AiRTe AW-615

AiRTe AW-615

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characteristics AiRTe AW-615

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air purification / humidification
Power consumption 40 watts
Serviced area 56 sq.m


Humidifier type traditional
Water tank capacity 6 l
Water consumption 400 ml / h
Hygrostat there is

Air cleaning

Air purity control there is
Filters HEPA filter


Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
Installation floor, table
Power supply net
Additional Information timer for 12 hours


Control electronic, display, timer
Wi-Fi not
Bluetooth not
Indication low water level
Noise level 29 dBA

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 370x400x245 mm
Weight 6.16 kg

AiRTe AW-615 reviews

Advantages: Easy to disassemble, nice design
Disadvantages: The built-in hygrometer shows random values ​​- it feels humid (a room of 15 square meters after 2 days of operation), but the value on the display does not exceed 25%

Slichkov Vladimir

Pluses: + Quite normal, not annoying design. + Ability to add water without turning off the device.
Disadvantages: – Extremely ineffective moisturizing. -High noise level. -Non-informative water level peephole. -Loud sound of buttons. -Dust does not collect. Is that on your body.
Disadvantages: I have long dreamed of a humidifier, because I suffer with my nose. With the advent of the child, I finally decided to buy. Minimal noise during work was very important, so that the child would not be woken up, and I am a sound engineer myself, so my hearing is very sensitive. Plus, we don't have very good water even after the filter, so all ultrasonic models immediately disappeared due to possible white bloom. Batteries in our winter work at a minimum – literally enough so that it is not cold. At the same time, in three months of use, only once it was possible to catch up with the humidity in the room of 16 meters to 55%, despite the fact that at that moment the laundry was drying, and I sprayed the whole room and curtains with water from a spray bottle. The humidifier “drinks” 2-3 liters of water per day, the room is constantly closed (I had to teach everyone to close the bedroom), from morning to evening the humidifier operates at maximum speed, only at night it is set to minimum. At the same time, by the evening, the humidity is usually about 48%, and by the morning it drops to 38% (the usual humidity without the apparatus is about 32%). What kind of 56 meters is the description talking about if the device cannot cope with the 16th? As a result, humidifying the room turned into a real job: not only pour water every day, or even twice, but also manually change the power setting constantly, do not open the doors and spray the room a couple of times a day. The noise at maximum speed is just awful. It is also impossible to sleep on the middle one. At the minimum, it works quietly, but there is almost no sense, only if it does not stand right next to the head. Sometimes it can gurgle very loudly. The buttons have a very loud squeak, at night you cannot change the mode or turn it on if you forgot, so as not to wake up your family. There is a water level peephole, but nothing is visible in it. That is, nothing at all. A useless slot in the case. Reviews even for more expensive models are ambiguous, so I decided to take a chance and take a cheaper one. Friends sometimes say that they bought a humidifier – and the house is humid, like in the tropics. I envy them …

Goncharov Vitaly

Advantages: Quite compact, quiet, efficient, stylish and easy to operate.
Disadvantages: Well, perhaps the HEPA filter, which needs to be changed once a year, or at least vacuumed))
Disadvantages: Excellent air cleaner! I was very surprised that it has Russian roots (well, at least on paper). I bought a slightly second-hand for a sane 6500. Before the first use I took it apart for cleaning. The disc drum is completely collapsible, which makes it possible to get rid of lime deposits on the discs. A solution of citric acid for a couple of hours and a brush make the drum almost new. The controls are clear, the touch buttons work well. During work, you can remove the water tank and fill it without stopping work. He threw a silver spoon into the tank. On the first day, I caught up with the humidity in the apartment (61 sq. M) to 60-65%. So the declared serviced area is quite real! In the minimum mode, it allows you to sleep peacefully in the same room with the device. I am very pleased with the device and can safely recommend it for use. In which case, I will definitely add a review.

Denis Emelyanov

Pluses: Unfortunately, nothing
Disadvantages: Tryndets … Buzzing, noisy, gurgling – it's impossible to sleep even on the supposedly night mode. A week later, several buttons stopped responding – only on / off, in fact, remained working. I tried to return – figurines! “Was in operation, blah blah blah.” OK. I went to look for a service center. Found. Nobody picks up the phone. And so for a week.
Disadvantages: As a result, I threw out the Chinese nonsense, bought a German car wash. Do not get fooled by this nonsense – our grief entrepreneurs, in pursuit of profit, are ready to take any G to Mother Russia and push under the guise of a quality product.

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Advantages: -Simple design -Convenient topping up water -Comprehensible control
Disadvantages: -To determine the remaining water level, you need to get the tank -The effectiveness of humidification (questionable, because there is nothing to compare with)
Disadvantages: For its money, the model is, of course, good. However, so far, for a week of use, a humidity record of 42% (after a long bath and an open door, the humidity rises to 50%, but this is not the merit of the device). Works on an area of ​​about 45 sq. m. Water consumption – in 6-7 hours it takes ~ 2.5 liters. With the heating on, a little more (about a liter). Regarding air purification, I still did not fully understand why the water should be dirty, because there is a HEPA filter at the inlet, and as far as I understand, it retains all the dirt in itself, so nothing should get into the water. There is no protection from mold in the pallet, but on the advice of the manager, we put a silver spoon in it instead of any silver rods. In general, I still did not fully understand whether it is easier with him or not, but it seems like the nasopharynx began to dry out less. No noticeable reduction in the amount of dust is seen either.

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Advantages: Fresh and clean air in the apartment
Disadvantages: No
Disadvantages: Awesome air wash. I chose 2 weeks. Stopped at her and did not regret it. The nose is breathing now, the hands are not dry, but the air! Very fresh and clean air. It feels like the sea.

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Advantages: A good device for the money
Disadvantages: There are little things
Disadvantages: Purchased before the New Year. It works for 2 weeks. A year ago I bought Boneko 2055 in another room for the children, quite happy, but an expensive infection (22 – 25 sput.) In search of something decent with natural moisture, but for less money I came across this one. I took it, I use it. Satisfied in principle. What's Good: Looks OK: Like a printer. It is also well designed, everything is accessible, the water tank can be removed conveniently, everything seems to be of high quality. The difference from Boneko is that there are many evaporating disks rotating in water (25 pieces), but they are of smaller diameter and the relief on them is not so developed. Because of this, the efficiency of cold evaporation is less than that of Boneko by 2 times. We turn on the heating – and this unit drinks the tank for 4 hours. But of course it eats more electricity – 40 W is written here, 200 in the passport. At maximum mode, it is noisy – but people who expect quietness from a compact device with good air exchange characteristics do not understand fluid dynamics. In all such devices, the pumped air is mainly noisy. By the way, Boneko also makes noise in the same way when he pumps it to the full. The indication on it is very bright – it will replace any night light – if it interferes, you will have to close it (it shines at the ceiling). Cleans from dust and dirt – there is something to see on the filter and in the sump. In general, very good, for the money (11 sput.) A good option.

Senchenkov Sergey

Advantages: it works now around the clock, trouble-free and simple.
Disadvantages: no special
Disadvantages: There was an ultrasonic humidifier before this wash, but it broke. In the first days, from the operation of the humidification device as such, it was not felt, but at the same time, a whole tank of water went away per day. I have no idea where how much moisture could have gone. As time passed, the effect of the washing operation began to be felt much more.

Bondar Alexander

Advantages: I liked the fact that there are no replaceable filters, the air is washed with water. It is easy and simple to use the device, anyone can handle
Disadvantages: I use it quite recently, until I noticed the disadvantages

Quarter Tatiana

Advantages: price, no plastic smell
Disadvantages: black sink would be more suitable for my interior
Disadvantages: Overall a great device. Before her, there was 30% moisture in total. They counted exclusively on humidifying the air, and did not even think about cleaning from dust. But my wife began to notice that there was less dust, I don’t know if it was connected with the sink or not. It's good that now there are such devices, before which they just did not come up with, to raise the humidity in the air.

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