DARINA B GM441 005 W

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Specifications DARINA B GM441 005 W

General characteristics

Hob gas
Oven gas
Control mechanical, switches: rotary
Clock not
Dimensions (WxDxH) 50x50x85 cm


Oven volume 43 l
Door folding
Convection not
Gas control oven there is
The number of glasses of the oven door two
Cleaning traditional
Oven Features backlight


Working surface enamel
Number of burners gas: 4, quick warm-up: 1
Gas control hobs not
Protective shutdown not
Control panel lock not


Colour white
Drawer there is
Additional Information removable door; leveling feet

DARINA B GM441 005 W reviews

Advantages: Compact, good design, baking is obtained fine. Very pleased with the stove.
Disadvantages: I did not find it for a month of use.
Minuses: I recommend, we really liked the stove.

Filatyev Alevtina

Pluses: Just a great stove, happy all … quality, appearance and price .. I advise …
Minuses: No

Kharchenko Oksana

Advantages: A conventional stove for the possibilities for its price class, nothing outstanding.
Disadvantages: The first time you use the oven, the pan and the pan from the supplied kit curled up with a propeller (defect stamping), fortunately, preserved similar from the old plate. IN March of last year (the stove was bought at the end of last February) wrote about this defect on the manufacturer’s website, appeared message that my review will be published after verification, but it still hasn’t appeared – critics, even so modest, are not published there and give no answer!
Disadvantages: Non-standard fasteners are used in the design elements, such a violation of GOSTs should entail liability for To the law.

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Advantages: Price. Power is slightly higher than the previous plate.
Minuses: The biggest minus: the grill is too small. It already the stove itself and as a result put on it 2-3 pans of the wrong large size (4-5 liters) at the same time impossible – they can just slip off. Workmanship: after 4-5 years Use rusty pieces fall off from the back side. Not built-in thermometer in the oven – only about temperature to guess. Burners burn very loudly. Then you get used to it, but they really burning aloud.
Disadvantages: Selected due to size. Chose, damn it. Amused individual structural elements: on the back wall on the plate installed … brick. For a counterweight? For heat resistance? Good luck To make the plates heavier (sell them by weight or something)?

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Pluses: Excellent stove, compact and neat
Disadvantages: the glass is heated sooo, when cooking in the oven, even in the country of lie, it didn’t get warm

Evgenia Lebedeva

Pluses: A good stove for the money. Looks beautiful, everything works, the oven bakes. The temperature mode supports nothing burns. The upper grilles are light enough, easy to clean sponge in the washbasin.
Minuses: Baking trays are not inserted into the grooves in the oven, they much smaller and placed on the grill. Made of thin metal. The metal on the panel with the switches “walks” a little when pressed.
Disadvantages: In general, a stove of good quality, its functions performs. I think the best value for money.

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Minuses: Somewhat uncomfortable is just that the baking sheets are not enter the grooves of the oven, you need to put on the wire rack (i.e. two you can’t put the baking sheet of pies at the same time in the oven) small for my taste. But the overall good impression is not changes.

Akhmatova Lyudmila

Pluses: excellent stove
Minuses: no
Minuses: convenient burner arrangement excellent oven

Luzgin Vasily

Pluses: Great oven!
Minuses: Not detected
Minuses: I liked the stove. Oven bakes wonderful. At the bottom there is a cabinet for storing dishes, no need occupy the oven. It’s very convenient that two removable cooking grids panels, easy to wash in the sink. Burner tap control handle tables and ovens are well fixed. The great advantage of the stove is compactness, the best choice for a small kitchen. excellent quality for little money.

Hasanova Tatyana

Advantages: excellent price – excellent quality
Minuses: no
Minuses: nice appearance, compact, roomy, not noisy, comfortable, bakes well, great price. I am satisfied by purchase!

Elena Tronina

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