AIC S135

AIC S135

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AIC S135 specifications

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air purification / humidification
Power consumption 22 watts
Serviced area 30 sq.m


Water tank capacity 3.5 l
Water consumption 250 ml / h

Air cleaning

Filters water


Fan speed / evaporation rate control there is
Power supply net


Control mechanical
Indication low water level
Noise level 50 dBA

Opinions from the AIC S135

Pluses: Price, ease of use.
Disadvantages: Size. Big egg !!!
Disadvantages: I use it for 2 weeks. Mostly in the nursery 9 m2. Really humidifies and probably cleans the air. I can't say anything constructive. I like it so far. Let's see how it will work and have an impact on health.

Fedyukov Vitaly

Pluses: Price relative to other brands.
Disadvantages: Absolutely useless loud bucket with a motor.
Disadvantages: I completely agree with everyone who gives this division 1-2 stars. The only correctly working function that marketers don't lie about is electricity consumption.

nuuser nuuser

Advantages: It looks beautiful to me. Not very noisy. A little cleans the air. For the time being, of course. Convenient control. Quickly humidifies the room (for the time being).
Disadvantages: But the main drawback is the filter, with daily use, it lasted for 7-8 months, then it lost all its properties.As a result, it stopped absorbing moisture, began to smell bad and stopped altogether, it could stand on for 3 days and the water did not evaporate at all, but simply rotted in it ((. Although during all 7-8 months every week it was pulled out and cleaned, soaked in soapy water, etc., as stated in the instructions. And most importantly, there are NO REPLACEABLE FILTERS.
Disadvantages: One-time item. I was very disappointed with the purchase a year later, although when I bought the first half of the year I could not help but rejoice in the purchase, even advised people, now it’s a shame to look into their eyes who also bought, since they had the same problems (((I just shaked, why the manufacturer simply did not think about the possibility of replacing this filter, because he called the AIC representative office and they told me that the filter is for the entire period of operation.

Maximkin Max

Advantages: quite aesthetic in appearance, raises humidity up to 45% with our hellish batteries (room 18 sq.m), night mode after some getting used to it allows you to sleep peacefully, no need to buy filters, easy cleaning and disassembly procedure. It does not flow anywhere, does not rot, with straight hands to fill in water to the desired level, and there are no problems
Disadvantages: price
Disadvantages: This is unlikely to be due to a shortcoming of the model itself, but our filter gets dirty not after 1.5-2 months, as in the instructions, but after a week. 3 dogs live at home, so we connect with this, we fill in the spring water, so the “problem” is not in it. But I didn't expect this a little) at the end of the week there are brown spots on the filter, additional dust began to settle more densely on the furniture, which makes cleaning easier. In general, we are satisfied, but I think to look for spare filters for our situation separately, so that there is always a clean one to replace.

Steinmiller Marina

Advantages: no
Disadvantages: Expensive fan in a bucket! a bulky noisy float sometimes gets stuck when pouring water due to overflow and a wet floor, it's good that it doesn't get on the electrician, but it's still very dumb.
Disadvantages: the first month consumed 4 liters of water per day, then less, after a year of full refueling is enough for 3 days, no humidification, I tried to experiment with filters to the point of 0, it is easier to hang a dryer for clothes with wet sheets, the effect will be 10 times more. they took an ultrasound there result on the face.

Zuev Denis

Pluses: Feels easier to breathe. During work, they were sick less than now (the merits are very subjective)
Disadvantages: It is not convenient to pour water Humidity in the room changes by 10% maximum Periodically cracks during operation The fabric filter turned yellow and became hard After 5 months of operation, it broke
Disadvantages: Awful fan bucket! We purchased this device with the birth of a child in November 2014. Humidity varies within 20-30% with the heating batteries turned off and the car wash operating around the clock. It is very inconvenient to wash, it pops when working. They hid this unit for the summer, because all summer with open windows and the room was comfortable. We got it from the far corner at the beginning of the heating season, but the fan does not work. It was easier to breathe with it and had less pain compared to this year – this is the only plus of the apparatus.

Anna Dorozhkova

Pluses: Quiet, convenient to pour water
Disadvantages: Not moisturizing, bulky
Disadvantages: One single disadvantage – it doesn't humidify the room at all! I read about him positive reviews and ordered for others, I used a year in the room of a newborn child to clean and humidify the air, then I bought a hygrometer and checked it! For a whole year, he hummed just like that. A meter away from it during the night from 24%, the humidity increased to 34%, if you put the hygrometer right next to it, then the humidity rises to 40-50%. And the fact that the dust did not decrease, I immediately noticed, but the main function is still humidification.

Sukhareva Natalia

Advantages: Design Easy to add water High-quality plastic Silent at the minimum salary The automatic shutdown system works well Moistens and refreshes the air (about cleansing – not sure)
Disadvantages: It is inconvenient to wash The cloth filter has turned yellow and has become wooden Water is enough only for the night At maximum mode, it is still loud
Disadvantages: I have tried several ultrasonic humidifiers in recent years. They all made a lot of noise and little use. After moving to a new apartment, with the beginning of the heating season, I encountered a terrible dry air in the bedroom. Humidifiers didn't help at all. For 2 months I could not get out of the cold. I read reviews about air washing. I stopped at this “dragon egg” and Roda Alpix RAW. I bought AIC for 5000 and ordered Roda also for 5000 with long delivery. While the Roda was delivered to me for 2 weeks, AIC stood in my bedroom. The air has definitely become humid and even fresh. I drove at the minimum salary at night, tk. on the second mode it buzzes too much. I didn't even turn it off in the morning, because the sink itself perfectly goes into standby mode when the water runs out. Then in the evening you just top up on top and it automatically turns on. You don't even need to touch anything. But I did not like the fact that when washing the water tank, you have to heap the device into the bathroom along with the wire, because it has all the electric crap and a fan, which is not very good. For 2 months of use, the filter turned into a yellow wooden box, although I wash it once a week, and once every two weeks I wash it in a typewriter. I have never found any dirt on the filter itself. Once I didn't turn it on for a couple of days (the tank was empty without water). After switching on, she began to drive such a stench, as if there was a bum in the room. When they brought Roda, I put this egg in the nursery (there are fewer problems with the air), and Roda for herself. I can say unequivocally that although Roda makes a little more noise and has other minor flaws, it moisturizes and refreshes the air more powerful! Even the temperature in the room drops by 3 degrees. In addition, it has a different principle of operation and the water tank is just a trough that you can rinse as you want without fear of soaking the electrics.

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Advantages: Very easy to maintain, easy to add water, easy to clean.
Disadvantages: No
Disadvantages: Great model. Children began to sleep better, get sick less, the room is fresh. About service – very conveniently the water ran out, I just refilled it from above, you don't need to understand anything.

Kiryushicheva natalia

Advantages: The air humidifies, in a quiet mode, in principle, it does not bother at night, only “light noise”. The filter is washable, which gives peace of mind and you don't have to shake and think where to find a filter for it.
Disadvantages: Many reviews are fake which causes huge negativity! Positioning it as an air wash is generally not worth it, MAX half a meter away from you can suck the thread and then vryatli. After two weeks of use, the filter began to bloom within 3 days in the upper part i.e. become covered with yellowness, although water is poured there after cleaning through the BARRIER filter. Now you have to wash the filter every three days.
Disadvantages: Well, as many people say, it's just a bucket of water, and pay 8t.r. for a bucket of water. as it is insulting and expensive. After all, the cost of it vryatli exceeds 1t.r. But the humidification function works, during the night one and a half liters of water disappears somewhere, which means it is in the air.

Larionov Ivan

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