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characteristics AIC KJF-20B06

General characteristics

Purpose of the device air cleaning
Power consumption 50 watts
Serviced area 40 sq.m

Air cleaning

Air cleaning performance (CADR) 200 cubic meters / h
Filters pre-cleaning, HEPA filter, photocatalytic, carbon


Ionization there is
ultraviolet lamp there is
Installation outdoor
Power supply net


Control electronic, display, timer, remote control

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD) 360x500x180 mm
Weight 6 kg

AIC KJF-20B06 reviews

Advantages: What are the advantages of a plastic box ?!
Disadvantages: This is NOT an AIR CLEANER !!!
Disadvantages: I am ashamed to remember how I was thrown in an online store, asked for advice and bought this “miracle device” without checking everything properly. There is not much to discuss, the money was thrown away, in the previously written reviews with grades 1 and 2 – there is a hundred times more truth than in all the positive combined. Everything is in Chinese: multi-colored indicators light up, the air is moving, BUT FILTERING IS NOT AND WILL NOT BE ABOUT, what's inside and how it's done will never work as a filter !!! Junk and cheap.

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Pluses: Nice, easy to carry, remote control (very small, already lost) Probably cleans the air. I haven't looked at the filters yet, I bought it a week ago.
Disadvantages: Everyone writes that it is very quiet, and it is not only not quiet, but even very loud. Or maybe I got a defective one ((
Disadvantages: I bought it a week ago, as I suffer from pollinosis on birch pollen. Probably cleans the air. I haven't looked at the filters yet, I bought it a week ago. Everyone writes that it is very quiet, and it is not only not quiet, but even very loud. Or maybe I came across a defective one ((It hums a lot, before I thought that my humidifier was working loudly, so it turns out that the humidifier is 10 times quieter than the AIC KJF-20B06 in night mode. it also buzzes strongly, and at different speeds it buzzes the same way, just the noise of the fan decreases.I turn it off at night, because even a child that sleeps with different sounds from it wakes up. behind them (wash in water or not wash) writes only to clean once a month and change once a year

Dovchenko Maryana

Advantages: Bought for use in a new rented apartment, because it was very dusty, and we have a baby. Very quiet, especially in night mode. Really effectively purified the air, as evidenced by the noticeable darkening of the replaceable filter.
Disadvantages: It is problematic to look for replaceable filters. I live in St. Petersburg. I have to order from Moscow. In the dark, the glowing icons on the display are slightly visible. There is no way to check the functionality of the UV lamp and ionizer, because they are not visible. Opening by yourself is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
Disadvantages: The cleaner has been used for the 2nd year, almost around the clock. No complaints.

Redneck Philip

Pluses: takes up little space, quiet enough.
Disadvantages: the instructions do not provide a description of self-diagnosis of a malfunction of the photocatalytic filter, UV lamp, ionizer. UV lamp and ionizer work together, why not make them work separately?
Disadvantages: In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, since it is relatively inexpensive and due to the movement of air and cleaning, some freshness in the air is created. There is a huge disadvantage: when you buy, no one will tell you that the device is working properly. For example, the performance of the fan and UV lamp can be checked independently, but is the ionizer working? Its action is soundless, there is no light or smell. In this case, the official representative offers to contact only the service center, where they will answer this question for an additional 800 rubles.

Alexey Vasiliev

Advantages: design, essential features. ionization and ultraviolet are turned off !!!, not noisy, really fresh, even my head was dizzy at first)
Disadvantages: not yet (perhaps we got a fake .. ???? ((((
Disadvantages: BE CAREFUL, ASK! WE BOUGHT for 6000R, ANYWHERE 7900. WHEN CALLING, DON'T WORRY, NOT A FAKE! And they brought us a Chinese FAKE !!! Made in China. There is no serial number, and the box and the short book are all in Russian STATEMENT THAT this is a Korean company, but in general, it is stated on the Internet that in fact AIC is an Italian company. UNCERTAIN Who smells of plastic, remove the bag from the filters 🙂 Even the Chinese version is very good for us;)) I recommend! I chose 1.5 days! Best for a reasonable price. Handles while

Julia Novikova

Advantages: Perfectly collects dust from the air, quite quiet, many operating modes.
Disadvantages: High price, but it works out its money.
Disadvantages: I have been using this air cleaner for more than 4 months. It works almost continuously every day at minimum power; during this time, a huge amount of dust has settled on the filters. There are no complaints about the quality of work – it really retains dust very well and eliminates extraneous odors. If there is a problem with poor air quality in the apartment and there is enough money, I recommend taking it.

Orlov Ivan

Pluses: Excellent air purifier.
Disadvantages: There are none.
Disadvantages: Bought with my wife before the baby is born. Bought in a medical equipment store. We live on a busy avenue in the center of St. Petersburg. There was always a lot of dust. A cat with increased hairiness and shedding also lives at home. After installing the device, the amount of dust and wool has decreased significantly (now there is no need to wipe the dust twice a week). I am not an asthmatic and did not immediately notice that it was particularly clean, but after weeks of use I took out the filter and was horrified. There was so much dust and wool that I no longer thought about the expediency of buying. Those who do not notice the difference and smell the plastic probably do not unpack the filter, it is in cellophane. It works very quietly, especially in night mode (the backlight is still dim in it), my wife, who wakes up from the slightest noise, is happy. In general, if you have a lot of dust or shedding pets, then definitely take it.

smirnov roman

Pluses: Convenient packaging, pleasant remote control, Quiet.
Disadvantages: Awful assembly, a terrible smell during the operation of the device, does not ionize the air, does not clean the air, does not eliminate odors! The rest is in the comments.
Disadvantages: I bought this device for cleaning the children's room from dust. After the purchase, I decided not to turn on this unit in the nursery, but to check its operation in another room. Turned it on at full speed. After 30 minutes, the room smelled far from freshness, but cheap plastic. I myself am not allergic, but even my nose stung. I thought maybe this is how the air ionizer works. I ventilated the room, turned off the ionization and left the “cleaner” for another 30 minutes of work, the result is the same – an unpleasant smell. I decided to check how he actually cleans the air himself. Next to the holes where, according to the idea, the air intake should be made, I began to shake a dry towel. The day was sunny and the dust from the fabric could be seen perfectly, I also watched how it calmly settles on the floor where it rests. And only at a distance of less than 10 cm from the device, some particles were still sucked in, but whether they remained on the filter or flew into the room again, I cannot say. Regarding “getting rid of unpleasant odors” – I checked it very simply, took Brussels sprouts from the soup and put it next to the air intake holes. The room smelled of Brussels sprouts and plastic. After a day of testing, I took this stuff back to the store. Bottom line: cleans the air – no eliminates unpleasant odors – no, but it creates air ionization – no UV lamp – I find it difficult to say because I did not disassemble the device, but I strongly doubt in view of all of the above that it performs its functions at all.

Balukov Maxim

Pluses: No
Disadvantages: I bought it a week ago through the online store. Defective plastic on the case. There are some scuffs, it is clear that this is a low-quality plastic, the remote control works every other time. It works quietly only at the minimum speed … I checked the air purification in all modes, there is no sense and the air quality has not changed, it does not eliminate odors, there is no ionization. I am an allergic person and chose a cleaner for myself for a long time, bought the reviews on “Yandex Market” …. Now I understand that this is a scam. There is no sense from this box at all. I will try to get the money back.

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Advantages: there is a display, remote control (using the remote control), quiet – which is very pleasing.
Disadvantages: when used for less than a month, until it was revealed.
Disadvantages: Good cleaning system. Perfect for a child's room. I read that you need to keep an eye on the filter. So far so good – no failures. And good design. In general, so far everyone is happy.

strafilov Nikita

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