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characteristics KARCHER SC 2

General characteristics

A type steam cleaner
Design floor
Power 1500 watts
Steam pressure up to 3.20 bar
Water tank 1 l
Water heating time 6.50 minutes
Body material plastic


Steam adjustment there is
Scale protection there is


Nozzles rotary nozzle, point nozzle, floor nozzle, brush nozzle
Storage compartment for accessories there is
Carrying handle there is


Dimensions (HxWxD) 26×25.4×38 cm
Weight 2.9 kg
Power cord length 4 m
Additional Information terry cloth napkin, terry cloth cover for hand attachment

KARCHER SC 2 reviews

Pluses: Price. Does his job.
Disadvantages: To fill in water, you must constantly disconnect the plug from the outlet.
Disadvantages: The Karcher Steam Cleaner is the Thing! With its help, you can carry out a global cleaning of the house. To wash what the hands have never reached. Gave it to relatives, everyone played with him for several hours. Machine can be washed. A significant drawback of the SC 2 model is that to add water, you need to pull it out of the socket (the problem can be solved by buying a plug with a power off / on button at an electrical store). The attachments included are just right. Separately, you can buy a nozzle for washing windows in Karcher brand stores (wash a window in 10 seconds). Also a cool thing from Karcher is a vacuum cleaner for windows (sucks in water). That is, you can first walk along the window with a steam cleaner, and then with this vacuum cleaner. Karcher SC 2 is a budget option! He works. If money doesn’t matter to you, then buy Karcher SC 4. There, steam is more powerful and you can add water on the go. So I did Karcher SC 2 to my mother-in-law, and took Karcher SC 4 to myself. An irreplaceable thing for the home.

Nikonov Vladimir

Advantages: Helps to quickly bring perfect cleanliness in the house.

Irina Romashkova

Advantages: steam is not bad
Disadvantages: the ring gasket between the connections of the nozzles broke on the first day and they are not included in the kit; now the holder heats up and does not press tightly

Bulatov Andrey

Advantages: price, firm,
Disadvantages: the cord does not retract inside, but this is more for safety reasons.
Disadvantages: ideal for cleaning the house, especially cleaning the floor, any surface with grease becomes just like new, no detergents are needed …

Dmitry Petrovich

Advantages: Works, steam is delivered regularly.
Disadvantages: The wire is not removed, a small number of nozzles included, very expensive add-ons. nozzles (1000 rubles per piece of plastic – sorry, too much!).
Disadvantages: Bought to make cleaning the kitchen easier, believing the rave reviews – a complete disappointment! Perhaps, it cleans an absolutely smooth induction hob well, especially if you wash it after every cooking, but it doesn’t wash a gas hob (which, by definition, has a lot of irregularities) and once a week! The same applies to the kitchen hood filter. Fat, which is at least a few days old, does not take steam from this unit! In general, it cannot cope with the work for which the device was bought. For this money, it was possible to stock up on cleaning chemicals for 10 years.

Sharapov Vitaly

Pluses: small
Disadvantages: heats up for a long time, not effective steam, when
Disadvantages: I took to wash the floors from porcelain stoneware, I have it light beige, semi-polished and therefore easily soiled, even after careful hand washing and wiping on the “mirror” of the tile, dirt is seen in the pores. it is necessary to process it once every half a year with a special composition with wax, so that it is not so easily soiled. I thought that the steam cleaner would wash away the stubborn dirt. However. A couple is enough to process the 1st tile 45×45 cm, then you have to wait about 2 minutes until the next portion of water heats up. I have 20 m2 of porcelain stoneware. Cleaning the 1st tile – 3 minutes (cleaning for a minute, waiting for 2 minutes). Very long and inconvenient. Apparently it was necessary to take a device with rapid heating, probably it would be possible to work with it non-stop. It is natural not to clean with a mop and a rag, it only moistens the tiles with warm water, I can pour and wet myself from a bucket of water. Only a small brush attachment. And that means crawling over these 20m2 tiles. Time consuming. Previously, I washed the tiles with a special composition with chlorine, it washes faster, you don't need to rub anything, I went through with a mop and that's it. We have a dog. Yesterday, after the steam wash, everything smelled strongly of dank dog. Those. the steam did not kill this smell, but intensified it. I had to wash it with the usual detergent with bleach and a mop. Conclusions, it is not suitable for semi-polished porcelain stoneware. Not suitable for large surfaces. I also tried to wash the windows after renovation, the steam does not knock anything down with the machine. You also have to rub it with a cloth and it is more effective than this device. Windows are understandably divorced. If you wipe them off by hand and then wash the windows from simple dirt, it may work. But there are water stains at the moment. I haven't tried the bathroom, let's see, I usually treated it with Shumanit and washed it off after 5 minutes, the bath was perfectly clean. How long it will take with the steam, I don't know, I'll check it out. Conclusions: for small local pollution, this device is probably suitable, but so far it is not worth my money.

Karpushkina Veronika

Pluses: Cleans, disinfects, refreshes. Almost anything can be cleaned. It copes well even with old dirt. Compact, long cord.
Disadvantages: Spits water.
Disadvantages: Delighted with the purchase of KARCHER SC 2! I place the device in my personal rating of useful household appliances for the home in the top lines. General cleaning of the apartment was carried out. I cleaned: 1) All household appliances (washing machine, microwave, kettle, etc.) – sparkle like new, knocked out dirt from all cracks. 2) Floor tiles, wall tiles, including tile joints 3) Windows + frames / window sills 4) Pipes / radiator 5) Furniture, upholstery 6) Stretch ceiling, chandeliers 7) Floor 8) Dust from the sheets of indoor plants Did not clean: Lime deposits in the bathroom and at the cranes, strong old grease, chemistry is needed here. By use, I understood the following things: – The nozzle with a long rag is suitable for the floor, but if you use it for a long time, it gets wet and starts leaving streaks – Before using the steam cleaner, you need to vacuum it – Furniture, appliances, small parts, etc. are conveniently cleaned with a point nozzle, be sure then wiping everything with a microfiber cloth, otherwise there will be stains – It is better to use distilled water because the Karcher descaling agent (sticks) is very expensive, and 5L water in a car shop costs a penny. The kit really lacks a nozzle for windows, you will have to buy it separately.

Kotova Ekaterina

Advantages: Quality, low cost.
Disadvantages: not very large storage
Disadvantages: Very happy with the purchase when compared with our previous equipment. The main thing, as I noted, is the price and quality, which worries me the most) Purchase less than a month, let's see how it will work next. I will definitely add a review.

Ishtiryakov Tgiran

Advantages: Well done.
Disadvantages: It heats up for a long time, takes up a lot of space, like a vacuum cleaner, I couldn't put it back in the box, it just doesn't fit, to be honest, I don't understand why, it's mystic.
Disadvantages: It turned out to be useless for me in everyday life, either the steam temperature is too low, or the productivity, I expected something more.

Magogin Yaroslav

Pros: Ease of use
Disadvantages: Still, you cannot do without additional detergents, or not everywhere. And it seemed to me that the orange indicator quickly lights up (at which, as I understand, it is not recommended to work, you have to wait for the green button to light up … Maybe I did not read the instructions well …
Disadvantages: I bought it for the floor, as there are a lot of tiles in the apartment. Cleaning the floor is a pleasure! The walls, corners, bathroom furniture and shower cabin were cleaned well, but my apartment is not running. In the kitchen, I washed the backsplash tiles best and faster, the stove is more complicated, the oven is also good (I soaked almost everything a little with detergents). I think the second and third time, if you do not start it, it will wash faster and more efficiently. I also washed the windows – excellent, the mirrors – excellent, you just need to wipe it with a dry cloth (I don't have any special attachments, I didn’t wash it with a medium-sized brush with a cloth on an elastic band), but I didn’t wipe it – for me the main thing is clean and a couple of water stains on the glass I am not annoyed, the main thing is not to use physical force. I have a technique for -VY and everything was easy and convenient for me. Recommend!


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