solntseva Aliya

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