Bosch THD 2021/2023

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Specifications Bosch THD 2021/2023


A type thermal sweat
Volume 2 l
Power 1600 watts
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material plastic (double walls)


Double walls there is
Filter there is
Temperature controller there is, stepwise, temperature conditions – 5
Inclusion indication there is
Compartment for the cord there is
Power cord length 0.8 m
Dimensions (WxHxD) 26.5x33x30 cm
Weight 2.85 kg
Additional Information child lock, horn, filter change indicator, automatic descaling program, removable stand for cups with height adjustment, setting the portion size (120 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml)

Bosch THD 2021/2023 Reviews

Pluses: Design, quick boiling water, block from children
Minuses: Water is very sprayed when pouring
Minuses: I bought 4 years ago instead of a burnt thermal sweat. Then the castle from children was relevant, it was used constantly. Very happy with the teapot. I do not set the internal filter, I pour it filtered by a barrier. Scale sensor triggers approximately once per half a year. But we use about 2-4 300 ml cups per day. I clean ordinary citric acid, everything is fine; tablespoon to the desired water volume. A child from 3 years old uses independently constantly. It pleases the eye with an unusual design and questions – where is your kettle? 🙂 )) I got used to coffee sprays and regularly wipe it. By the way, and coffee and tea are brewed normally; no taste differences from no brewed in an ordinary kettle. I have been using it for a long time and am very pleased. By the way, I constantly turn it off and on if necessary. Like burning lights, but an elderly family member is annoying. This is the question sticking buttons, can constantly turn off the device more saves? 🙂

Rope Julia

Advantages: – It is very convenient to always have hot on hand water – Nice appearance
Minuses: Quality
Minuses: Would be a wonderful acquisition, if not terrible quality and official non-repairability. Already by expiration of the warranty began to leak. I drove to the SC, but there he even refused to accept, citing a lack of details and fix possibilities (or something like that). Would be under warranty one could assume that they just play football, but when it comes about paid repair, somehow it’s weird. I disassembled this “kettle” myself: it turned out that the drive in the spout is leaking (either initially not glued, or the glue has spread along the seam). Somehow I collected everything and sealed, for some time enough, but after a few months the problem repeated and again had to be disassembled. Along the way when disassembling, it turned out that the plastic / paint in the nose was not designed the temperature of boiling water: the paint bubbled and in some places departed with small rags. Well, the other day the device is just turned off (while not even under load) and turned on more. IN as a result of another disassembly, it was found that from some An electronic element on the control board knocked out a piece of the case. On the all this could have been closed if the price was still not exceeded 4-5 thousand, for which I bought it (still 3-4 years, he worked). But nobody buys it at the current price I advise.


Pluses: Nice, neat appearance. Adjustable mug stand level.
Disadvantages: (1) The main drawback is that after six months it is very neat and infrequent inclusion (from the strength of 5-6 servings of water per day) the water supply button is practically out of order: it is pressed sluggishly, valid from 3-4 times. (2) Not enough ability to vary quickly serving size based on cup / cup size. (3) Fragile plastic water tanks – due to a small shock immediately after unpacking a piece of the side broke off, which did not affect the functionality, but if less fortunate, I would have to buy replacement. (4) The controls are mounted on a vertical wall, therefore, even if you hold the device during operation, it’s all equally strives to shift.
Disadvantages: Both reliability of the device and ergonomics are rather low. Expected more from Bosch. The main advantages and disadvantages listed above, so just add some additional considerations. The noise from the appliance is very noticeable, but the capsule coffee machines growl stronger, for example, so I think some reviewers are a little exaggerate its volume. Of the shortcomings that are probably peculiar to all thermal fluxes, I note a large number of splashes, even despite the adjustable height of the cup stand. If a, for example, toss a tea bag / strainer directly into a mug while filling, everything around is quickly turning brown. Interior the filter together with the mount can be completely removed from the tank for water – I constantly use separately filtered (in a jug) or good bottled water, so what’s the point in extra (and expensive) no filter.

Saltanov Dmitry

Pluses: beautiful, takes up little space, somewhat modes
Minuses: They gave me a present, they said it was noisy. The coffee maker is noisy more! Slowly typing a mug? Kettle wait longer! Conveniently several modes – drink vitamins, brew green tea. Filter not set, its mounted in plumbing. Scale in St. Petersburg? Clean I run the system away with water so that the button does not burn. Economical, fast, I am very pleased)

Li Tatyana

Pluses: very beautiful,
Minuses: noise, long, small tank
Disadvantages: If you use filters – it will be gold. I have the water is already filtered, that’s to immediately attach it to the highway, so that you never pour water into it. The purpose of this teapot, either where sooo expensive electricity, or in offices where everything egoists and cannot immediately boil water for everyone. I would be with pleasure bought something similar to this teapot, with the possibility integration in the kitchen and water connection. (still annoying if quickly press twice on the temperature change – he will not be able to react, i.e. slows down)

Fall rain

Pluses: Built-in water filter. Saving electricity.
Disadvantages: Maximum one-touch volume 250ml when mugs are usually 300-330ml. It is not possible to brew soluble coffee.
Minuses: I do not like hot coffee. I like to pour and drink. For bringing the device and bought it. It turned out to be unsuitable. In the course of cold water pours at the beginning. Because of this, as an example, Nescafe espresso floats in a cup lumpy, even at 90 degrees. Not it is clear that it prevented the addition of a Peltier element to cool the water. It is not expensive, and the functionality would expand.


Pluses: Design
Minuses: Absolutely useless thing. Pours long, not boils, if boils, then it is even longer. Rumbles like tractor.
Minuses: Impressions are negative. Unhappy with the purchase. I’m trying change to a regular kettle.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Design. Profitability.
Minuses: Noisy. Tired of waiting for everyone for a large family heats up. If you do not turn off the standby mode, it quickly exits system. Sly Germans specifically made meanness. He is obligatory will stop working. It just won’t turn on. Cost of repair 10 rubles and half an hour but still unpleasant (How to fix wrote below)
Disadvantages: In general, he worked a little over a year. And stopped turn on. There is no guarantee on it so I decided to climb inside. And very surprised. As it turned out, instead of special ones, voltage-reducing circuits, a weak was specially set element is a resistor. But the load on him is high. And from her he will inevitably burn out! This is a matter of the near future. Fix: (I will say immediately that you need a soldering iron and a small ability to solder) Vobschem in there is a black latch in the recess where the single screw is screwed in. Her it is necessary to lift and move the rear half of the case up. Later remove the bottom white stand. Front half housing clicks last (do not touch the white decorative insert necessary). Buttons can not be removed. Next, remove the control board. On the near the blue and gray rectangular filters with our edge the only major resistor. Photo ( It must be replaced. Face value 2 kOm resistor and power must be at least 1 watt. (than the more powerful you find the better). There is a new resistor 5-15 rubles per radio parts stores. Explicitly cheaper than a kettle.

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Pluses: Unusual appearance Speed ​​of water heating Energy saving
Disadvantages: Oil film on the surface of the poured water
Minuses: Outwardly very good, not loud, fast heats the filtered water (if installed filter), BUT the appearance of an oily film on the surface of the water in scares me a cup, it is not clear what it is and whether it can be used inside. !!!

Alpha aeternum

Advantages: Easy to use.
Minuses: Pours water for a long time. Constantly requires replacement filter, even after replacement. Short-lived, broke a year later, like all in principle. Serves exactly a year.
Minuses: I did not trust and I will not trust Bosch, not even depending on what is made in Germany ……


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