Boneco H680

Boneco H680

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Boneco H680 specifications

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air purification / humidification
Power consumption 30 watts
Serviced area 100 sq.m


Water tank capacity 10 l
Hygrostat there is

Air cleaning

Air cleaning performance (CADR) 190 cubic meters / h
Filters HEPA filter, water, carbon


Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
Aromatization there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net


Control electronic, display, timer, remote control
Wi-Fi not
Bluetooth not
Indication low water level, filter contamination
Noise level 25 dBA

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 435x490x347 mm
Weight 10.4 kg

Boneco H680 reviews

Advantages: The water tank lasts more than a day.
Disadvantages: The very first thing I noticed was the noise level. All comments say that the device works almost silently, this is not true. According to the passport, <25 dBa is written without specifying the mode. Measured with a sound level meter (min 30dBA), morning: 0. Humidifier off 35.0 dBa 1st speed 37.8 dBa 2nd speed 39.5 dBa 3rd speed 40.8 dBa 4th speed 44.0 dBa 5th speed 45.9 dBa 6- speed 48.8 dBa 7th speed 55.0 dBa Subjective impressions: I placed the humidifier away from the living room, in the kitchen, the doors are always open. During the day in auto mode, it works at 6th speed, very loud. In night mode, it works at 1st speed, you can hear something like my not quite quiet refrigerator. I can't imagine how to put it in the bedroom. The whole room does not humidify, only the room where it is located, I will try to move it to other places later, perhaps the air flows / extracts interfere. In Auto / 60% mode it keeps humidity at 43-48%, in another room at 34-38% In the morning, after night mode, humidity is 32-34% next to the device.
Disadvantages: Less than a week of experience, I share my first impressions. updated: Moved the device to a different location and everything changed a lot. At Auto / 50%, it keeps humidity at 45-50%. The device is greatly influenced by the location of the hoods in the apartment and the position of the device, those air flows.

Vadim Skubilin

Advantages: Effectively moisturizes and purifies the air. easy to fill with water.
Disadvantages: A crack appeared after 3 weeks of use, the engine was changed 3 times during repairs, it became even worse, a hum appeared. Cracking occurs at the point of contact of the drum with the dampening mesh and the gear that turns it
Disadvantages: if it were not for the crackle at which it is impossible to use at night, super device But the defect is constructive and not specifically to my model, so you think for yourself.

Tedeev Ilya

Advantages: 1. Design. 2. Low power consumption. 3. Large water tank. 4. The efficiency of humidification is above average. 5. A small number of parts, it is quite convenient to wash.
Disadvantages: 1. After a short time of operation, there are extraneous noises caused by the operation of the dampening element (wheels with a dampening filter and a roller rotating it) – it looks like a structural defect. 2. The specified noise level of 25 dB, if true, is only at the lowest speed (see photo). In general, such a noise level is a night in a quiet village, as a rule, household appliances like a refrigerator give out more during their work. What is indicated on the device box itself is more like the truth: 35-58 dB (see photo). Therefore, you will not sleep with him, unless at the minimum speed of work, but at the same time he will not particularly moisturize. 3. The manufacturing quality of the parts does not correspond to the declared exceptional quality, and some of them have separate questions, such as the lid of the water tank at the valve attachment point (see photo) – this should not be the case with this positioning of the device. 4. Adding oil for aromatization is not thought out, because you have to turn off the device, remove 2 panels and only then pour it into a small tray. 5. Modes of operation in fact “for show”, like the remote control, there is no point in them.
Disadvantages: In general, the complex is not worth your money, I do not recommend buying. There is a strong impression that the minimum investment in the product itself, and the maximum in marketing. It makes no sense to buy consumables: the scale cleaner is ordinary citric acid, as indicated on the package (see photo), and the efficiency of the silver rod is a big question – all the same pure marketing, in extreme cases it can be replaced with a silver coin. The complex was operated for exactly one month from December 11 to January 11 around the clock on an area of ​​about 40 sq. m in an ordinary living space. Extraneous noises first appeared after a couple of weeks and after that they only changed / intensified. The device should have been able to humidify such an area easily, but coped with difficulty (the flow of incoming / outgoing air in the room is very much affected). The complex was returned to the store, the money was returned – for this, special thanks to the store.


Advantages: Effectively moisturizes, good design, high-quality body, easy to maintain, large water tank, many different operating modes. Unlike air washes, it cleans the air not only from coarse dust, but also from finely dispersed dust, which is the most dangerous for human health. The screen dims in the dark depending on the lighting – it does not dazzle, the buttons are touch-sensitive, there is a control panel. While it was new, it worked more or less quietly, but with wear and tear, everything changed.
Disadvantages: Dear, after one season he began to make a lot of noise, before that he was in the bedroom, now it is impossible to use it in the bedroom, even in night mode at first speed. The mechanism driving the drum in rotation is noisy, hiss, creaks and something rubs inside, tried to lubricate the worm that rotates the drum with silicone grease, it's useless, the water washes away all the lubricant, and judging by the constant low hum, it looks like the fan motor itself also began to hum. It is not convenient to use buttons and menus in the dark, they are touch-sensitive, without backlighting, they are not felt by touch.
Disadvantages: Judging by the fact that everyone complains about the noise, this is a disease, and not an isolated case only for me. This means that it can work out its high price qualitatively for no more than 1 season – this does not suit me in any way, and if I knew in advance, I would not buy it because for 60 thousand there is a great choice, for example, it might be better to take a couple of three simpler humidifiers and put them in different rooms, which will be more effective, but with the same money. Recently, I realized that it is best to use natural humidifiers for the home, in no case ultrasound (there is a lot of harmful dust from it and it can humidify the air) and in no case washing, because they actually do not clean the air, unless that they collect coarse dust, because of which they often need to be looked after, since all this dust remains in the water and begins to smell there not in the best way. Steam ones consume a lot of energy, so I settled on traditional humidifiers, it's a pity that Baneko failed, this year I took the domestic Real for the nursery, it costs three times cheaper, it holds more water and moisturizes no worse than that, I worked almost winter, let's see what will happen next winter .

Nizamov Emil

Advantages: Stylish design, purifies and humidifies the air, easy to use, covering a large area.
Disadvantages: Cost is high.
Disadvantages: The cost of this sink is much higher than many others, but its characteristics are simply excellent. I liked this sink because the coverage area is 100sq.m, which is quite a lot and is just right for our apartment. If you open all the doors, then the sink may not be carried from room to room, it “gets” everything from one place. I liked the design very much, fit perfectly into our interior. Cool remote control function, even from a long distance. It cleans the air from dust and wool well, while working almost noiselessly. It has a large water tank, so it is often unnecessary to fill in liquid. There is also an aroma function, it functions normally!

Ksenia Markanova

Advantages: This sink has many different advantages, but the very first and surprising one for me is the capsule for aroma oils! Highly recommend. Threw out all the candles and the like. I already had a lot of these cleaners, so I can say that it is still quite quiet, and for its price it is generally quiet. I bought it in the fall already, and for the winter this thing turned out to be just excellent, because all the dry air becomes wetter.
Disadvantages: None. I only warn those who live in large apartments, as one sink will not be enough for such people.
Disadvantages: I hope this one will last longer than the last one, although their prices are almost the same. And yet the little joy with aromatic oils still bribed me very much. I have not seen such before in my city, the last century is straight. I stumbled upon her even by accident and at first did not believe, for she was just as backward. I think that using oils this way will be even more beneficial, because there will be no harmful dried air, which usually only spoils everything.

Vera Tarasova

Advantages: High-quality cleaning and quick humidification of the air, pre-filter, you can combine work functions and set the desired cleaning level, aromatization, easy to use.
Disadvantages: Price.
Disadvantages: They took the complex first of all to clean the air from wool and dust, as allergy attacks became more frequent. As a result, the technique copes and I drink pills less often. Additionally, I use the aromatization function during infectious diseases, add essential oils for colds. It is easy to take care of the equipment, all information is displayed on the screen. The indicator will indicate the time of filling water, changing the filter or cleaning the equipment. Separately, you can adjust the fan speed and set the level of cleaning and humidification. It works quietly, you can control it through the remote control.

Salkov Daniil

Advantages: Holds 10 liters, and the dimensions are modest. Designed for a large area and copes with this task. Quiet, everything is shown on the display, the water tank is easy to fill. Several different filters, when they get dirty, it beeps. There are no unpleasant odors from it, on the contrary, you can add aroma oil. The remote control takes from any corner of the room.
Disadvantages: There are none.
Disadvantages: Well, I insisted and took a cleansing complex with my husband. My assistant in cleaning up. Okay, hydration, boneko copes with it easily. The house is not dirty without wet cleaning. When the air is “washed”, where does the dust come from?

Polina Trapezova

Advantages: silent operation, automatic shutdown, remote control
Disadvantages: no
Disadvantages: An excellent complex for air freshening in the room, aromatization and removal of any unpleasant odors. I am very pleased with the purchase, since the person himself is a smoker, and his wife is constantly annoyed by the smell of smoke. The problem has now been resolved and I can smoke freely in her absence. I bought it recently, but the effect is significant. Works quietly, noiselessly, does not annoy any of the family members. Compact in size, but weighs very little – the wife herself freely transfers it from room to room. I am glad that there is a control panel and a timer – it will not work too much, it will turn off at the appointed time.

Mikhail Tikhonov

Advantages: Excellent Swiss brand, water disinfection system, timer.
Disadvantages: No.
Disadvantages: Last spring for the dusty, dry summer season, prepared very reliably. We bought a Boneko H680 air sink in the store. But when using it, it became clear that the need for this device is needed all year round. Quickly and silently humidifies and makes the air clean (you should have seen how much dust settles on the filters). Due to the natural evaporation of water, there are no deposits on furniture. Not troublesome, easy to look after.

Tatiana Alifan

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