Gorenje K 67 CLI

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Specifications Gorenje K 67 CLI

General characteristics

Hob gas
Oven electric
Control mechanical, switches: rotary, timer sound
Electric ignition hob + oven
Type of electric ignition auto
Clock there is
Maximum oven temperature 275 ° C
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x60x85 cm


Oven volume 64 l
Door folding
Convection not
The number of glasses of the oven door two
Cleaning traditional
Oven Features backlight


Working surface enamel
Cast iron grates there is
Number of burners gas: 4, quick warm-up: 1
Gas control hobs there is
Protective shutdown not
Control panel lock not


Colour beige
Drawer there is

Gorenje K 67 CLI Reviews

Pluses: Everything above is fine. Beautiful model, delicious vanilla color, beautiful fittings. Slab I have been using it for 3-4 years already. Gas control has never failed. Nozzles work well and do not become clogged to death after the first “escape” liquid from the pan. Although I clean them regularly, they still rustle even when you cook a lot and cook the stove. 2 burners the averages work wonderfully. 1 small under coffee – almost no I use it if I can only support something in a heated form. 1large – constantly working. An ordinary stove, no better and no worse than cheaper models. Ah, another cast-iron grate. Convenient, yes. AND dignity ends on this.
Disadvantages: Oven – this is the disadvantage that you will appreciate immediately, as soon as you decide to cook something in it. I’ll start by order. 1. Grill. I turned on the grill once and by chance. And that was the first and last time I turned it on, because it blazed so that it seemed the apartment would burn. Really blazed. Right here with fire from the oven spat on me. I didn’t turn it on anymore. 2. Oven – even on my soviet plate, bought by parents back in 86 year, and before that on the stove 74 years of release, there were sensors temperature. There is no sensor here. And you can’t adjust temperature on their scale, because both 1 and 7 gas burns equally bright. Then, over time, I learned closer to switch off the valve 1 cm back and forth to at least somehow adjust combustion level. Needless to say that no you simply do not have any prospects for making adequate baking. Your the pies will either burn, or not bake, then burn and not bake at the same time. Meringue, souffle, biscuits – forget it! Fandan we baked with a clock and never did it work! Although with the old I knew no problems at all with the oven. I often cook in the oven and not I consider myself a krivoruka, but the oven is what I absolutely I advise everyone to abandon this stove. She is expensive. But dumb oven and savings on temperature sensor make this purchase disadvantageous from the word at all. 3. Steam cleaning the oven. I put here the chestnuts in the oven are baked, and 2 pieces of chestnuts I have exploded, clogging the walls and the window with a chestnut mass. I turned on steam cleaning ….. What bullshit, I tell you honestly. 4. Watch and cooking alert timer … The most useless thing in this plate, honestly.
Minuses: In general, in summary, if asked, I would buy I have such a plate again, I will answer that no, since there are models with adequate oven and exactly the same stove for much more nice money. At one time, I bought this model for 27 thousand (almost 800 bucks), taking advantage of the good reputation of the company and quality products. But, excuse me, why are the manufacturers of plates for 100 bucks do not break put the sensor in the oven and do normal temperature control, and manufacturers of “Combustion” squeezed the extra 300 rubles so that the housewives were comfortable use their stove. It would be better instead of stupid and constantly The braking watch made a temperature sensor. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this a stove for those who like to cook in the oven. There are better models and cheaper than this, around which you don’t have to dance with a tambourine around baking. Just here categorically do not recommend.

Averkieva Natalia

Minuses: Combined stove company Gorenie, design Classic. Very nice beige color and original finish. IN the oven has many modes, there is convection, grill. The oven itself shuts off according to the programmed time. On the cooking electric ignition surfaces, gas control, massive gratings, sustainable. We use the stove with pleasure, we did not find any cons. We are going to buy a hood of the same design for the kit.

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Pluses: Beautiful antique design. Bronze pens in live look very stylish, the photo does not transmit. A delightful color, by the way, is less easily soiled than classic snow-white and even more so than metal, on which every drop of water leaves a trace. Convenient burners, two medium, small and huge double-circuit (or three-circuit?) instantly boils kettle, large volumes of water, suitable for wok. Extremes minimum fire position, perfectly tuned – the fire does not go out and not too fries, really minimal. Gas control the hotplate is set up well, I keep the knob pressed for about 10 seconds. Not too long for an adult but unrealistic for my two year old bully 🙂 Full automatic – electric ignition is not a separate button, but acts right when you turn the knob. That is, you can turn on the burner with one hand if the other is busy. Comfortable, heavy grids, no glide over. Moreover, there are two, and not one whole, so that they can put in the dishwasher! Oven: It has all the necessary modes. Convection – hot sandwiches in 5-7 minutes, pies in 10-12, casserole for 20-25 (! in an ordinary gas oven – an hour!) The fan does not too noisy. Convenient guides are removed in one motion – and in the dishwasher. And the remaining smooth walls are easy to clean. And very easy to clean solid inner oven glass compared to embossed window.
Minuses: CLOCK! When you try to set the timer light up nasty red bulbs that spoil the entire vintage design. For the first time in my life I have to use a separate kitchen timer, and the clock just shows the time. Knob for setting them also stupid – creamy and spoils the style a bit. Light bulb in the oven lights up automatically when the oven is on and there is no way turn it off. A little stressful for those who like to save electricity.
Disadvantages: But, of course, the advantages more than outweigh limitations. Moreover, the combined plates are not so big a choice. Summary: All the same – the highest score!

Evgenia Belova

Pluses: Many modes
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: Previously used a fully gas stove, but the wife decided that it was necessary to take a combination, as very often takes advantage of the oven after learning that there are a lot of different cooking modes, bought just this type of stove. Really all the dishes are very good. Good enough class power consumption A. Ivory color, it turns out this is a design Classic, antique stove made, very satisfied. Recommended.

Volkov Albert

Pluses: Many modes, hob with gas control, electric ignition works instantly. Three-circuit ring, really water boils many times faster. A plus original color and antique design.
Disadvantages: Clock, all one-button control, but you can get comfortable.
Disadvantages: Long chose a stove (there used to be a gas stove), choice stood between Gorenje and Hans. Chose this model, although Hansa is worth cheaper. We do not regret, fully met all expectations. Beautiful oven, many modes, hob with gas control, electric ignition works instantly. Impressed by the three-circuit ring, really water boils many times faster. A plus original color and antique design. If you describe the cons – for me it’s a watch, all one-button control, but you can get comfortable.

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