Gorenje GI 52339 RW

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Specifications Gorenje GI 52339 RW

General characteristics

Hob gas
Oven gas
Control mechanical, switches: rotary, display, timer sound
Electric ignition hob + oven
Type of electric ignition auto
Clock there is
Dimensions (WxDxH) 50x60x85 cm


Oven volume 56 l
Door folding
Grill there is a gas
Convection not
Gas control oven there is
The number of glasses of the oven door two
Cleaning traditional
Oven Features backlight


Working surface enamel
Cast iron grates there is
Number of burners gas: 4, quick warm-up: 1
Gas control hobs there is
Protective shutdown not
Control panel lock not


Colour beige
Drawer there is
Additional Information guide levels: 5; removable guides

Gorenje GI 52339 RW Reviews

Advantages: Design. Cast-iron grates. Adjustable legs. Adequate and necessary number of baking sheets. Removable guides in the oven.
Disadvantages: It is impossible to determine what temperature in the oven.
Disadvantages: After the Soviet stove, you need to learn how to turn it on gas burners with gas control function. Get used to it. Burner in the oven is located in the center (in the old sides) .Maybe therefore baked products are slightly overdried. You must carefully read the instructions. mode.

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Pluses: There are a lot of advantages! Cast iron grilles, backlight! The glass lid of the plate is easily removable, also just removable oven door for example for washing in the bathroom! Very beautiful! Brass parts are very adorned! Gas control is a great thing! Put in the oven to dry pastille or tomatoes and calmly doing your own thing. Eight to ten hours quietly herself dries. Below a capacious box for storage of baking sheets. My plate five years. Baking just drop dead! Better, there is no more convenient stove! Only first you need to carefully study the instructions! And then she only found out that the oven door is easily removable for washing ))))
Minuses: Of course the handles are heated, brass nevertheless))) On the handle rings have erased temperature labels over the years. In a year the oven seal burst from above (the grill failed to turn on full and closed the oven ((((The son-in-law found in the internet, bought and he easily installed it. The sealant had absolutely no effect on the quality of baking! Well, hanging and hanging a lace)))
Minuses: Five years later, from a long drying tomato in the oven, the faucet of the oven broke. (((The master replaced the faucet, very I was surprised at the breakdown, said that this happens after 10-15 years operation! And that plate is just Porsche among other plates! Friend same plate, my age. Amazingly working, no incidents. Well, there once a week all the pies or cakes!)))) Plate great! If you know how to read and your hands grow out of place, I can safely recommend to the culinary craftswomen as irreplaceable and convenient assistant!

Konstantinova Galina

Pluses: Design in beige tones a la retro, cast iron grilles and safety – that’s what I bought this model for slabs.
Minuses: Everything in this cooker is great except for the handles turning on the burners. A few days after buying the stove they began to fly out of the grooves, and the oven’s handle turned off altogether with divisions. Almost every time after turning on the burners “return” back. There is no temperature sensor in the oven due to which almost determines the temperature by touch. During the oven works very hot handles – without tacks for them not take it.
Disadvantages: I have been using it for more than five years, almost everything suits. Care must be taken not to scratch the enamel. If not the disadvantages described above are fundamental, the stove is comfortable and It perfectly copes with its main functions.

Nagorno Rodion

Advantages: design, fuses
Disadvantages: operating the oven does not correspond to reality, with the oven hellishly heated the knobs – you have to use with a tack to turn on the burners, the grill burns like an infernal flame, the oven turns on for a very long time
Minuses: bribed by design. But after a month of use, we realized that the stove is still G. Rather, like a stove, ok, and the oven terrifying. Either raw remains, or in coals. Grill tried use only once, no longer risking – for 30 seconds burnt crust, even with the lowest placement of the grill. Well and wilder the whole stove is heated. Darling, beautiful and worthless

sn sv

Pluses: beautiful, reliable
Disadvantages: Handles of the stove are heated with the oven on
Minuses: Good cooker. I used to think that I don’t know how to bake, but Now voila … biscuits, meat, fish. And everything is baked perfectly. IN instructions are all described in detail what temperature recommended to bake. Even new dishes succeed from the first times.

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Pluses: Beautiful and cast-iron grates.
Minuses: There is no temperature sensor in the oven.
Minuses: The stove is very beautiful. The oven door is glass. Down below drawer for dishes. Ektropodzhig and gas control is very We are important, because a small child is with us and everything is interesting to him. Cast-iron grates that do not burn are also a big plus. She is with us for two years now and everything, as good as new.)) We are satisfied. True bought naturally cheaper.

paul. 452013

Pluses: Appearance.
Disadvantages: The oven is terrible or burns or dries. I tried all positions of the baking sheet .. With the oven working the handles are very hot. Seven months later, the seal burst and hung in the oven. Hanging lace. There are no seals at service centers.
Disadvantages: In my opinion, the divisions indicating the temperature in the oven not true. Actual temperature is less. There is nothing outstanding in this stove for such money. Before that was the plate is Daco, the bake is in my opinion better, only without breakage.

Gunina Lyudmila

Pluses: Beautiful, with a cast-iron grill, gas grill, everything works, bakes wonderful, very aesthetic, I recommend to all
Minuses: I haven’t found yet, I hope I won’t find it)))
Minuses: I have been using it since October 2012, I decided to write after reading bad reviews.

Timofeeva Galina

Pluses: Design and gas control
Minuses: Small depth of the oven. The oven is very long lights up. When the oven is working, the handles are VERY STRONGLY heated burners. An hour later you can get burned. I imagine how they are warm with a working grill.
Minuses: Do not take this model. Too much price for such disadvantages.

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Advantages: a reliable brand, beautiful removable guides, removable inner glass of the oven door, double grill – convenient wash a set of baking sheets
Disadvantages: it is unrealistic to light the oven visually for a long time the oven is not tightly closed, the gap above is slightly wider than below. Not I know, my copy of this or all of them. Find out before gave the money.
Disadvantages: I needed a beige stove, so I put up with the price (by the way, if you pick up under the kitchen, you need to watch live, very ambiguous color) I hope that I will cope with nerves at Ignition of the oven Water in the kettle boils a little longer than on previous plate (13 year old ARDO). The chicken was baked well, all over instructions. After several months of use, it stopped the biggest burner is ignited, gas control is triggered. Called the master, under warranty removed the fault, “clamped thermocouple “, it seems so. Now it works. And all four are ignited burners, in my opinion, are even faster than before.

Lopasova Natalia

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