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Foxcleaner Ion specifications

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air cleaning
Power consumption 10 watts
Serviced area 20 sq.m

Air cleaning

Filters HEPA filter, photocatalytic, electrostatic, carbon


Ionization there is
Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
ultraviolet lamp there is
Installation tabletop
Power supply net
Additional Information timer up to 12 hours


Control electronic, display, timer
Wi-Fi not
Bluetooth not

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 175x220x150 mm
Weight 1.5KG

Foxcleaner Ion reviews

Pluses: Two speeds of work. There is a timer, you can program. Easy, very convenient touch control with clear symbols.
Disadvantages: the same touch control is very accessible for a child, he walks around the cleaner and presses all the buttons in turn. It would be nice to make a lock.
Disadvantages: Bought a purifier because of allergies and just to purify the air for health. We use the cleaner every day for about a month. I can already draw some conclusions about the device. Very solid; all filters are combined into a common frame 2.5 cm thick.The first in the frame is the pre-filter (when purchased, it is sky blue, after a month of everyday use, gray bloom, dust appeared and even found cat hair) Inside the device, after the filters there is ultraviolet lamp. As I understand it, after the air passes through the filters, it is further purified by UV. I want to warn you, do not forget to remove the protective film from the filter before use! And then at the beginning I drove it idle for about 20 minutes) with a film)) And only then I saw a warning on the case that before turning it on, you need to remove the protective packaging from the filter.

Simankov Rodion

Advantages: Small, inexpensive UV lamp – not an ordinary LED, as in many models
Disadvantages: Noisy (you can hardly sleep with this) Useless ?!
Disadvantages: I purchased this model for air purification. I considered small models, so high-quality humidifiers + cleaners have disappeared (which I regret a little). Due to the low price, compact size, the presence of a UV lamp and an ionizer, the choice fell on this model. Stands in the living room, because makes noise like an old system unit after a long time. After several weeks of continuous operation, the filter is surprisingly clean … It may work for ionization, but if you are allergic or want high-quality cleaning, then it is better to take a purifier with air humidification, there at least dirt remains in the water.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Touch control, everything is clear at an intuitive level, cleans the air well.
Disadvantages: For a small room of 15-18 meters, for a large area, more power is needed.
Disadvantages: I have an asthmatic child, I have to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the room and use all possible means for this. I bought Ion for trial. It was hard to believe that such a small box can clean the air well. But after a while, as some write in the reviews, we checked the filter – the result of the work is clearly visible – the filter is no longer blue. It's not bad if the power of the purifier was more or you need to buy one device for each room. We still use it in the nursery. The functionality of the device is simple, touch control. Everything is simple and clear, I didn't even have to read the instructions for a long time. For the child's health, there is improvement. But in this direction we are taking many different measures and positive action, I think that this is the merit of all actions taken together.

Ksyusha Pinchukova

Advantages: compact design, not very noisy, easy to operate, clean the air with high quality (judging by the gray filter, is this what we breathe?) There are spare filters on sale.
Disadvantages: did not notice
Disadvantages: Bought it after moving to a new apartment. Our area is new, construction is all around, the only way dust flies. Having read the reviews, I already checked the filter – it turned gray and even a little dust accumulated on the surface, it became scary from what we breathe (. This is after two months of everyday use. I like that the model is comfortable, easy to operate, convenient to carry. Touch control, figured out I think that the filter copes with its task perfectly, it became really easier to breathe.

Made-In Russia

Advantages: compact, efficient, low price. You can adjust the power of pumping air
Disadvantages: makes noises
Disadvantages: Small device, carefully examined its device after purchase. Well done, easy to figure out with buttons on the case, underneath are understandable symbols. The buttons are touch-sensitive, they are triggered by easy touch. It is clear that it is designed for small areas, it is written about this in the instructions. It is strange that in some comments this is presented as a disadvantage. Read the characteristics before buying something and you will be happy). The filter is not just some kind of thin partition, but of a solid thickness, about 2.5-3 cm. It cleans very well, as an indicator – a filter that is easy to pull out to look and assess the degree of its contamination from the outside. Naturally, you cannot look inside, everything is in one contour. Although .. after use it will be possible to look) Is it noisy ?. During the day you can't hear it, if you leave it near the bed at night, it strains when you fall asleep. Therefore, we put it at a distance from the bed, so as not to interfere.

Motovkina Ekaterina

Advantages: Cleans the air, does not require special care, does not strain, there is ionization, you can adjust the power.
Disadvantages: Designed for a maximum area of ​​20 sq.m. At the second speed, the noise of work is heard, But not critical, during the day, behind the rest of the sounds, the cleaner is almost inaudible.
Disadvantages: This miniature cleaner copes with its functions by 5 points. I am allergic (I do not suffer constantly, but there are problems from time to time). My daughter recently brought a cat. I wanted to kick him out, but she threw such a tantrum … To prevent her suffering, I had to buy myself an air purifier. I put it in the room where I spend the most time. And here's an interesting observation. When I'm in the room where the purifier is working, it breathes great. When I'm in other rooms, sometimes sneezes start! From this I conclude that the cleaner does its job. Most likely I will buy for other premises.

Artem Mokshin

Pluses: Compact, quiet, but very effective.
Disadvantages: I read on the Internet about the usefulness and necessity of an air purifier and decided that we need it). I chose Foxcleaner Ion because it has a catalytic filter, among others. At the same time, the device is not expensive, just for testing. The room is 16 squares, and it is designed for up to 20. The size is small, it does not interfere in the room at all. It works quietly, I do not notice it (if, of course, I focus on its work and listen, then a smooth quiet hum is heard). At the second speed, a little louder, so at night we leave it to work only at the first speed. Thanks to the touchscreen display, it is very easy to use. I like that the ionization function can be turned off. I don't know if Ion influenced this, but since his acquisition, none of our family has ever been sick. And we have been using it for about six months.

Alexander Gorbunov

Advantages: It works, it really works. Pungent odors emerging from the hood can be removed in a small room in 5 minutes. At the first fan speed you can sleep peacefully with it. Very useful in tight spaces with stale air. The ionizer eliminates the negative background from devices and computers. Small size, laconic look, will fit well in almost any interior. The design is thought out and it is noticeable. For example, the same legs made of high-quality silicone, thanks to which it stands well on any surface.
Disadvantages: I didn't find them. Perhaps the manufacturer could add recommendations for optimal operating modes (for example, when, at what power and for how long to turn on the ionizer / UV lamp).
Disadvantages: Would recommend to friends without hesitation (which is what I actually do). The device for relatively little money fully copes with the tasks. It is enough for a room up to 20 meters. Let's see how it manifests itself in the dusty months in the city.

Kashitsyn Ilya

Advantages: Easy to use, convenient, high quality, programmable. Several filters.
Disadvantages: the filter is designed only for six months and then a new one is needed
Disadvantages: My wife offered to buy a cleaner, treating it as just another toy. When I saw, I changed my opinion, everything was done correctly. There are several different fillings in the filter. But the filter cannot be washed, it must be replaced after 6 months. If the purifier is not used for some time, then the instructions say that you can preserve the filter (just put it in cellophane). The controls are simple and I like it. I don't like fancy devices. Everything is simple here. Additionally, there is UV and ionization, it can be turned on / off. I hope we won't get sick with the cleaner during the flu season.

Vanya Frolov

Advantages: irreplaceable at home and at work, especially in the winter / autumn period. First we bought it to the office, and then many went home
Disadvantages: did not notice
Disadvantages: Bought this purifier – Ion in the office, otherwise it is full of papers and dust from them, and at the same time for disinfection and air purification. And then in winter, almost always one of the employees walks with a cold and infects others. I liked it very much based on the results of using it for three months, so I bought two of the same (in each room) and home. The price is reasonable, the device has good filtration. I think that it is absolutely useful to everyone. It cleans the air well, that after it the head is fresh and breathes, as after a walk in the fresh air. I like that the control is touch-sensitive – everyone can handle it, even the instruction is not needed. Well, the timer is also a useful function.

Alsou Yazykova

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