Boneco W2055DR

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characteristics Boneco W2055DR

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air purification / humidification
Power consumption 20 watts
Serviced area 50 sq.m


Humidifier type traditional
Water tank capacity 7 l
Water consumption 300 ml / h
Hygrostat there is


Ionization there is
Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
Aromatization there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net
Additional Information glossy front surface


Control display
Indication low water level, filter contamination
Noise level 25 dBA

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 360x360x360 mm
Weight 5.9 kg

Boneco W2055DR reviews

Pros: Screen, night mode (really quiet)
Disadvantages: Occasionally gurgles
Disadvantages: In general, they are satisfied, it rather quickly increases the humidity in the room and keeps it at the specified value. Inside – “mother dear” system “nipple” – plastic plates are spinning and that's it, the price is mechanizna by eye well 2000-3000 r. Of course, other decor adds value, but not 25 thousand in the end.

Zhurlov Andrey

Advantages: Stably maintains the set humidity, and is also an air wash. Not whimsical to water quality.
Disadvantages: When the water is poured from the expansion barrel into the stationary barrel, the humidifier 'sloshes a little'. It was embarrassing at first, but quickly got used to it. The rest of the time, the humidifier operates silently.
Disadvantages: The humidifier will remind you when it's time to wash the discs. They can be put in the dishwasher for simplicity.

Obrien faith

Advantages: easy to clean, quiet, no replaceable filters
Disadvantages: no
Disadvantages: I bought an air washer last winter, when I could not breathe normally from constant heating. I was looking for such a model in order to buy it once, and then not buy any additional components. Boneko was attracted by the fact that no filters need to be changed. I bought it in black, it is not easily soiled. Works quietly even in normal mode. Washes the air perfectly, when washing directly the clots of dust inside. In addition, it also humidifies the air, now the house is always fresh, despite the heating.

Stefania Davydova

Advantages: Cleans the air well, easy to clean, LCD display, has a humidification function, design
Disadvantages: Small water tank, size
Disadvantages: I am completely satisfied with the work of the sink. Really cleans the air from dust and animal hair. When you first cleaned the tray, the water in it was very dirty with a green tint (that's what we breathe!), And after a month of active use of the sink, I just rinse the tray. You can set the humidity level in the room yourself, there are several operating modes, if the water runs out, the device turns off itself. In the end – goodbye to dust and animal hair allergies! In the period of viral diseases, excellent prevention – I add aromatic oils for colds and for aromatization in the room.

Varvara Sergeeva

Advantages: Quiet model, easy to use and maintain
Disadvantages: Didn't see
Disadvantages: I adjusted it to fit myself. For an excellent level – 60%. I installed it in the program, now it controls the whole process – and turns itself on and off. Aromatization is a great addition. The aroma is not sugary, but rather delicate, light.

Sidorova Lilia

Advantages: Does not make noise, only at maximum humidification it gurgles a little, does not burst with a drum or whatever) Monsieur does not require much; the smart display pleases, I control the humidity in the house with its help, and the numbers are large – for myopic people this is salvation.
Disadvantages: No.
Disadvantages: Boneko has been living in my studio apartment for the third month. I probably wouldn't have bought it at all, if I hadn't lived on the 2nd floor, the windows face the road, there is always dust on furniture and window sills, well, in the air, respectively. I feel the effect, it's much easier to breathe, and I see that the dirt in the pallet is washed over time, I often wash it, this is all my caring for the sink) the dust has become less. Yes, somehow the atmosphere as a whole has changed, as if I’m not at home, but by the sea somewhere or in the mountains, fresh I recommend it to friends and family, while they come just looking, they also notice that it has become better.

Koroleva Galina

Advantages: cleans the air well, easy maintenance, quiet operation, LCD display, humidification and ionization functions, large and transparent water container, cleaning indicator.
Disadvantages: size, price
Disadvantages: I was looking for a sink for a long time so that the set parameters were saved all the time. This model will automatically adjust the degree of cleaning and humidification according to my needs. Very convenient aromatization function. During the flu period, I use oils to disinfect the air, at other times – instead of a freshener. The air is cleaned of dust well – it has become less likely to vacuum. During night operation, you can hardly hear how it works.

Andzhela Kornienko

Advantages: Ionization of the air, moisturizes and washes the air well
Disadvantages: We live near a chemical plant. The employee told his wife a lot of positive things about the use of the air washer. I sat on the Internet and ordered Boneco W2055DR. With distrust, I reacted to this venture, until a couple of weeks later I discovered that the dust in the house is much less. The husband showed in the first days how much dust and dirt settles in the pallet. Caring for it is easy, just rinse the discs and rinse the pan. The water tank is large enough for a long time, it turns off itself when the volume of water is small. It works quietly, there is a humidity sensor.

Christina Ilyina

Advantages: combines 2 functions: purification and humidification of the air; there is no need to buy replacement filters; works quietly; the sensor is responsible for the evaporation of water.
Disadvantages: not found
Disadvantages: Washing for me was just a salvation during the period of flowering plants and the appearance of fluff from poplars. It washes the air really well, it becomes easier to breathe. In winter, when the batteries are very hot, the air is dry, washing is also necessary. Its effect is sufficient for my entire three-room apartment. I use it day and night. All parts of the device are easy to clean under running water.

Victoria Bagulina

Advantages: air purification without chemicals, LCD display, easy care, quiet operation, humidity and cleaning indicator, room fragrance, air humidification
Disadvantages: high price, no HEPA filters
Disadvantages: We thought about purchasing an air cleaner when we moved to live in the city. After the suburb, it became hard to breathe even in the apartment. We paid attention to this model because of the ease of maintenance and air purification without chemicals. You can pour water from the tap – the silver rod cleans it. The air is cleaned quickly – after half an hour of work, the room 'smells like rain' thanks to the ionization function. I really liked that you can set a certain level of humidity, which is what you need for the kids. I don’t worry much about cleaning, the indicator tells me about its need. Only then my discs. But the pallet has to be cleaned about once a week. Due to the simplicity of the design, I think the price is too high.

Raya Zhuravleva

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