Zauber x-560

Zauber x-560

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Zauber X-560 Specifications

General characteristics

Number of tiers 3
Type of management electronic
Maximum power consumption 700 watts
Timer for 60 minutes, with shutdown
Inclusion indication there is


Body material stainless steel steel
Steam Basket Material stainless steel steel
Rice Bowl there is
Water level indicator there is
Removable grilles there is
Display there is
Topping up water during cooking there is


Dimensions (WxHxD) 30x35x33 cm
Weight 3.8 kg
Compact storage there is
Additionally recipe book, funnel for adding water during operation, lining – food hygienic steel

Zauber X-560 Reviews

Advantages: Metal baskets, ease of operation.
Minuses: Short service life
Disadvantages: With proper care, the double boiler burned out. Suddenly. Burned out completely. I worked for 10 months.

Family Elena

Pluses: Reliability
Disadvantages: The steam generator is coated with a thick coating scale
Minuses: The quality of the materials and the appearance are very good.

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Advantages: – stainless steel bowls, – convenient handles on bowls, -glass cover, -the ability to top up water during operation, – adequate price; – 2 year warranty
Disadvantages: – bulky (the reverse side of a large volume), – the water tank inside is plastic; – it falls into the water tank broth, to add water during cooking is enough uncomfortable, there is no delayed start (although I don’t know if this function in general in double boiler)
Minuses: Overall an excellent double boiler. Withdrew 1 point for inconvenient topping up, everything else is trifles. Before that I had me tefal with plastic baskets – that’s where the horror is. Through several months of use, all baskets are cracked, from the lid the pen fell off. This certainly will not happen with this double boiler. Can wash in a dishwasher – nothing is covered. Although the instructions specifically nothing is written about the dishwasher. Water is heated enough fast. For this money (3 thousand rubles) – very worthy model.

Bugaenko Veronika

Minuses: Caution, for those who choose it because of metal baskets. There is a bottom where water boils – plastic!

Stroganov Alexey

Advantages: – Sweden – special steel – power consumption (which in houses with old wiring with the current amount of equipment – just a key factor) – a guarantee of 25 months.
Disadvantages: Lack of any wide network of service centers – one can only hope that there are no problems will be.
Disadvantages: Judging by local reviews, not everyone deals It is with the Zauber X-560 UovoSteamPower. As a result, when buying for me It became a revelation that its capacity is not declared 9 liters (as in all descriptions, including on the site of Zauber itself), but only 7.5 liters. So it’s impossible to cook for the WHOLE FAMILY, and even meat for 3 hours you can’t load the cooking into it. And so – quite a decent thing. Test – expand the comment.

Demchenko Konstantin

Advantages: – inexpensive – large capacity – FULLY 100% Iron) no plastic! the truth was a plastic bowl (for rice?), immediately replaced by a glass
Disadvantages: -The timer is ticking for some time after the end cooking-does not have Internet access. -when you climb to talk to him for life after the third glass, contemptuously silent.

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Pluses: Sweden! Price, quality of materials: special food stainless steel – does not stain, does not absorb odors cooked food
Disadvantages: 1. So that the juice of fish or meat does not get into the compartment the heating element has to be cooked in foil. Disadvantage conditional since fish and meat cooked in its own juice is … song! 2. Yes, it is necessary to add water in the process … but in this way I participate in the cooking process and it’s great!
Disadvantages: I did not use all the tiers – so far one is enough. Cooked, and more than once, fish, chicken, vegetables in assortment, RICE (I don’t know why SOME do not succeed). All very tasty and healthy !!!

Kireev Oleg

Pluses: the only thing in the double boiler pleases is its appearance (to suitable for design)
Minuses: Meat preparation time on the first level = 2-3 hours. I do not use the second level, t. K. in it for 5 hours vegetables may reach readiness. 3 level no need to use at all. since steam doesn’t get to him, but because you wouldn’t go there put it will remain raw.
Disadvantages: The double boiler disappointed soooooooo. Time cooking meat at the first level = 2-3 hours. second level not I use, t. to. in 5 hours vegetables can reach readiness. 3level no need to use at all. since there is no steam before it gets, but because whatever you put there, it will remain raw. Handed over a double boiler under the guarantee for elimination of defects, returned back, explaining that she is in good condition, she just power is small. So the only thing in the double boiler pleases her appearance (suitable for design), but it does not have a functional load bears.

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Advantages: Metal bowls and glass lid.
Minuses: A small tray for dripping water, but it is in this is not alone 🙂
Minuses: Great thing! I have never regretted a purchase. AND bowls and gut, where greasy water gets, are perfectly washed. I cleanse limescale with citric acid – quickly, not expensive, greener all kinds of decalcifiers 🙂

Kashitsyna Ekaterina

Advantages: Material – stainless. slalom. Cooks vegetables well (potatoes and the rest for a salad). It is normally washed under the tap. It is possible to cook a lot of vegetables at a time!
Minuses: Failed to cook rice. Does not cook potatoes faster than on the stove (slowly warms up). In the process preparations sometimes need to be added water! Small tray for condensate (flows into the main tank). Pretty bulky.
Minuses: I expected more from this double boiler. Very upset that I could not cook rice. The main drawback is that it doesn’t cook faster than on the stove!

Solovyev Ilya

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