AIC XJ-3800A1

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characteristics AIC XJ-3800A1

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air cleaning
Power consumption 80 watts
Serviced area 60 sq.m

Air cleaning

Air cleaning performance (CADR) 360 cubic meters / h
Air purity control there is
Filters HEPA filter, photocatalytic, carbon


Ionization there is
ultraviolet lamp there is
Power supply net
Additional Information plasma cleaning technology


Control electronic, timer, remote control
Noise level 52 dBA

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 343x610x255 mm
Weight 6.85 kg

AIC XJ-3800A1 reviews

Advantages: I am allergic to birch flowering. I spent 2 weeks at home, periodically ventilating with the cleaner turned on to the maximum. It absorbs allergens well. These days you could not even drink antihistamines. Night mode is really quiet. Low price
Disadvantages: Plasma filter seems useless, it still allows dust to pass through. In theory, only a large filter and HEPA contain dust and micro-dust. And why plasma, I still do not understand.
Disadvantages: air is only blown up. I would like to direct it to the sides. The HEPA filter becomes dirty with large debris after a week. But I vacuumed it and that's it.

Chepurnoy Vladimir

Advantages: It performs the declared functions perfectly
Disadvantages: No
Disadvantages: Lacks start and stop by hour

Sokolov Roman

Advantages: Good air flow, filters work, plastic seems to be of high quality
Disadvantages: No allergen sensor, although stated; Ionisation LED too bright
Disadvantages: This device was bought by my wife, who, in principle, reads reviews very carefully. After analyzing everything, I decided to buy a model, since many people praised it. Looking ahead, I will say that I do not exclude the cheating of reviews by the manufacturer's marketing … Now in detail: 1. Strong backlash of the fan impeller, which drives the air – this makes the device vibrate great and makes noise at some speeds. I think that in a few months the bearing will completely break and it will rattle. 2. Too bright LED, which also pulses. If you use the device at night, as I did, it will illuminate the entire room. I had to cover the window with masking tape. 3. The instructions say that the allergen sensor is on the left, in the window under the cover. It also contains instructions for cleaning it. I took it out and found the marking – sharp GP2Y10. Having looked on the Internet for the name of the sensor, I found documentation in English (whoever is interested, he will find it himself). After reading the documentation from the sensor, it turned out that it is not intended for detecting allergens in the air and is positioned as “Optical Dust Sensor” – an optical dust sensor. Properties only provide definitions for smoke and dust. In general, after 3 weeks of operation, the primary filter became pretty dirty, which speaks of its benefits, but paying 17 thousand for a filter of ONLY dust of this quality was a mistake, in addition, the definition of allergens is the deepest box that the manufacturer knows about. I really regretted the money spent, I recommend that anyone considering buying an air cleaner consider other models.

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Advantages: Surprisingly, he really fulfills the task that is entrusted to him !!! Bought for a child (allergic person). Now the house is free of dust, odors and, most importantly, allergens … this is especially important now in the flowering season and other street shit. Multifunctional … there is an auto and night mode, which is also important! Practically silent! Easy to use!
Disadvantages: Not yet available.
Disadvantages: I think you need to buy a spare HEPA filter right away! By the way … when renovating apartments, it's also a very useful thing!


Disadvantages: Took a cat of the British breed. The wife developed asthma with asthma attacks. They didn't know what to do. I feel sorry for the cat and my wife is really bad, constantly on medications. I decided to try the air cleaner, read reviews (and contradictory ones) and bought this model. Asthma cleared up in a week. The device is constantly on and it does not make any noise, no need to slander. I cleaned it 3 times a year. The air has become much better in the apartment, it is pleasant to breathe. Everything is fine, everyone is happy. Of the minuses – + 400 rubles for electricity per month, but these are all trifles compared to health and clean air. So I recommend it to everyone. Don't get rid of the cats, everything can be solved))

Shpakov Denis

Advantages: I didn't have time to show.
Disadvantages: worked at low speed for 5 minutes – made a lot of noise. Then it thundered. The lights on the panel came on and off only at the moment of pressing the on-off button. But he stopped turning off. This suggests that both the build quality and the components themselves (mechanics and electronics) are of very poor quality.
Disadvantages: Two old Air Comfort XJ-3800A1 (discontinued) work at home. They have been working relatively well for several years. One has a little noise at low speed. The other had one of the two latch latches on the case damaged. The new version of the air cleaner is a very unfortunate replica of the previous one (the name of the manufacturer and the logo are similar, but different). I do not recommend to adherents of the previous model and to those who do not want to constantly spend their time on repairing low-grade handicrafts.

Gonorovsky Alexander

Pluses: Looks good, works almost silently in “night mode”
Disadvantages: The instructions say that to reboot, you need to press the POWER button, but in fact you need to press the TIMER and reset buttons (it may of course be so for me – it is faulty, but many have also encountered such an arrangement).
Disadvantages: Bought AIC XJ-3800A1 in 2012 The purifier is turned on almost constantly, it works quietly, detects pollution almost instantly (smell of smoke – tobacco, cooking, etc.). You need to clean it when the light comes on, but we clean it once every two months (then we reboot – it is written in the attached instructions). Cleans the air very well. The HEPA filter was changed once – after two years, but it is better more often if possible. It has been working with dignity for three years.

Panarin Mikhail

Advantages: I can not mention anything outstanding. Device as a device.
Disadvantages: Too bright blue LED (this is a disease of many modern devices). Could be a little more compact. To clean it is not that it would be completely inconvenient and difficult, but the threads of the ionizer (such thin wires) can be easily broken, and a lot of dust accumulates on the grate around them.
Disadvantages: Do not expect some kind of miracle from these cleaners, as they sometimes write in “reviews” on store websites. Yes, they filter dust and odors, but they will never replace wet cleaning and a vacuum cleaner. And this device is no exception.

Veltishchev Dmitry

Advantages: Nice design Remote control Cheap HEPA filter and UV lamp Availability of an official service center Easy access to filters
Disadvantages: Added on 05/29/2015 The device died. Symptoms like many: strong hum at all speeds (even if the device is plugged in and does not work). The warranty year has passed. It is not economically profitable to take it for repairs, pay for work, parts and a taxi. The AIC did its job well and did clean the air, but its place is in the trash heap. Now I took the device from a Japanese manufacturer and will soon prepare a video review for comparison. Overpriced Chinese assembly (not stained internal areas of plastic, burrs, bright LEDs) Acrid smell of plastic and “medical office” in the first 2 days of use Overpriced specifications Absence of a button for turning off ionization on the device case Poor location of the dust sensor
Disadvantages: There is no need to place high hopes on (AIC XJ-3800A1). You can remove odors, smoke, dust, allergens and, through circulation, freshen / cool the room a little. A few minutes after the first turn on, a medical smell appeared, mixed with plastic and some kind of chemistry. By the morning, he practically disappeared and then completely disappeared. It's not worth your money (AIC XJ-3800A1). The red price is 7000-7500r, because the device is simple and its components are cheap, but if you choose from competitors, then it is the leader in terms of price-quality-function ratio, and overpricing is a general tendency of such devices. If we talk about square meters, then this unit will not process more than 25 at the maximum mode. He physically cannot do it, because unable to create an air flow for pumping such volumes. In a room more than 25 meters, the effectiveness of the device will be extremely and extremely doubtful. Automatic mode is based on the concept of “Clean air” and most of the time it keeps the device in “Sleep” mode, and ventilation is turned on when odors are detected. Despite my skepticism, the device picks up almost any extraneous odor and immediately “Vacuums” the air. But this mode is not suitable for a living room. Here you need to constantly “vacuum” the air and remove dust / allergens, so you will have to switch to manual mode, choosing the required speed. The presence of Ionization and UV lamp indicates the production of ozone (poisonous gas). I could not get a gas analyzer, so I turned off the option out of harm's way. He himself is allergic to dust. For the past few years, she has completely gotten me through. For myself, I noticed a noticeable difference in the operation of the device. I practically stopped sneezing and got rid of the allergic rhinitis. Falling asleep / waking up is much easier because the nose feels freer. But at the same time, the air dried up and I thought about buying a humidifier. Conclusion: The device is good, but not worth the money. For people not suffering from allergies, the feasibility of using (XJ-3800A1) is extremely doubtful (especially at this price).

Dorofeev Andrey

Advantages: hep filters of the latest generations of uv lamp .. the price of filters is relatively low
Disadvantages: bulky, the UV lamp can only be turned on from the remote control ..
Disadvantages: I was suffering from allergies, presumably on chinchilla fur (fine villi) I chose a cleaner based on my problem .. there are 11-12 generation filters, often installed in more expensive cleaners .. I heard that allergy sufferers are only of the last generation (12-13) this (the main) filter is needed … bought this miracle of the Chinese assembly … bribed the number of filters … and the price …. and do not look for this model on the market … I took it cheaper … like 13600 with delivery …. the PRO filter (pre-cleaning) makes you smile)) Chinese plastic mesh .. the device itself is of course too big, and I'm not very good in design, although my wife likes it .. it does not work noisy … it does not smell like plastic … it really shows air quality … the sensor works … in short, I don't cough, I don't snot … maybe we won't sell a chinchilla)) though the room is 10 meters, we don't turn it on at full capacity … I think it will clean 20-25 meters … we don't use auto mode … in general I like it, take it ..

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