Which power supply for your computer is better

The power supply determines the performance of the computer – whether the installed component will have enough current and whether it will be stable.

Which power supply unit is better for a computer: selection criteria

Which power supply for your computer is better

When choosing a power supply for a computer, it is worth starting not only from the technical characteristics and the number of required connectors, but also from the following parameters:

  1. Manufacturers;

  2. Certification.

For a reason, the manufacturer is decisive when choosing a power supply for a computer. This is due to the fact that some companies indicate an overestimated value of the power of this device. As a result, it will deliver less current and will not be able to power the computer's components. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a power supply with a 'fair' wattage.

Verified manufacturers

Power supply manufacturers

Manufacturers of power supplies can be roughly divided into two groups – proven ones that produce high-quality devices with good power, and untested ones. The latter may or may not be lucky. But power supplies from these manufacturers have a low price.

These manufacturers include:

  1. Gigabyte ;

  2. Aerocool ;

  3. FSP ;

  4. Chieftech ;

  5. Coolermaster ;

  6. Thermaltake .


Gigabyte produces very reliable and at the same time inexpensive power supplies. Their only drawback is that there can be a discrepancy, sometimes critical, between 'advertising' and 'real' power. For example, the GZ-EBS50N-C3 is advertised as a 500 watt model. But in fact, its power is 350 W, which is even written on the power supply itself.


Aerocool specializes in cooling systems, so its power supplies are far from perfect. However, they are inexpensive and durable. And the main thing is that their power is real, and not just advertised.


FSP is one of the most renowned power supply manufacturers. Its products are distinguished by both low price and good technical characteristics – from power to efficiency and durability. True, budget models usually do not offer any additional functions, but they fully work out their cost.


Chieftech is a manufacturer of very peculiar power supplies. On the one hand – high real power, excellent efficiency, detachable cables for most models and optimal cost. On the other hand, the cooling system is not always well developed, which leads to a sufficiently high noise level, and a strange choice of materials, as a result of which the wires in some configurations are too rigid.


Coolermaster has some of the best power supplies out there. Gaming configuration, real power, low noise, detachable and flat cables, high quality capacitors, five years warranty and 80 Plus Gold certification – all this about the models from this company. There is only one drawback – the price. It might be too high.


Thermaltake is a manufacturer of specialized power supplies for gamers. Products from this company are characterized by durability, high power and attractive design. For example, the Toughpower DPS S model offers several specialized gaming features at once:

  1. Decorative RGB LED lighting;

  2. Control application for a computer with settings;

  3. Huge equipment;

  4. Several connectors for video cards;

  5. Very low noise level;

  6. Detachable cables.

And also the efficiency of this particular model is more than 90%. The only drawback of the device is its too high price. But if you need power supplies specifically for your gaming PC, Thermaltake is your best bet. Or Coolermaster if no decorations are needed.


Computer Power Supply Certification

There is an indirect confirmation of the quality of power supplies – the 80 Plus standard. To obtain this certificate, the manufacturing company must visit a special testing center and even pay for it. Thus, the presence of the 80 Plus standard indicates that the manufacturer of the power supply is ready to confirm the quality of its products before a third-party organization.

However, the 80 Plus standard speaks not so much about the quality of the power supply as about its power consumption. The presence of this certificate means that the device has an efficiency of more than 80%.

There are several variations of this standard:

  1. 80 Plus – efficiency is 80%, the power supply retains 90% of power at 100% load;

  2. 80 Plus Bronze – efficiency is 81-85%, PSU at 50% load retains 90% power;

  3. 80 Plus Silver – the efficiency is 85-89%, the power supply unit retains 90% of the power at 50% load;

  4. 80 Plus Gold – efficiency is 87-92%, power supply unit retains 90% of power at 50% load;

  5. 80 Plus Platinum – efficiency is 89-94%, PSU at 50% load retains 95% of power;

  6. 80 Plus Titanium – 90-96% efficiency, no load retention tests have been performed.

The 80 Plus standard without specifying a subcategory is designed for budget power supplies with low power, so tests were carried out at 100% load. But Bronze-Platinum is designed for more powerful devices designed for gaming computers. Therefore, it is advisable to test at 50% load.


It is worth remembering that there is only one 80 Plus standard. No 85 Plus, etc. does not exist. Such marking is just a marketing device, and nothing more. As a result, it is advisable to use a PSU with certification up to 80 Plus Bronze for office computers, and 80 Plus Silver for gaming computers.


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Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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