Zigmund & Shtain KE-27SP

Zigmund & Shtain KE-27SP

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Zigmund & Shtain KE-27SP Specifications


A type teapot
Volume 1.7 L
Power 2200 watts
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material metal


Safety lock of a cover, lock of inclusion without water
Filter there is
Auto power off when removed from the stand there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Water backlight during operation there is

Zigmund & Shtain KE-27SP Reviews

Advantages: Quality of materials, metal case, backlight))
Disadvantages: I use a couple of weeks until I find it.
Minuses: Long approached the choice of a teapot, tk. as a gift and it was impossible to hit the face with dirt. I watched a lot of videos on YouTube (from unpacking to measuring the temperature of the metal case after the kettle boils, read reviews on the market, etc.)) In general, from all sides he analyzed and came to the decision that it is necessary take! We are happy with the kettle! Build quality, materials used no complaints. The teapot ordered on the market for 1790r. All success with the choice of a teapot))

Celentano Adriano

Pluses: Normal appearance, boils quickly.
Minuses: It stank for a long time after the purchase, probably a week.
Disadvantages: The coating is glossy, but in the photo matte.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: beautiful, quiet, quickly heats water
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: after the purchase there was a smell, boiled and drained three times water, the smell has disappeared. Great kettle, recommend

Antipov Alexander

Advantages: High-quality, without extraneous odors. Perfect value for money.
Minuses: None.
Minuses: I am satisfied with the purchase, I recommend Zigmund & Kettle to everyone Shtain KE-27SP.

Gennady Zaitsev

Advantages: The kettle fully fulfills its function
Minuses: not identified
Minuses: great design

Dorin Andrey

Pluses: Cool kettle, quickly heats the water. I AM happy, recommend.

Klechanovskaya Catherine

Pluses: + It looks stylish + It looks reliable + It’s quite convenient base + Not noisy + No extraneous odors and taste water
Minuses: – The nose is not polished inside – Not the best filter mount – Sanctions. We don’t need European quality, we will buy our own – Chinese.
Disadvantages: No matter how firmly positioned, all teapots are now made in tea. Everything would be fine, but is it really so time-consuming and financially expensive to deburr burrs? Well, in On the whole, I took my mom, she is happy. If this kettle serves several years without smudges, then 5 deserves.

— —

Pluses: Design, build quality, quiet
Minuses: so far unnoticed

Chistyakova Julia

Pluses: Fantastic color
Minuses: Blue backlight
Minuses: A year ago I bought a model of emerald color as a gift to parents. The choice fell on this teapot solely because of the color. Behind year of use there are no complaints about the operation of the device, it boils quickly, rustles within normal limits. The blue backlight is certainly not very suitable green, but in the dark it still looks spectacular.

Bazilevskaya Catherine

Pluses: Beautiful, comfortable. Quality materials. Good assembled.
Minuses: Highly noisy. Blue backlight is not very suitable golden body.
Minuses: Overall a great kettle. Strong, not afraid that fall apart in a couple of years. Before the jump in prices is 2400. Satisfied. The only noise annoying, after the old kettle.

Skorodymov pavel

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