Steba PG 4.4 / PG 4.3

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Features Steba PG 4.4 / PG 4.3

General characteristics

A type grill
Power 2000 watts
Work surface material metal
Control mechanical
Temperature adjustment there is
Non-stick coating there is


Lattice there is


Dimensions and Weight 6.40 kg
Height adjustment there is
Additional Information lock on the grill handle, wafer baking dish on the back side of the grilles; work surface size 2337 cm; mode roasting, frying surface mode with the upper part folded down grill

Reviews on Steba PG 4.4 / PG 4.3

Advantages: Probably there are advantages, but their disadvantages overlap.
Disadvantages: The thermostat lied from the very beginning, strongly warmed up. Everything just cooked. Coated plates, but everything sticks to them as if they are made of simple metal. It is very difficult to launder later. Not collector for draining oil.
Minuses: I DO NOT advise, the impression is that they were collected in gateway. half good quality parts but plates and the thermostat assembly brings all quality to nothing.


Advantages: Build quality, the ability to cook waffles and wash in the dishwasher. Grill grease does not spatter, but gently flows into a special container. The meat is deliciously fried. Toasts generally great! No extra features that can to break down.
Disadvantages: 1. Meat sometimes sticks to the top plate.
Minuses: Satisfied with the purchase. The main thing is to read the instructions and preheat the grill: in this case, the steak is cooked for 3-6 minutes. It is probably more correct to buy a grill from Germany: there is a price lower by about 30% even with regard to shipping. Sorry comrade prompted after my purchase.

Fauzer vitaly

Pluses: Power, ease of use, reliability
Minuses: not found
Minuses: Simple and easy to use grill, after a number of experiments we began to get wonderful steaks! One of the main advantages is power, many grills barely reach and the crust does not work out enough quickly so that the juicy core is preserved. This good coping. Wash conveniently. Six months used regularly and with pleasure, then accidentally broke (no such fall equipment would not survive), and bought a new one.

Postnikova Olga

Advantages: Removable plates, first of all, plates are not thin, apparently cast aluminum with non-stick coating. Good fry meat, just do not salt before cooking juicier coming out. Vertical storage, plate width and they are still bilateral. Thin and heavy.
Minuses: Cooking time does not coincide with that shown in 1.5-2 times for sure. Those meat is indicated to fry 5-7 minutes, then you need to fry 10-14 minutes No flat plate included.
Minuses: A very necessary and convenient tool, even a very kebab goes well. Guests friends have already rated and tried cooked vegetables zucchini eggplant tomatoes peppers onions and so on I do not advise frying potatoes either raw and dry or burns out. On the You can’t cook it in a pan. With laundering, of course, problems, but on darkening I no longer pay attention to the cooking process it is not affects. Grease flows correctly, does not gets in. But it flows into a container next to the grill. If fatty meat, then be sure to fly fat to the sides, cover everything by the perimeter of the grill with towels. Heating to full in about 8-10 minutes. By price category is consistent with its parameters. Recommend to purchase.

Muraev Yuri

Pluses: Takes up little storage space, folds out into two large panels, you can bake pancakes, heats quickly, everything tasty
Minuses: Absolutely creepy plates. Teflon quality terrible, everything sticks. Regularly divides potatoes in half – by the upper and lower parts, the same thing happens with meat. Dough on smooth nothing else on the plates, but ribbed – a complete horror. To let the fat drain in the set bowl, you need to very accurately align the grill, otherwise everything flows down under the plate on the heater and FIGs will be washed off, from smooth nothing flows down anywhere, everything on the plate gurgles
Minuses: I ordered my own in Germany. How do those that behave Delivered to Russia – I do not know. It seems like the manufacturer was going to change the coating on the plates, but so far have not heard anything.


Advantages: Removable panels (3pcs) are easy to remove and wash. Hinges, self-adjusting, on all thickness of a product. Can fry like on 2 grills, you just have to turn it over;)
Minuses: It seems not very strong (thin) plastic. Not the on and off buttons on the panel, only unplug from the outlet. The recommended cooking time does not match the real one.
Minuses: A cool thing. Everything is very tasty. I’m all I tried to fry meat, vegetables, fish and cookies for children)). The only thing … you need to figure out the cooking time and that’s it … A delicious lunch or dinner is provided.

Elena Elena

Pluses: Conveniently and soundly made. Cooking Panels different types that wash well.
Disadvantages: Uneven frying of products.
Minuses: I bought a grill about a month ago. I thought for a long time chose even longer. I wanted everything at once. On some sites signs as a super device, but there are always its pluses and its minuses. Pros: removable panels, very convenient to wash and care for aggregate; contact nril, much the same for cooking on fire (sorry that only without haze); the ability to make not only a grill, but also waffles – my children really liked it; self-adjusting hinges – very comfortable. Cons (as always the most painful place for manufacturer): temperature control does not match the declared (less degrees by 10-15); uneven roasting though tena installed efficiently and well; declared cooking time on meat products are reduced at least twice, vegetables times 1,5. In principle, as a unit for preparing exotic food on I liked every day, cook vegetables and waffles every day, maso, alternating fish and chicken. TO RECOMMEND RECOMMENDED.

Usyk Igor

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