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ASUS Strix Wireless Features

main parameters

Headphone type full-sized
Gaming headset Yes
Play frequency 20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance 32 ohm
Sensitivity 98 dB
Weight 350 g


Noise canceling microphone there is
Microphone mount movable
Microphone sensitivity -40 dB
Microphone frequency range 50 – 16000 Hz
Mute microphone there is
Microphone directivity directed


Type of mount headband
Membrane diameter 60 mm
Folding design Yes
Detachable microphone there is


Type of connection wireless
Connector USB / 2 x mini jack 3.5 mm

Wireless headsets

Data channel radio channel
Digital signal transmission Yes
The range of the wireless headset 15 m


Battery Life 10 h


Sound surround there is
Volume control there is
Neodymium magnets there is
Additional Information headphone volume control, wired option connectivity to PlayStation, Xbox and mobile devices

ASUS Strix Wireless reviews

Advantages: good sound, many settings and intuitive interface (in ASUS STRIX WIRELESS program) ease of installation (I stuck it and it worked, there are no problems with pairing as someone wrote …) they sit comfortably for a very long time without recharging, clearly did not check the time, but more than 15 hours in mode headsets
Disadvantages: 1. with the headphones removed, it seems that speakers are turned on, but when wearing ears, the volume level is 100% no less (compare with g933 spoons) by volume level asus is 100% similar to g933 at 70-80% 2. the sound is really good, not great! namely, good, but not for music lovers … 3. a removable microphone – a dubious decision … in fact not very convenient 4. there is no indication of charge and discharge of the battery 5. is small background noise 6. stupid software implementation noise reduction (when turned on, swallows syllables, interlocutors complain, set to a minimum)
Disadvantages: the headphones are really big (pictured: g933 – asus – h800) I use only wireless ears (Panasonic a few years, and then spoons: h600, g930, g933, h800, g933 for me the main purchase criterion was: hope for reliability and durability)) (unfortunately not a single spoon ears worked even years)

Belov Alexey

Advantages: -Wireless -Longly holds the battery (enough for me for a week) -Pretty-quality microphone (which disconnects in case of uselessness) -Excellent software with a bunch of settings (virtual 7.1, bass boost, etc.) -Fully decent sound, suitable for games so for music -WIFI adapter included, which part-time is a mini-sound card, in connection with which provides decent sound even with built-in sound.
Disadvantages: -Very heavy, neck gets tired after 3 hours. -Not interchangeable ear pads, in the summer they are very hot. -Don’t hang them on yourself comfortable, they strangle a little, well, or you need to have a very thin neck) either they’re on your ears, or not on you at all. – Totally uncomfortable control buttons, all the same and arranged in a row without any or logic, instead of changing the volume, for example, they can be accidentally switch off. – Direct wireless sound quality with PS4.
Disadvantages: I do not recommend connecting to a PS4 wirelessly mode, it’s quite fonit and sometimes starts to squeak unpleasantly, if no sounds occur in the game. After 3.5 such problems not visible. I first sinned on a router that costs next to the console, but on the PC there is no noise and sounds much cooler than the wire. Most likely it’s a mini – zvukovuha The “flash drive” that comes with the kit, it adds quality to the PC, apparently not without the help of software, on ps4 there is no software whatsoever and sound to put it mildly so-so, even if you forget about the noise and squeak, the general quality is better through wire.

Kirsanov Denis

Pluses: The main advantage is wireless connection (caught throughout the apartment) Sound in particular low frequency. Volume Stock Detachable Microphone
Minuses: Size, I will explain why below. Ear pads
Disadvantages: After the experience of using wireless headphones: Asus HS-W1 (10 \ 10, served more than two years, accidentally broke, and with sales removed) Logitech Headset Wireless H600 (Best option in segment 5-6k wireless ears) I realized that to the wired headphones I won’t come back. Moreover, my requirements were quite strict: headphones must have a microphone, be wireless, be fit to listen to music, as well as have 7.1 sound for the game. I chose between Logitech G933 and Logitech G533, I tried to understand if sense to overpay for G933 and how good it will be to listen to them to the music. Accidentally hit the English site, where all were compared headphones and stumbled upon Asus Strix Wireless, they were labeled like the top1 headphones when the G933 somehow got into the Top80. And here I am decided to buy them, since the price was lower than the G933, and technical performance was in many ways better. Now is the second day use: the first thing I noticed is the size, they are just huge compared to my old H600s, plus quite heavy. However, they sit on their heads perfectly, do not fall and do not press hard (I think you need to get used to it). The bass is just gorgeous, already trembling takes, both in music and in games, the sound is simply magnificent. The microphone is good, according to my interlocutors you can hear me perfectly. The program for adjusting the headphones (downloaded on off site asus) allows you to quickly adjust the headphones to what you will be to engage, whether it be watching movies, games, or music. also in comes with many wires for different types of connections, with I didn’t really understand them, since I needed only an adapter for wireless connection, and the charging cable (usb-microusb) I am and so (in the kit he, of course, is). Ear pads – they Covered in eco-leather. Advantages: Headphones hold on tight head, while providing good sound insulation. Minuses: ears they will sweat, and I didn’t really need the same sound insulation – Now do not shout) The same Logitech G933 ear cushions are covered textiles.

Shcherbanev Ruslan

Pluses: Really good ears!
Minuses: not yet discovered) though: no visible charge headphones ((can anyone know where to find her?))) on my rodent Spatha on the stand is visible)
Disadvantages: In games they behave with a bang, in tanks a microphone ideal, the guys say you can hear very well, no background! I searched and chose! I did not want to, I advise everyone!

Hadzhioglo Andrey

Pluses: The sound is excellent – dolbit normalno. Radius of action – my whole apartment, given the walls and the working TV holds one and a half days, which is perfect. The microphone is high-quality, comfortable, bends and acts. Appearance – stylish, fashionable, youth. Very convenient program that allows you to customize the sound. All the necessary wires in the kit.
Minuses: The most important minus for me – the headset is designed clearly on small heads, for after several hours of use my ears began to die. However, my brother, to whom I gave headphones, there is no such problem. Fasten the tape that is adjacent to the head, and on which, in fact, the headset rests, creaks very much when driving, which is annoying. Weight – a few more analogues it takes some time to get used to. Program to configure not included, and to download it you will have to search a bit in the internet.
Minuses: If you have a small head or strong ears, but while using the headphones you are motionless – this model is perfect will do. Update: broke exactly after a year of use.

Portuguese Philip

Pluses: Good sound Many settings can be fully customized sounding for oneself General build quality Ability to work as per to the radio channel and through the wire; The ability to change the cable to any 3.5mm 4x pin jack
Minuses: the sound quality from the microphone is terrible Feeling the side the buttons are quite difficult Too tight to the head When connecting through a wire, the sound quality of the microphone rises sharply compared to wireless (meaning then wireless connecting)
Minuses: On the 2nd day I began to catch the background noise with my right ear, which is tied to a location. When connected via wire, it disappeared, wi-fi and stuff to the noise source absolutely nothing influenced, therefore, it was not possible to establish the nature of the noise. Firmware to a newer headset firmware nothing but sound when on / off did not give. He returned the money, although in general the headset is not quite bad, maybe got married.

Ivan Zadornow

Pluses: Convenient enough Holds the battery well
Minuses: Cheap creaky plastic, with the slightest movement the head creak of plastic from arcs and speakers was jammed reproducible the sound, the plastic then ground and the creak disappeared, but it continued a couple of months when installing the original software stops working Skype for Business, After 4 months, the micro usb connector fell apart – although used neatly
Disadvantages: Nice collars but with fatal flaws, to definitely do not recommend buying

Ostapchenko Nikolay

Advantages: 1. Foldable and detachable microphone, which can be turned off with the button. 2. Sound quality.
Disadvantages: 1. Do not use while charging.
Disadvantages: In general, good headphones, with normal sound and in in terms of quality and in terms of a sense of direction in all kinds of shooters. Not much is caught through two bearing walls. The charge is enough for several measured evenings. You get used to groping buttons very quickly. Surrounding sounds isolate well, but they can scream to you, if anything. The program from the official site will help set up a bunch nuances. Pillows of sufficient depth so that the ears do not hurt.

Evdokimov Nikolay

Advantages: – Ease of use; – Nice sound; -Interesting design; – Versatility, suitable for both PC and console
Minuses: To be honest, I don’t even know what to add here.
Disadvantages: Long chose a replacement for his Roccat Kave XTD. Also an excellent headset, but it needed universal ears, as for console, and for PC. Sincerely did not trust ASUS in Hi-fi quality industry, but you know – I’m pleasantly surprised. Really quality product. The ears are bass, while quite loud. Who does not need bass – regulated in software. In short, I recommend definitely for the purpose of the headset specifically for games – what you need!

Kiselev Eugene

Advantages: Works out of the box, the software is beautiful, any No delays in sound transmission.
Minuses: Does not clean shoes and does not wash clothes without speaking already about drying and ironing … But it’s just a HEADSET, right?
Disadvantages: What I expected, I got it. Somewhat heavy and on the average head sits quite tight, it can be seen that calculated under the “small” Koreans, Chinese, Japanese. If you have a BIG head – I do not recommend taking it, it does not fit. : F

Konstantin Antonov

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